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Also typically, series that have been airing on Nick at Nite for at least three years are often moved exclusively to the overnight schedule in order to make room for newly acquired series (though in the past, entire broadcast runs of a few series such as Perfect Strangers and Charles in Charge have aired in an overnight graveyard slot for a short period of time following their debut on the network). For about a year-and-a-half prior to the September 28, 2009 rebrand, Nick at Nite aired marathons of programming from midnight to 5:00 a.m. Eastern Time.


National Broadcasting CompanyNBC-TVNBC Television
In addition, and certain other partner websites (including Hulu) provide complete back catalogs of most of its current series as well as a limited selection of episodes of classic series from the NBCUniversal Television Distribution program library – including shows not broadcast by NBC during their original runs (including the complete or partial episode catalogs of shows like 30 Rock, The A-Team, Charles in Charge, Emergency!, Knight Rider (both the original series and the short-lived 2008 reboot), Kojak, Miami Vice, The Office, Quantum Leap and Simon & Simon).

J. D. Roth

3Ball Productions3 Ball Productions/Eyeworks USAJ.D.
After being a finalist on Star Search, he made numerous guest appearances on Charles in Charge, As the World Turns, The Equalizer, and Tales from the Darkside. After graduating from Cherry Hill High School East in 1986, and before producing reality television, Roth's first television exposure was hosting the kids' game show Fun House, which was one of the most popular children's shows in the U.S. at the time. At age 19, he became the youngest person to host a game show. During its three-year-run, he also traveled across the country hosting a live version for children. In several episodes, he claimed that J.D. stood for "Jammin' Dude."

List of American former child actors

list of former child actors from the United States
Nicole Eggert (born 1972). Zach Tyler Eisen (born 1993). Ike Eisenmann (born 1962). India Eisley (born 1993). Erika Eleniak (born 1969). Casey Ellison (born 1975). Andrea Elson (born 1969). Jacqueline Emerson (born 1994). Tami Erin (born 1974). Jackie Evancho (born 2000). Madge Evans (1909–1981). Richard Eyer (born 1945). Stanley Fafara (1949–2003). Dakota Fanning (born 1994). Elle Fanning (born 1998). Taissa Farmiga (born 1994). Farah Fath (born 1984). David Faustino (born 1974). Corey Feldman (born 1971). Pamelyn Ferdin (born 1959). Stacy Ferguson (born 1975). Bijou Fernandez (1873–1961). Albert Fields (born 1975). Kim Fields (born 1969). Cameron Finley (born 1987).

List of Fantasy Island guest stars

Nicole Eggert. Ike Eisenmann. Britt Ekland. Jack Elam. Ron Ely. Georgia Engel. Leif Erickson. John Ericson. Gene Evans. Maurice Evans. Jason Evers. Tom Ewell. Shelley Fabares. Fabian. Lola Falana. Stephanie Faracy. Shea Farrell. David Faustino. Cristina Ferrare. José Ferrer. Mel Ferrer. John Fiedler. Gail Fisher. Peggy Fleming. Joey Forman. Steve Forrest. Constance Forslund. Rosemary Forsyth. Phil Foster. Bernard Fox. Jonathan Frakes. Anne Francis. Genie Francis. Gary Frank. Pamela Franklin. Mary Frann. Robert Fuller. Annette Funicello. Eva Gabor. Holly Gagnier. Don Galloway. Sean Garrison. Steve Garvey. Dick Gautier. John Gavin. Michael V. Gazzo. Ellen Geer. Robert Gentry.

Circus of the Stars

Circus of the Black StarsCircus of the Stars Gives Kids the WorldStars in der Manege
Nicole Eggert (shows 11 & 12). Britt Ekland (shows 6 & 11). Erika Eleniak (show 7). Erik Estrada (show 4). Douglas Fairbanks Jr (show 4). Morgan Fairchild (show 7). Jamie Farr (shows 3, 4, 6, 8, & 9). Maureen Flannigan (show 14). Peter Fonda (shows 1 & 2). Glenn Ford (show 12). Ami Foster (show 10). Zsa Zsa Gabor (show 4). Jennie Garth (show 14). Gil Gerard (show 5). Tracey Gold (show 8). Whoopi Goldberg (show 15). Marjoe Gortner (shows 4, 5, 6, 7, & 12). Louis Gossett Jr. (show 8). Andre Gower (show 8). Linda Gray (show 5). Sylver Gregory (show 17). Merv Griffin (shows 9, 10, 11, & 12). Scott Grimes (show 11). Deidre Hall (shows 10, 14, & 18). Dorothy Hamill (show 11).

Dabbs Greer

He also had a guest appearance on an episode of Scott Baio's Charles in Charge in the role of Buzz Powell. In the May 9, 1991, episode of L.A. Law titled "On the Toad Again", he played a character addicted to a "high" produced by licking the skin secretions of psychoactive toads. In the 1997 film Con Air, Greer appeared as the old man discovered hiding under a pickup truck at "Lerner Field" by Nicolas Cage's character Cameron Poe. Greer's last feature film was a prominent role as the 108-year-old version of the character played by Tom Hanks in 1999's The Green Mile, 61 years after Greer was an extra in the 1938 film Jesse James.

Samantha Fox

SoxSam FoxSamantha Fox Strip Poker
In 1990, she appeared on the American sitcom Charles in Charge as Samantha Steele, a fictional rock star whose agent pushes her to romance Charles (Scott Baio) so the paparazzi will print it in the tabloids. She also featured in two films: It's Been Real, written and directed by Steve Varnom and starring John Altman; and The Match, written and directed by Mick Davis and starring Richard E. Grant, Ian Holm and Tom Sizemore. In 1995, under the group name 'Sox', Fox took part in A Song for Europe, the UK heat for the Eurovision Song Contest 1995.

List of American television programs by debut date

July 15 – Scott Baio Is 45...and Single. July 15 – Side Order of Life. July 16 – Chelsea Lately. July 17 – The Bill Engvall Show. July 17 – Room 401. July 18 – America's Next Producer. July 19 – Mad Men. July 20 – Human Weapon. July 22 – The Kill Point. July 22 – Private Sessions. July 23 – Saving Grace. July 24 – Damages. July 25 – Diagnosis X. July 26 – I Hate My 30's. July 29 – The Two Coreys. July 31 – Flipping Out. July 31 – Murder. August 4 – Grand Slam. August 5 – Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. August 6 – Mission Man Band. August 6 – The Pickup Artist. August 7 – LA Ink. August 10 – Flash Gordon. August 13 – Californication. August 13 – Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County.

1972 in television

November 21 – In the second part of a two-part story which began the previous week, Beatrice Arthur's character, Maude Findlay, on the television sitcom Maude, decides to go through with an abortion, in a move that shocked CBS executives and Maude advertisers. (Rue McClanahan made her first appearance as Vivian Cavender in this two-parter; she would become a regular cast member the following season.). December 31. ORTF 3ème Chaîne launches in France for the first time. The first installment of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve airs on NBC, beginning a yearly tradition of Dick Clark-hosted New Year's specials. 60 Minutes (1968–). All in the Family (1971–1979). All My Children (1970–2011).

9th Youth in Film Awards

(ABC) ★ Bobby Jacoby - A Different Affair (CBS) ★ Jaclyn Bernstein - A Fight For Jenny (NBC) ★ Trey Ames - A Year in the Life (NBC) ★ Amanda Peterson - A Year in the Life (NBC) ★ Billy Jacoby - 21 Jump Street (episode "America, What a Town") (FOX TV) ★ Alyson Croft - Cagney & Lacey (CBS) ★ Jeremy Miller - Growing Pains (ABC) ★ Nicole Eggert - Charles in Charge (KTLA) ★ Jonathan Ward - The New Adventures of Beans Baxter (FOX TV) ★ Staci Love Keanan - My Two Dads (NBC) ★ Bobby Jacoby - Perfect Strangers (episode "The Shoplifter) (ABC) ★ Laura Jacoby - Valerie (NBC) ★ Scott Nemes - It's Garry Shandling's Show (Showtime) ★ Kaleena Kiff - The New Leave It to Beaver (WTBS) ★ Brian Bonsall - Family

Teen idol

idolteen iconteen idols
Also Scott Baio and Willie Aames of Charles in Charge fame found themselves regulars in teen magazines. In popular music, the late 1980s was the boom of teenagers dominating the music charts. Debbie Gibson became the youngest person to write, perform and produce a number-one single, "Foolish Beat", and also had many hits from her first two albums. Tiffany, another teen icon, became a pop sensation at 15 years old thanks to an aggressive marketing strategy. She promoted her debut album in shopping malls of the US. She is also the youngest person to have a debut album hit number one and have multiple number one singles from that album ("I Think We're Alone Now" and "Could've Been").

Don Most

Donny Most
He also made an appearance on Charles in Charge, alongside his former Happy Days co-star, Scott Baio. He plays a man who has just won the lottery and, as part of the cameo joke, he runs up to Baio and waving the winning ticket shouts, "It looks like happy days are here again!" (He also receives several looks from Baio that suggests familiarity throughout the episode.) He is sometimes credited as "Donny Most." Most performed as a voice actor on several Saturday morning cartoon series. Among these roles were: Ralph Malph on The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (1980); Eric the Cavalier in Dungeons & Dragons (1983); and Stiles on Teen Wolf (1986–1989).

10th Youth in Film Awards

1989Best Family Television SeriesBest Young Actor/Actress Under Five Years of Age
Eggert - Charles in Charge (KTLA) ★ David Hoskins - Superior Court (Warner Bros.

11th Youth in Film Awards

1990Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast(11th)
Alexander Polinsky - Charles in Charge (Syndication). Jason Marsden - The Munsters Today (Syndication). Will Nipper - The New Lassie (Syndication). Jerry O'Connell - My Secret Identity (CTV). Kevin Osgood - MMC (Disney Channel). Damon Pampolina - MMC (Disney Channel). John Snee - The New Leave It to Beaver (WTBS). Wil Wheaton - Star Trek: The Next Generation (Syndication). Tiffany Brissette - Small Wonder (FOX TV). Wendy Cox - The New Lassie (Syndication). Josie Davis - Charles in Charge (Syndication). Nicole Eggert - Charles in Charge (Syndication). Maureen Flannigan - Out of This World (Syndication). Hilary Van Dyke - The Munsters Today (Syndication).

Dynamite (magazine)

DynamiteDynamite'' (magazine)Dynamite!
Dynamite was a magazine for children founded by Jenette Kahn and published by Scholastic Inc. from 1974 until 1992. The magazine changed the fortunes of the company, becoming the most successful publication in its history and inspiring two similar periodicals for Scholastic, Bananas and Wow. Kahn edited the first three issues of Dynamite. The next 109 issues were edited by Jane Stine, wife of children's author R. L. Stine, followed by Linda Williams Aber (aka "Magic Wanda"). The writer-editor staff was future children's book writer Ellen Weiss, future novelist-lawyer Alan Rolnick and future screenwriter-playwright Mark Saltzman.

Jerry Van Dyke

In 1988 he made a guest appearance on Scott Baio's sitcom Charles in Charge as Jamie Powell's health teacher Mr. Merkin. In 1989 Van Dyke began portraying beloved, yet befuddled, assistant coach Luther Van Dam on the long-running series Coach. For this role, he received four consecutive Emmy Award nominations (1990 through 1993) for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series". In 1995 he appeared in a series of Hardee's commercials to promote the Big Hardee, then in the late 1990s acted as the spokesperson for Big Lots. He appeared in Yes, Dear as Big Jimmy, the father of Jimmy Hughes.

2008 in home video

The following events occurred in the year 2008 in home video.

4th Youth in Film Awards

1982(4th)4th annual Youth in Film Awards
Nicole Eggert - Fantasy Island (ABC). Angela Lee - Quincy, M.E. (NBC). Sheri Strahl - Little House on the Prairie: A Christmas To Remember (NBC). Night Crossing (Disney). Tex (Disney). Savannah Smiles (Embassy). Annie (Columbia). Grease 2 (Paramount). The Secret of NIMH (M.G.M.). Tron (Disney). Knight Rider (NBC). Little House on the Prairie, A New Beginning (NBC). Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (CBS). Star of the Family (ABC).

Sheila Kennedy

She is a former girlfriend of Scott Baio and appeared as herself in one episode of his reality television program Scott Baio is 45...and Single. * Sheila Kennedy on MySpace List of Penthouse Pets of the Year. Big Brother Season 9.

1960 in television

1960May 23, 1960October 5, 1960
The year 1960 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1960.


Charles (played by Scott Baio), a 19-year-old student and live-in babysitter in exchange for room and board, in the sitcom Charles in Charge. Daniel Hillard / Euphegenia Doubtfire (played by Robin Williams) a voice actor and father of three young children, in the movie Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). Joseph Paul "Joe" Longo (played by Joey Lawrence), a former executive and commodities trader with an MBA who lost his job, money, and marriage and agrees to be the live-in nanny to assist his girlfriend, politician Mel, and give advice to her niece and nephew in the television series Melissa & Joey. The Manny, in Christian Burch's books The Manny Files (2006) and Hit the Road, Manny (2008).

Diagnosis: Murder

Diagnosis MurderDiagnosis Murder: Town Without Pity
Jack Stewart (Scott Baio in the first two seasons), who is later replaced by a new resident, Dr. Jesse Travis (Charlie Schlatter from season 3 onwards). In one of the episodes, Dr Mark Sloan himself has to go to jail. One unique aspect of the series was that it frequently appropriated characters from various classic television series. Over the run of the show, various episodes guest starred at least eight different members of the Van Dyke family: Diagnosis: Murder had a total of eight seasons and 178 episodes which were broadcast on CBS between 1993 and 2001. The first season’s filming commenced in July 1993 in Denver, Colorado.

Bugsy Malone

You Give a Little LoveBuggsy MaloneBugsy Malone soundtrack
A co-production of United States and United Kingdom, it features only child actors with Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, John Cassisi and Martin Lev in pivotal roles. The film tells the story of the rise of "Bugsy Malone" and the battle for power between "Fat Sam" and "Dandy Dan". Set in New York City, it is a gangster movie spoof, substituting machine guns and bullets for "Splurge" guns and whipped cream. The film is loosely based on events in New York and Chicago during Prohibition era, specifically the exploits of real-life gangsters such as Al Capone and Bugs Moran. Parker lightened the subject matter considerably for the children's market and the film received a G rating in the U.S.

See Dad Run

See Dad Run is an American sitcom television series that premiered on Nick at Nite on October 6, 2012. It stars Scott Baio, who also serves as an executive producer. On March 17, 2014, Nick at Nite confirmed that season three would be the last season. After a decade on television (doing a show of the same name as the actual show's title), actor David Hobbs (Scott Baio) becomes a stay-at-home dad so his soap-opera star wife (Alanna Ubach) can get back in the spotlight, but he quickly realizes that playing a dad on television is much different from the real thing.