Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch 3SmartwatchSmartWatch 3
Sony Smart Watch 2 Figures in the Top 10 wathces of 2013. Waterproof Smartwatch. xWatch SmartWatch.

Internet of things

IoTInternet of Things (IoT)Internet-of-Things
For instance, using Apple's HomeKit, manufacturers can have their home products and accessories controlled by an application in iOS devices such as the iPhone and the Apple Watch. This could be a dedicated app or iOS native applications such as Siri. This can be demonstrated in the case of Lenovo's Smart Home Essentials, which is a line of smart home devices that are controlled through Apple's Home app or Siri without the need for a Wi-Fi bridge. There are also dedicated smart home hubs that are offered as standalone platforms to connect different smart home products and these include the Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple's HomePod, and Samsung's SmartThings Hub.


Suunto MC-1Suunto Oy
Core All Black is often erroneously referred to as Core All Black Military or Core Military, but such nominations are not official and such "military" versions do not exist. Core is said to have named after its including core elements needed in this type of watch. Suunto Lumi is designed for women. It includes mostly same functions as Core. With special adapter, Lumi can be worn as a pendant. The Finnish word "lumi" translates as "snow". Published in 2007, Lumi was available only for a few years. Suunto Traverse was released on October 1, 2015. The watch includes ABC-functions, GPS-receiver and heart rate monitoring.

Fossil Group

FossilFossil, Inc.Fossil, Inc
In 2016, Fossil won Fashion Tech Collection of the Year for their connected designer smartwatches and jewelry. Their analog smartwatches and connected jewelry span across their licensed brands such as Diesel, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade. * "50 WEALTHIEST GREEKS IN AMERICA: 26 -- KOSTA & TOM KARTSOTIS -- $400 MILLION -- WATCHES & LEATHER ACCESSORIES", The National Herald, February 19, 2011. "Fossil – a Vintage Design that Brought Success", Watchalyzer Watches Magazine. Barrett, William P., "Selling Nostalgia and Whimsy", Forbes, November 8, 1993, p. 224. Meadus, Amanda, "Fossil Falters but Watches Tick On", WWD, December 11, 1995, p. 8.


It is arguable whether it qualifies as a watch, but it is referred to as a "Wrist Worn PC". It ships with Linux kernel 2.6 and also supports Windows CE 5.0, and can sense motion, allowing such possibilities of use such as going into standby mode when a user lowers his/her arm. It can determine its position by dead reckoning as well as via GPS. It supports Bluetooth, IrDA, and WiFi. The ZYPAD debuted in 2006 and the ZYPAD WL 1000 was the first marketed device, followed by the WL 1100. Initial retail prices were set to be around $2000.

Energy harvesting

energy harvesterenergy harvestersEnergy harvesting devices: Thermoelectrics
This type of complementary balanced energy harvesting has the potential to increase reliability of wireless sensor systems for structural health monitoring. * Some wristwatches are powered by kinetic energy (called automatic watches), in this case movement of the arm is used. The arm movement causes winding of its mainspring. A newer design introduced by Seiko ("Kinetic") uses movement of a magnet in the electromagnetic generator instead to power the quartz movement. The motion provides a rate of change of flux, which results in some induced emf on the coils. The concept is related to Faraday's Law.


In 2015 Microsoft released Wunderlist for Apple Watch devices. In October 2014, Wunderlist announced its first integration, with cloud storage company Dropbox. Users could now access and link their Dropbox files to their Wunderlist tasks. Later that month, a Calendar Feed feature was released for Wunderlist, allowing a user's pending tasks to appear in other calendar services such as Google Calendar, Microsoft's Outlook Calendar, Apple's Calendar, Slack, and Sunrise Calendar. Wunderlist can export notes to the JSON file format, but cannot save as PDF or HTML.

List of operating systems

List of embedded operating systemsList of hobbyist operating systemsoperating system,
Apple Watch. watchOS. Apple TV. tvOS. Embedded operating systems. A/ROSE. iPod software (unnamed embedded OS for iPod). Unnamed NetBSD variant for Airport Extreme and Time Capsule. Atari DOS (for 8-bit computers). Atari TOS. Atari MultiTOS. Contiki (for 8-bit, ST, Portfolio). BeOS. BeIA. BeOS r5.1d0. magnussoft ZETA (based on BeOS r5.1d0 source code, developed by yellowTAB). Unix ("Ken's new system," for its creator (Ken Thompson), officially Unics and then Unix, the prototypic operating system created in Bell Labs in 1969 that formed the basis for the Unix family of operating systems). UNIX Time-Sharing System v1. UNIX Time-Sharing System v2. UNIX Time-Sharing System v3.

Post-PC era

consumer trendpost-PCpost-PC trend
The Post-PC era is a market trend observed during the late 2000s and early 2010s involving a decline in the sales of personal computers in favor of post-PC devices; which include mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers as well as other mobile computers such as wearable and ubiquitous ones. These devices emphasize portability and connectivity, including the use of cloud-based services, more focused "apps" to perform tasks, and the ability to synchronize information between multiple devices seamlessly. The term was first coined by MIT scientist David D. Clark.

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Gocellphone appGoChat
The decision to create the device rather than create a smart watch app was to increase uptake among players for whom a smart watch is prohibitively expensive. It was released in the United Kingdom and North America on September 16, 2016. The game's official launch began on July 6, 2016, with releases in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Due to server strain from high demand upon release, Niantic CEO John Hanke stated that the release in other regions was to be "paused until Niantic was comfortable" fixing the issues. European releases started on July 13, and the game became available to most of the continent over the following ten days.

Samsung Gear S

Using a 3G module the watch itself is able to connect to the Internet, make phone calls and send SMSs without needing a phone. It was the first wearable device to include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. * BMW ConnectedDrive for Samsung Gear S Android Wear. Apple Watch. Microsoft Band. Pebble.

Portable computer

portableluggableportable computers
The 2010's introduced wearable computers such as smartwatches. Portable computers, by their nature, are generally microcomputers. Larger portable computers were commonly known as 'Lunchbox' or 'Luggable' computers. They are also called 'Portable Workstations' or 'Portable PCs'. In Japan they were often called 'Bentocom'. from "bento". Portable computers, more narrowly defined, are distinct from desktop replacement computers in that they usually were constructed from full-specification desktop components, and often do not incorporate features associated with laptops or mobile devices.

List of highest-funded crowdfunding projects

List of highest funded crowdfunding projectshighest funded film campaign on Indiegogohighest-funded crowdfunding projects
This is an incomplete list of the highest-funded crowdfunding projects (including projects which failed to achieve funding).


On May 16, 2015, the LIFX iOS app gained support for the Apple Watch. On October 1, 2016 the third generation LIFX bulbs shipped which included the original A19 and BR30 bulbs along with the GU10 track light and LIFX Downlight plus the LIFX+ bulbs and the LIFX Z light strips. . In September 2017 support was added for Apple HomeKit. In November 2017 the company released the LIFX Mini bulbs, LIFX Beam color bar, and the LIFX Tile colored tiles. The LIFX A19 is a Wi-Fi enabled LED downlight with millions of colors and many shades of white controlled using a Wi-Fi enabled device.


A Kickstarter campaign for Vi ended in July 2016 with $1.68 million, making it the highest funded campaign to date for a wearable. LifeBEAM technology is embedded in the Samsung Simband platform for smart watches, Samsung's competitive platform to the Apple Watch. LifeBEAM's algorithms are used in Simband sensors, measuring heart rate, calories and steps. The platform became available in late 2014. The technology powers the heart rate monitoring feature in Under Armour's Wireless Headphones, released at CES in January 2016. It also powers the 2XU Smart Hat, first reviewed in January 2016. In 2013, LifeBEAM used crowdsourced funding platform IndieGogo to fund a sensor-rich bicycle helmet.

Asus ZenWatch

The watch has a small power key but an always-on display. The original ZenWatch was succeeded by the ZenWatch 2; both are square-shaped. On November 11, 2016, ASUS released the ZenWatch 3 that has a round face. One feature that distinguishes the ZenWatch 3 from many smartwatches is that you can charge it to 60% charge in only 15 minutes. The Verge praised the design, bright display and the comfort on the wrist, but disliked the inaccurate pedometer and short battery life, and said Android Wear's interface still needs work. * Wearable computer. Moto 360.

Frédérique Constant

Frederique Constant
The lack of a display screen also provides significant power saving – enabling a battery life of two years or more, in contrast to other smartwatches that must be charged daily. This product line uses "MotionX" core technology, licensed from the California-based company Fullpower Technologies and was developed in a joint venture known as Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT). In 2018, Frederique Constant reveals the world's first mechanical smartwatch, the Hybrid Manufacture that fuses smartwatch technology with a mechanical movement. Frederique Constant SA owns Alpina Watches International SA, a watch manufacturer based in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland.

Montblanc (company)

MontblancMont BlancMont Blanc pen
The barrels of pens made of black ‘precious resin’ will reveal a reddish hue under strong lighting; if the pen in question does not have these attributes then it is possibly a fake. In October 2014 the first blocking order against trademark infringing consumer goods was passed against the major UK ISPs by Richemont, Cartier International and Montblanc to block several domains selling trademark infringing products. Range of products commercialised by Montblanc includes: * Meisterstück * Official website

Arm Holdings

Their A6, A6X, and S4, all subsequent Apple processors (used in iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation) and Apple Watch Series 4). Nvidia's Denver, Denver 2 and Carmel used in their Tegra SoCs. Cavium's ThunderX and ThunderX2. AppliedMicro's Helix, X-Gene, X-Gene 2 and X-Gene 3. Samsung System LSI's M1/M2 (Mongoose), M3 (Meerkat) and M4 (Cheetah) used in their Exynos 8890 to 9825 SoCs. Fujitsu's A64fx. CPUs: Cortex-A5, Cortex-A7, Cortex-A32, Cortex-A34, Cortex-A35, Cortex-A53, Cortex-R5, Cortex-R8, Cortex-R52, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7, Cortex-M23, Cortex-M33. GPUs: Mali-G52, Mali-G31. Includes Mali Driver Development Kits (DDK).

I'm Watch

Wearable computer. MetaWatch. Pebble Watch.

2010s in fashion

2010s2010s in African fashion2010s in Indian fashion
By 2016, the black and silver digital wristwatches of the early 2010s had gone out of style among professional men in favor of classic oversized analog wristwatches with round black, gold or white faces and traditional brown, tan or black leather straps. Continuing on from the 2000s, fur ushanka and Astrakhan caps were often worn at wintertime formal occasions in Russia, Georgia, Kashmir, and Pakistan as both a symbol of national pride, and as a means of rejecting the excesses of Westernising globalization.


In 2014, Mobvoi released their own Android-based smartwatch operating system, TicWear OS by Google 1.0. Mobvoi partnered with Frog Design to release TicWatch. In June 2015, Mobvoi launched TicWatch in China featuring TicWear 3.0. The TicWatch has been ranking first in sales for Android smartwatches in China, second to Apple Watch on platforms such as, Tmall, Suning, and Amazon. TicWatch has 100K+ users and 100M+ sales. Wear OS by Google formed a strategic partnership with Mobvoi to work together on the efforts to bring Wear OS by Google to China. Moto 360 is the first Wear OS by Google device in China to carry Chinese voice search and voice controls powered by Mobvoi.

History of watches

lever escapement
The smart watch had information like weather, news, stocks, and sport scores transmitted through FM waves. You had to buy a subscription that cost from $39 to $59. Sony Ericsson launched the Sony Ericsson LiveView, a wearable watch device which is a external BT display for a Android Smartphone. Pebble is an innovative smart watch that raised the most money on Kickstarter reaching 10.3 million dollars between April 12 and May 18. This watch had a 32 millimeter 144x168 pixel black and white memory LCD manufactured by Sharp with a backlight, a vibrating motor, a magnetometer, an ambient light sensor, and a three axis accelerometer.

H. Moser & Cie

Heinrich Moser
Moser & Cie has unveiled a special watch every year at the annual Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) to raise public awareness on different topics. 2016, the Swiss Alps Watch Zzzz, a parody of Apple Watch. 2017, the Swiss Mad Watch, with the case made of real Swiss cheese. 2018, the Swiss Icons Watch, mixing notable features from various Swiss watch manufacturers. 2019, the Moser Nature Watch, covered with live Swiss plants. List of watch manufacturers. Manufacture d'horlogerie.


wristbandswrist bandsilicon wristbands
Diving watch#Watchstrap/bracelet. Power Balance. Smart band. Smartwatch. Wrist brace.