Greg Isenberg

Greg Isenberg (born February 3, 1989) is a Canadian Internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is best known as a technology startup thought leader and the founder of the Webby award-winning 5by, a video discovery platform acquired by StumbleUpon in 2013 for an undisclosed sum. Isenberg was profiled as a "top tech entrepreneur" by Entrepreneur, and has been quoted on tech industry matters by Mashable, LA Times, Adweek, Toronto Standard, and Reuters. He is also a venture partner at Indicator Ventures, an American venture capital firm with investments in TBH (acquired by Facebook) and Unkirn. Isenberg occasionally writes for The New York Observer and AskMen.


Prehype is a venture development firm that focuses on building products and companies through collaboration with corporations and venture capitalists. The firm allows large companies to benefit from the energy and creativity of entrepreneurship without losing the organizational domain expertise and control. Prehype has offices in New York City, London, Copenhagen, and Rio de Janeiro, and was founded by Henrik Werdelin in September 2010. In addition to venture management services, the firm provides angel investments and access to a network of talent including entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and developers.

Private spaceflight

privatecommercialcommercial spaceflight
From 2000 through the end of 2015, a total of of investment finance has been invested in the space sector, with of that being venture capital. In 2015 alone, venture capital firms invested in private spaceflight companies, more than they had in the previous 15 years combined., the largest and most active investors in space were Lux Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Khosla, Founders Fund, RRE Ventures and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Some investors see the traditional spaceflight industry as ripe for disruption, with "a 100-fold improvement a thousand-fold improvement ."

New York (state)

New YorkNYNew York State
In 2015, Tech Valley, straddling both sides of the Adirondack Northway and the New York Thruway, generated over US$163 million in venture capital investment. The Rochester area is important in the field of photographic processing and imaging as well as incubating an increasingly diverse high technology sphere encompassing STEM fields, similarly in part the result of private startup enterprises collaborating with major academic institutions, including the University of Rochester and Cornell University.

Scaleup company

Alberto Onetti: Chairman – Mind The Bridge Foundation (MTB) that leads Startup Europe Partnership (SEP); SEP Coordinator at MTB. Professor of Entrepreneurship at Insubria University and serial entrepreneur. He is a scaleup advocate. Alberto Onetti Linkedin Alberto Onetti crunchbase Brad Feld: A noted American entrepreneur, author, blogger, and venture capitalist. In 2013 he wrote a piece about shifting his focus from startups to scaleups. The World Economic Forum (WEF) published a report highlighting scaleups as the collaborative road to sustainable growth. SEP was launched at the 2014 WEF event in Davos, Switzerland.

Pre-money valuation

A pre-money valuation is a term widely used in private equity or venture capital industries, referring to the valuation of a company or asset prior to an investment or financing. If an investment adds cash to a company, the company will have different valuations before and after the investment. The pre-money valuation refers to the company's valuation before the investment. External investors, such as venture capitalists and angel investors will use a pre-money valuation to determine how much equity to ask for in return for their cash injection to an entrepreneur and his or her startup company. This is calculated on a fully diluted basis.

Jasmine Anteunis

Jasmine Anteunis is a French entrepreneur who co-founded Recast.AI. Anteunis first studied arts at the Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués and Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence before joining the first edition of 42. At the end of her training at 42, Anteunis launched a startup called Recast.AI with co-founders Julien Blancher, Paul Renvoisé, and Patrick Joubert. In June 2016, Recast.AI raised 2 million euros from business angels, including Kima Ventures, a fund managed by Xavier Niel. The startup was bought by SAP in March 2018. Anteunis was selected by Forbes as one of Europe's 50 Top Women in 2018. * Jasmine Anteunis on Github


New YorkManhattan, New YorkNew York County
Silicon Alley, centered in Manhattan, has evolved into a metonym for the sphere encompassing the New York City metropolitan region's high tech industries, including the Internet, new media, telecommunications, digital media, software development, biotechnology, game design, financial technology (fintech), and other fields within information technology that are supported by the area's entrepreneurship ecosystem and venture capital investments., New York City hosted 300,000 employees in the tech sector. In 2015, Silicon Alley generated over US$7.3 billion in venture capital investment, most based in Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn, Queens, and elsewhere in the region.

Judy's Book

In October 2008, nearly one year from the day Judy's Book laid off nearly all of its staff and was declared "deadpooled", Seattle-based angel investors Geoff Entress Madrona Venture Group, David Niu (founder of BuddyTV) and Andy Liu (CEO of BuddyTV) bought the company from the original founders, Andy and Chris. The group are currently working together on another venture capital, Founders Co-op. However, in an interview with one of the owners, Andy Liu noted that the purchase of Judy's Book took place before they invested in the Internet incubator, Founders Co-op.

SlideKevin FreedmanSlide, Inc.
Slide began in 2004 and was incorporated in 2005 by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, who personally invested $1 million in the new company. Slide was one of the companies invited to participate in F8, the event at which Facebook announced an open platform allowing third parties to develop and operate their own software applications on the Facebook website. Slide's first institutional funder was the Founders Fund, a San Francisco venture capital firm operated by former PayPal executive Peter Thiel to invest in Web 2.0 start-ups. Subsequent investors included the Mayfield Fund, Khosla Ventures, and BlueRun Ventures.

New York metropolitan area

Combined Statistical AreaNew Yorktri-state area
Silicon Alley, centered in New York City, has evolved into a metonym for the sphere encompassing the metropolitan region's high technology industries involving the Internet, new media, financial technology (fintech), telecommunications, digital media, software development, biotechnology, game design, and other fields within information technology that are supported by its entrepreneurship ecosystem and venture capital investments. In 2015, Silicon Alley generated over US$7.3 billion in venture capital investment, most based in Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn, Queens, and elsewhere in the region.

Charles Michael Yim

Charles Michael Yim is a serial entrepreneur and chief executive officer of Breathometer, a device that measures blood alcohol content of users utilizing iOS and Android smartphones. Yim founded Breathometer in September 2012. He previously founded three other startup companies, including Chatterfly. He served as founding chief executive officer of Chatterfly, a mobile loyalty platform for businesses, until it was acquired by Plum District in December 2011. He began his career in software and business development at Fortify Software. In September 2013, Yim appeared on Shark Tank, a reality television series that features entrepreneurs who are seeking venture capital for their companies.

Michael Yang

Michael Yang is a Korean American technology entrepreneur. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to San Jose, California on April 2, 1976, with his family when he was 14 years old. After attending UC Berkeley and Columbia University graduate school, Michael worked for Xerox, Intergraph, Televideo, Samsung and Jazz Multimedia before starting his first venture capital backed startup company mySimon with Yeogirl Yun in April 1998. mySimon was acquired by CNET in 2000 for $700 million during the Internet boom. He then started in January 2004 and raised $37 million in capital from TPG, Transcosmos, EFF and Ron Conway.

Economy of the United States

economyU.S. economyAmerican economy
Venture capital, as an industry, originated in the United States, which it still dominates. According to the National Venture Capital Association 11% of private sector jobs come from venture capital backed companies and venture capital backed revenue accounts for 21% of U.S. GDP. Total U.S. investment in venture capital amounted to US$48.3 billion in 2014, for 4 356 deals. This represented 'an increase of 61% in dollars and a 4% increase in deals over the prior year,' reported the National Venture Capital Association. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development estimates that venture capital investment in the United States had fully recovered by 2014 to pre-recession levels.

Rob Walling

Walling has become known as a supporter of self-funding or bootstrapping software companies that turn a profit, instead of raising funding from venture capitalists. Much of his writing focuses on tactics for growing software as a service startups. In 2014, he wrote the foreword to Dan Norris' book, The 7-Day Startup: You Don't Learn Until You Launch.

Jyoti Bansal

Bansal intends to focus on mentoring early stage startups, partnering with nonprofits and offering frequent masterclasses for budding entrepreneurs. * of AppDynamics

Natasha Gajewski

Natasha Rana Gajewski
In December 2011, Gajewski was one of the Princeton alumni and women entrepreneurs and business leaders who served as a panelist for the event entitled "Women in Entrepreneurship" hosted by the Keller Center. The panel explored the underrepresentation of women in venture capital and startup ventures to which, Gajewski reported "I just never imagined limitations based on my sex.” Later remarking, “It just never occurred to me." Gajewski is a faculty member for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored National Health Care Transparency Summit. Gajewski serves on the Advisory Board of Flip the Clinic, a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Lux Capital

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Adam Lilling

Adam Lilling (born 1970) is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. The founder of Pentagon CDs and Tapes, an internet music retailer which launched in 1995, Lilling is recognized for his early role in the development of the online music business and e-commerce practices. He is the co-founder of LaunchpadLA, a mentorship program which later became a startup accelerator, and the founder and managing partner of Plus Capital, a venture capital firm. Lilling was born in Brooklyn and raised in Muttontown, New York. He attended the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelor's degree from the School of Business Administration.

Midtown Manhattan

MidtownMidtown EastEast Midtown
By mid-2014, Accelerator, a biotech investment firm, had raised more than US$30 million from investors, including Eli Lilly and Company, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, for initial funding to create biotechnology startups at the Alexandria Center for Life Science, which encompasses more than 700,000 sqft on East 29th Street and promotes collaboration among scientists and entrepreneurs at the center and with nearby academic, medical, and research institutions.

Communications in Iran

Technology start-ups in Irancommunicatione-commerce
Since 2012, Iran’s startup ecosystem has flourished. According to the Wall Street Journal, sanctions are also helping spur entrepreneurship in Iran by protecting them from outside competition. Iran has three seed accelerators already (e.g. Avatech and DMOND), a few VCs (e.g. Sarava Pars and Shenasa) and 170 incubators (e.g. MAPS). eCommerce is growing at a rapid speed. The advent of higher Internet speed marks the beginning of a new era for entrepreneurs. Iran Entrepreneurship Association (IEA) is the flagship NGO in the "entrepreneurship revolution" in Iran. TechRasa is the leading online media devoted to the coverage of technology startups.

Dave McClure

David McClure500 StartupsSubsidiaries
After leaving PayPal, McClure became a frequent investor in consumer Internet startup companies, investing in and advising more than 15 consumer internet startups, including virtual goods monetization and payments platform Jambool (acquired by Google in 2010) and US online education directory TeachStreet (acquired by Amazon in 2011). During the summer of 2009, McClure was acting investment director for Facebook fbFund (a joint venture incubator/accelerator with prominent venture capital firms Founders Fund and Accel Partners), which provided early-stage capital to startups using Facebook Platform & Facebook Connect.

Economy of Beijing

economy and business
Beijing is increasingly becoming known for its innovative entrepreneurs and high-growth startup companies. This culture is backed by a large community of both Chinese and foreign venture capital firms, such as Sequoia Capital, whose head office in China is in Chaoyang, Beijing. Though Shanghai is seen as the economic center of China, this is typically based on the numerous large corporations based there, rather than for being a center for entrepreneurship. Less legitimate enterprises also exist.

Women's Technology Cluster

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