Baby Talk (TV series)

Baby TalkBaby Talk'' (TV series)
Scott Baio as James Halbrook. Polly Bergen as Doris Campbell. Francesca P. Roberts as Anita Craig. Alicia & Celicia Johnson as Danielle Craig. Vernee Watson-Johnson as Danielle Craig (Voice). Jessica Lundy as Susan Davis. Wayne Collins as Tony Craig.

Secrets (1992 American film)

SecretsSecrets'' (1992 American film)
Nicole Eggert as Alexa Adams. Brenda Bakke as Sandy Warwick.

Corey Haim

Corey Haim's Me, Myself, and IHaim
He was engaged to Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert, with whom he starred in Blown Away (1992) and Just One of the Girls (1993). Eggert is credited with helping to save Haim's life at least once by taking him to hospital to detox during a "narcotic rush", although she herself has said: "I spent a lot of nights in emergency rooms with him. I don't think that I saved his life, I just think that I was there for him." Haim was briefly engaged to actress Holly Fields in 1996. She was left devastated by his passing and remembers Corey for his giving nature.

The Demolitionist

Nicole Eggert as Alyssa Lloyd. Bruce Abbott as Prof. Jack Crowley. Heather Langenkamp as Christy Carruthers. Susan Tyrrell as Mayor Eleanor Grimbaum. Peter Jason as Higgins. Sarah Douglas as Surgeon. Tom Savini as Roland.

Jimmy Baio

He is the cousin of actor Scott Baio as well as Vampire Weekend band member Chris Baio. Baio first appeared onscreen in 1975 at age 13. He made guest appearances on series such as The Facts of Life, Fantasy Island and The Love Boat, but his best known role was probably as Billy Tate on the comedy series Soap (1977–81). Baio's other credits include Matlock, Trapper John, M.D., Matt Houston, Too Close for Comfort and Family Feud. Baio, along with Susan Richardson, participated in the Junior Pyramid special of The $20,000 Pyramid in 1979. He also appeared in the comedy movie The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training (1977) as Carmen Ronzonni. Holmstrom, John.

Felice Schachter

and starred opposite Scott Baio. She moved on to film production, working as an assistant director, producer, and production assistant, making infomercials, commercials and corporate films. She has worked on such film and television projects as Magic Island, After The Game, the pilot for JAG, Uncle Sam, Twilight of the Golds, High Tide, Born Free, The Citizen, Waiting For The Monkeys, The Gnomes' Great Adventure, Waste Land, Jackie, Knockaround Guys and 30 Years to Life. She was the production coordinator for the series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Out of This World (TV series)

Out of This WorldOut of This World'' (TV series)
Scott Baio (who also directed several episodes) made a cameo appearance in "Princess Evie" (1988) and "Evie Goes For the Gold" (1989). Lyle Alzado ("Goodbye Mr. Chris", 1990). Mr. T ("New Kid on the Block", 1990). Susan Anton ("Best Friends", 1990). Pop singer Tiffany ("I Want My Evie TV", 1990). Kathleen Freeman (as Miss Ogilvy, Evie's high school teacher, "Educating Kyle", 1991). The series was first broadcast in France from 10 September 1988 under the title "Loin de ce monde" - Far From This World. In Germany, the series was renamed "Mein Vater ist ein Außerirdischer" - My Father is an Alien. In Italy, the series was renamed "Cose Dell'Altro Mondo" - Things Belonging To the Other World.

Celebrity Fit Club (U.S. TV series)

Celebrity Fit ClubCelebrity Fit Club: Boot CampCelebrity Fit Club 2
Celebrity Fit Club is a reality television series which followed eight overweight celebrities as they tried to lose weight.

Lemonade and Brownies

first albumMean Machine
Actress Nicole Eggert is featured on the cover. Even though the album did not chart and was a commercial and critical failure for Atlantic Records, the band stayed on the label, going on to huge success. 1) "Snug Harbor" – 0:50. 2) "Rhyme Stealer" – 2:51. 3) "Iron Mic" – 4:40. 4) "Hold Your Eyes" – 3:29. 5) "The Greatest" – 3:58. 6) "Big Black Woman" – 1:43. 7) "Mean Machine" – 2:41. 8) "Dance Party USA" – 3:18. 9) "10 Seconds Down" – 3:39. 10) "Danzig Needs a Hug" – 3:07. 11) "Drive By" – 1:58. 12) "Caboose" – 3:13. 13) "Scuzzboots" – 3:29. 14) "Streaker" – 4:12. 15) "One Brave Cowboy" – 1:37 (Hidden bonus track plays after 2 minutes of silence).

Henry Winkler

Fair Dinkum, Inc.Winkler
When Winkler moved to CBS for one season to star in 2005–06's Out of Practice, his role as the Bluth family lawyer on Arrested Development was taken over by Happy Days co-star Scott Baio in the fall of 2005, shortly before the acclaimed but Nielsen-challenged show ceased production. Winkler has guest-starred on television series such as Numb3rs, The Bob Newhart Show (as Miles Lascoe, a parolee just out of jail—he was in jail for armed robbery, twice), South Park, The Practice, The Drew Carey Show, The Simpsons (playing a member of a biker gang—in one scene, he calls Marge "Mrs. S", a reference to Fonzie calling Happy Days matriarch Marion Cunningham "Mrs.

1989 Kids' Choice Awards

The hosts for the event were Nicole Eggert and Wil Wheaton. (winners shown in bold) * Bill Kirchenbauer Nicole Eggert. Wil Wheaton. Corey Feldman. New Kids on the Block. Bobby Heenan. Danica McKellar. Jason Hervey. Chris Young.

Chris Baio

BaioThe Names
He is a first cousin once-removed of actor Scott Baio, who played Chachi Arcola on Happy Days and Charles on the hit 80s television program Charles in Charge. In April 2013, Baio discovered that he is related to Steve Buscemi. In December 2010, Baio described himself as "Baio: The Sweatiest Guy in the Room". During high school, Baio was lead guitarist, song writer, and vocalist in a local Bronxville, NY band known as Underrated. Baio was in a country-influenced band called the Midnight Hours with Vampire Weekend's current drummer, Chris Tomson at Columbia University, where the rest of the Vampire Weekend band members were also attending.

Decoys (film)

DecoysDecoys'' (film)
The cast included Kim Poirier and Nicole Eggert. It was filmed in Ottawa, Ontario and originally broadcast on the Sci Fi Channel. A sequel, Decoys 2: Alien Seduction, was released in 2007. A jock sneaks into his supposed girlfriend's house with flowers for her. It is cold inside and when he approaches his girlfriend's room he finds a dead man with his mouth wide open. He then spots two more corpses. Elsewhere, Luke Callahan and Roger, two college freshmen and virgins, are desperate to get laid. While doing their laundry after drinking too much beer, Luke meets two seductive girls named Lily and Constance.

Cursed (2005 film)

Cursed2005Cursed (film)
Scott Baio as himself. Craig Kilborn as himself. Lance Bass as himself. Bowling for Soup as themselves. Solar as Zipper, Ellie and Jimmy's dog.

The Haunting of Morella

. * Review at Mondo Digital Nicole Eggert as Morella / Lenora. David McCallum as Gideon. Lana Clarkson as Coel. Maria Ford as Diane.

Ellie Kanner

Her next film Italian Ties (2001) starred Scott Baio and Meat Loaf. Her other film directing credits include Crazylove (2005) starring Reiko Aylesworth and Bruno Campos, Wake (2009) starring Bijou Phillips and Ian Somerhalder, For the Love of Money (2012) with Edward Furlong and James Caan, and Authors Anonymous (2014) starring Kaley Cuoco, Dylan Walsh, Chris Klein, and Dennis Farina. As for television, she has directed episodes of The Division, The Dead Zone, Boston Legal, Greek and Wildfire. Kanner is married to television producer and writer David Zuckerman. They have two sons, Zachary and Adam.

Arrested Development (TV series)

Arrested DevelopmentArrested Development'' (TV series) Arrested Development
He is eventually replaced by Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio). Lucille Austero, or "Lucille 2", played by Liza Minnelli, is Lucille's "best friend and chief social rival" as well as a sometimes-love-interest of Buster and, later, GOB. Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade) is a high school senior and football star at the high school George Michael and Maeby attend, and is later discovered to be GOB's son. Carl Weathers plays a parodied version of himself as Tobias' acting coach. John Beard likewise portrays a fictional version of himself as a news anchor reporting on the characters' antics.

Skatetown, U.S.A.

Levey, the film features many television stars from the 1960s and 1970s, among them Scott Baio, Flip Wilson, Maureen McCormick, Ron Palillo and Ruth Buzzi. Patrick Swayze's leading role as the skater "Ace" was his first movie performance. Also in the cast are Sydney Lassick, Billy Barty and Playboy centerfold model Dorothy Stratten. One evening at a Los Angeles roller disco called Skatetown, U.S.A., a rivalry between two skaters (Patrick Swayze and Greg Bradford) culminates in a contest, the winning prize for which is $1000 and a moped. After a game of chicken played on motorized roller skates, the two rivals become friends.

The Price of Kissing

The Price of Kissing is a 1997 American-Canadian independent drama film starring Pauley Perrette, Leon Robinson (who also produced it), Jon Seda, Nicole Eggert, Loretta Devine and Lou Rawls. Pauley Perrette as Renee. Leon Robinson as Larry. Nicole Eggert as Annette. Jon Seda as Billy. Loretta Devine as Jackee. Lou Rawls as Ben. William R. Moses as Miles. Will Foster Stewart as Joe. Kate Carlin as Pamela. John Doe as Mouse. Ken Baldwin as Frustrated writer. Henry Brown as Jackee's Boyfriend.

The Clan of the Cave Bear (film)

The Clan of the Cave BearClan of the Cave Bearfilm
Nicole Eggert as young Ayla. Paul Carafotes as Brug. Bart the Bear as the cave bear. The Clan of the Cave Bear. Quest for Fire (film). List of historical drama films.

Sleeping Beauties

Nicole Eggert as Sno Blo Band. Leisha Hailey as Sno Blo band. Chris Garnant as Sno Blo Band. Bob Stephenson as Record Executive. Tracy Grant as Record Executive. Tony Friedkin as Still Photographer. Harper Roisman as Priest. Emily Sperling as Little Heather. Cheyene O'Brian as Little Cindy.

The Real Gilligan's Island

reality show
In 2004, Nicole Eggert and Rachel Hunter competed. In 2005, Erika Eleniak and Angie Everhart competed. In 2004, actress and television personality Mindy Burbano Stearns filled the role of "the Millionaire's Wife" along with her husband, Glenn Stearns, as "the Millionaire". Skipper Bob was forced to leave the game due to medical reasons. During the team portion, there were no votes cast. Instead of voting, the Final 3 castaways participated in a final rescue challenge, where the challenge winner would win the game. Ginger Angie was forced to leave the game because of medical reasons. Therefore, there did not need to be a head-to-head for the Gingers.

T. J. Hooker

T.J. Hooker
Nicole Eggert as Christine "Chrissie" Hooker (T. J.'s daughter) (5 episodes, 1982–1983). Lee Bryant as Fran Hooker (4 episodes, 1982–1983). Robert Miano as Alex Lucas (4 episodes, 1982–1985). Shawn Weatherly as Claudia Cole (4 episodes, 1983). Robert Davi as Joseph Picartus (2 episodes, 1982–1984). Mickey Jones as Dave Bowman (2 episodes, 1982–1984). Jim Brown as Detective Jim Cody (2 episodes, 1983–1984). George Cheung as Dr. Coe (2 episodes, 1983–1984). Peter Brown as Lt. Drummer (2 episodes, 1983). James Hong as Dr. Hong (2 episodes, 1983). Alex Rocco as Capt. C. Danza (2 episodes, 1984–1986). Scott Marlowe as Marty Lathon (1 episode, "The Ransom", 1985).

Sam & Cat

Cat ValentineCat Valentine (''Sam & Cat'')Zoran Korach
Scott Baio as Officer Kelvin, a police officer who arrests Sam and Cat for "stealing money" from an ATM at the Handy Quick when Yokvish catches on to Cat's activity. Elizabeth Gillies as Jade West, Cat's friend from Hollywood Arts. She is mean, aggressive, violent, and often offends Cat. She befriends Sam when they discover that they have a lot in common. Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson, Sam's friend from Seattle and ex-boyfriend. He likes technological stuff, and served as technical producer of the iCarly web show on iCarly. Cat brings him to her house in order to flirt with him at the time when Sam was hanging out with Jade. Matt Bennett as Robbie Shapiro, Cat's friend and love interest.

Diana Muldaur

Valerie Harper, Scott Baio and Ally Walker also appeared. Muldaur worked previously with Raymond Burr as a special guest star on both the detective series Ironside in 1971 and his short-lived 1977 series Kingston: Confidential. Other television films include: the Black Beauty mini-series (1977), Pine Canyon is Burning (1977), Maneaters Are Loose! (1978), The Word (1978), and Joseph Wambaugh's two-hour film Police Story: A Cry for Justice (1978) with Dennis Weaver and Larry Hagman.