Additionally, at random, phone calls to the watch may result in the watch restarting.

LG G Watch

G Watch
JR Raphael of Computerworld liked the LG G Watch's superior dimmed-mode display, comfortable band, and easy-to-use charging cradle, but did not like the uninspired design and poor outdoor visibility display compared to Samsung Gear Live. * Wearable computer. Moto 360.


smart glassesa pair of glassesAR headset
Some have activity tracker functionality features (also known as "fitness tracker") as seen in some GPS watches. As with other lifelogging and activity tracking devices, the GPS tracking unit and digital camera of some smartglasses can be used to record historical data. For example, after the completion of a workout, data can be uploaded into a computer or online to create a log of exercise activities for analysis. Some smart watches can serve as full GPS navigation devices, displaying maps and current coordinates. Users can "mark" their current location and then edit the entry's name and coordinates, which enables navigation to those new coordinates.


HermésHermesHermès International
Apple Watch Hermès. Official Foundation Enterprise Hermès website.

Sony Mobile

Sony EricssonSonySony Mobile Communications
Sony (then Sony Ericsson) has been making Bluetooth enabled watches from as early as 2006. In 2010 the LiveView smartwatch was launched, featuring a colour OLED display that let the user view notifications and control the music player. Its successor was the Sony SmartWatch in 2012, of which two newer revisions have been made since. In 2014 a fitness tracking band, named SmartBand, was introduced. The device's data is accessed using an Android application named Lifelog, which presents statistics about their everyday activities.


LiMo PlatformLiMoSamsung Z
Samsung Galaxy Watch. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Samsung NX200. Samsung NX300. Samsung NX1. Samsung Z. Samsung Z1. Samsung Z2. Samsung Z3. Samsung Z4. Comparison of mobile operating systems. KaiOS. Sailfish OS. Comprehensive list of Tizen devices – detailed and incomplete list of devices that run Tizen.

List of iOS devices

iOS devicesiOS deviceiDevice
This is a list and comparison of devices designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that run a Unix-like operating system named iOS and iPadOS. The devices include the iPhone, the iPod Touch which, in design, is similar to the iPhone, but has no cellular radio or other cell phone hardware, and the iPad. All three devices function as digital audio and portable media players and Internet clients. The Apple TV, which runs tvOS, is a set-top box for streaming media from local sources and from certain internet services to a connected television set, and has no screen of its own. About 1.35 billion iOS devices have been sold worldwide as of March 2015.

Mobile interaction

Wearable computer. Head-mounted display. Smartglasses. Smartwatch. Bertini, Enrico; Calì, Andrea; Catarci, Tiziana; Gabrielli, Silvia; Kimani, Stephen (2005). "Interaction-Based Adaptation for Small Screen Devices". User Modeling, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. ISBN: 978-3-5402-7885-6. Tarasewich, Peter (2003). "Designing mobile commerce applications". Communications of the ACM. ISSN 0001-0782. Roduner, Christof (2006). "The Mobile Phone as a Universal Interaction Device – Are There Limits?". MobileHCI 2006 Workshop on Mobile Interaction with the Real World (MIRW). Hinckley, Ken; Pierce, Jeff; Sinclair, Mike; Horvitz, Eric (2000).


braceletspenannular bracelettennis bracelet
Having newborn babies wear an azabache (a gold bracelet or necklace with a black or red coral charm in the form of a fist), is believed to protect them from the evil eye. Taken in the plural, bracelets is often used as slang for handcuffs. Alternative health bracelets, such as ionized bracelets, karma bracelets, magnetic bracelets, Power Balance hologram bracelets, etc., are not distinguished by their design but rather the beneficial function claimed for them by their manufacturers and distributors. Karma bracelets are made from wood beads and may contain various charms, and are associated with bringing good luck and good karma to those who choose to wear it.

Old English

Anglo-SaxonSaxonAnglo Saxon
Old English (Ænglisc, Anglisc, Englisc, ), or Anglo-Saxon, is the earliest historical form of the English language, spoken in England and southern and eastern Scotland in the early Middle Ages. It was brought to Great Britain by Anglo-Saxon settlers probably in the mid-5th century, and the first Old English literary works date from the mid-7th century. After the Norman conquest of 1066, English was replaced, for a time, as the language of the upper classes by Anglo-Norman, a relative of French. This is regarded as marking the end of the Old English era, as during this period the English language was heavily influenced by Anglo-Norman, developing into a phase known now as Middle English.


thermometerstemperature sensortemperature
., "For primary thermometers the measured property of matter is known so well that temperature can be calculated without any unknown quantities. Examples of these are thermometers based on the equation of state of a gas, on the velocity of sound in a gas, on the thermal noise voltage or current of an electrical resistor, and on the angular anisotropy of gamma ray emission of certain radioactive nuclei in a magnetic field." In contrast, "Secondary thermometers are most widely used because of their convenience. Also, they are often much more sensitive than primary ones. For secondary thermometers knowledge of the measured property is not sufficient to allow direct calculation of temperature.


accelerometersG-sensoracceleration sensor
Within the last several years, several companies have produced and marketed sports watches for runners that include footpods, containing accelerometers to help determine the speed and distance for the runner wearing the unit. In Belgium, accelerometer-based step counters are promoted by the government to encourage people to walk a few thousand steps each day. Herman Digital Trainer uses accelerometers to measure strike force in physical training. It has been suggested to build football helmets with accelerometers in order to measure the impact of head collisions. Accelerometers have been used to calculate gait parameters, such as stance and swing phase.


touch screencapacitive touchscreenscreen
This has changed with the commercialization of multi-touch technology, and the Apple Watch being released with a force-sensitive display in April 2015. In 2007 93% of touchscreens shipped were Resistive and only 4% were Projected Capacitance. In 2013 3% of touchscreens shipped were Resistive and 90% were Projected Capacitance. There are a variety of touchscreen technologies with different methods of sensing touch. A resistive touchscreen panel comprises several thin layers, the most important of which are two transparent electrically resistive layers facing each other with a thin gap between.


International Business MachinesIBM CorporationInternational Business Machines Corporation
IBM hired its first black salesperson in 1946, and in 1952, CEO Thomas J. Watson, Jr. published the company's first written equal opportunity policy letter, one year before the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Board of Education and 11 years before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Human Rights Campaign has rated IBM 100% on its index of gay-friendliness every year since 2003, with IBM providing same-sex partners of its employees with health benefits and an anti-discrimination clause.


USB 2.0Universal Serial BusMicro USB
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard that establishes specifications for cables and connectors and protocols for connection, communication and power supply between computers, peripheral devices and other computers. Released in 1996, the USB standard is currently maintained by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). There have been four generations of USB specifications: USB 1.x, USB 2.0, USB 3.x and USB4.


Weather satellites equipped with scanning radiometers produce thermal or infrared images, which can then enable a trained analyst to determine cloud heights and types, to calculate land and surface water temperatures, and to locate ocean surface features. The scanning is typically in the range 10.3–12.5 μm (IR4 and IR5 channels). High, cold ice clouds such as Cirrus or Cumulonimbus show up bright white, lower warmer clouds such as Stratus or Stratocumulus show up as grey with intermediate clouds shaded accordingly. Hot land surfaces will show up as dark-grey or black.

Read-only memory

ROMRead Only MemoryROMs
Diode matrix ROM, used in small amounts in many computers in the 1960s as well as electronic desk calculators and keyboard encoders for terminals. This ROM was programmed by installing discrete semiconductor diodes at selected locations between a matrix of word line traces and bit line traces on a printed circuit board. Resistor, capacitor, or transformer matrix ROM, used in many computers until the 1970s. Like diode matrix ROM, it was programmed by placing components at selected locations between a matrix of word lines and bit lines. ENIAC's Function Tables were resistor matrix ROM, programmed by manually setting rotary switches.


IndianRepublic of IndiaIND
----->The Indian film industry produces the world's most-watched cinema. Established regional cinematic traditions exist in the Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, and Telugu languages. South Indian cinema attracts more than 75% of national film revenue. Television broadcasting began in India in 1959 as a state-run medium of communication and expanded slowly for more than two decades. The state monopoly on television broadcast ended in the 1990s. Since then, satellite channels have increasingly shaped the popular culture of Indian society.

User interface

UIinterfaceweb interface
The user interface (UI), in the industrial design field of human–computer interaction, is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. The goal of this interaction is to allow effective operation and control of the machine from the human end, whilst the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators' decision-making process. Examples of this broad concept of user interfaces include the interactive aspects of computer operating systems, hand tools, heavy machinery operator controls, and process controls. The design considerations applicable when creating user interfaces are related to or involve such disciplines as ergonomics and psychology.

Digital camera

digital camerasdigitalcompact digital camera
The color intensity values not captured for each pixel can be interpolated from the values of adjacent pixels which represent the color being calculated. Cameras with digital image sensors that are smaller than the typical 35mm film size have a smaller field or angle of view when used with a lens of the same focal length. This is because angle of view is a function of both focal length and the sensor or film size used. The crop factor is relative to the 35mm film format. If a smaller sensor is used, as in most digicams, the field of view is cropped by the sensor to smaller than the 35mm full-frame format's field of view.


The megabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. Its recommended unit symbol is MB. The unit prefix mega is a multiplier of (10 6 ) in the International System of Units (SI). Therefore, one megabyte is one million bytes of information. This definition has been incorporated into the International System of Quantities.

Dot matrix

dot-matrixall points addressableAPA
A dot matrix is a 2-dimensional patterned array, used to represent characters, symbols and images. Every type of modern technology uses dot matrices for display of information, including mobile phones, televisions, and printers. They are also used in textiles with sewing, knitting, and weaving.


magnetic compassDigital compassmariner's compass
The devices accurately determine the positions (latitudes, longitudes and altitude) of the antennae on the Earth, from which the cardinal directions can be calculated. Manufactured primarily for maritime and aviation applications, they can also detect pitch and roll of ships. Small, portable GPS receivers with only a single antenna can also determine directions if they are being moved, even if only at walking pace. By accurately determining its position on the Earth at times a few seconds apart, the device can calculate its speed and the true bearing (relative to true north) of its direction of motion.


organic light-emitting diodeP-OLEDOLEDs
This also provides a deeper black level, since a black OLED display emits no light. Furthermore, OLED pixel colors appear correct and unshifted, even as the viewing angle approaches 90° from the normal. Better power efficiency and thickness: LCDs filter the light emitted from a backlight, allowing a small fraction of light through. Thus, they cannot show true black. However, an inactive OLED element does not produce light or consume power, allowing true blacks. Removing the backlight also makes OLEDs lighter because some substrates are not needed. When looking at top-emitting OLEDs, thickness also plays a role when talking about index match layers (IMLs).