List of American films of 1993

A list of American films released in 1993. Schindler's List won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Vertigo Comics

VertigoDC/VertigoVertigo imprint
A day later, it was reported that Gordon-Levitt dropped out of the film due to creative differences with New Line Cinema. In February 2017, it was reported that Vertigo and New Line Cinema will be producing an upcoming adaptation of the comic book series The Kitchen, with the film being directed and written by Andrea Berloff. It is set to be released September 20, 2019. In July 2007 that New Line Cinema was developing Y: The Last Man with director D. J. Caruso and screenwriter Carl Ellsworth. In 2013 the rights for the movie adaptation went back to the comic book writer. As of 2015 no new information were revealed about the movie.

James Wan

Atomic MonsterJames [Wan
On 20 October 2014, Gary Maddox of The Sydney Morning Herald announced that Wan had agreed to direct The Conjuring 2 as part of a significant long-term deal with New Line Cinema. Head of New Line, Toby Emmerich, explained that Wan is the sole director that the studio signed a deal with, as New Line considers Wan to be "a class of one". The film was released on 10 June 2016, to high critical acclaim and commercial success. On 21 October 2014, Wan had launched his own production company, Atomic Monster Productions, at New Line Cinema. With the company, he develops and produces budget films in the science fiction, horror, and comedy genres.

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

Lawnmower Man 2its sequelLawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996)
It is a sequel to the 1992 film The Lawnmower Man, which in turn was a loose adaptation of a Stephen King short story of the same title. The film was panned by both critics and fans of the original film. The founder of virtual reality, Dr. Benjamin Trace (Patrick Bergin), has lost a legal battle to secure a patent on the most powerful worldwide communications chip ever invented. Touted as the one operating system to control all others, in the wrong hands the "Chiron Chip" has the potential to dominate a society dependent on computers.

In the Mouth of Madness

The film can also be seen as a reference to Stephen King, who, like Lovecraft, writes horror fiction set in New England hamlets. King is mentioned twice towards the beginning of the movie; the characters both state that Cain outsells King and all other authors. In the Mouth of Madness was released in December 1994 in Italy, and on February 3, 1995 in the U.S. In the U.S., it grossed $3,441,807 in its first weekend, and $8,946,600 total during its run. It was a financial disappointment, but it did earn enough to cover the film's budget. A Blu-ray Disc of the film by New Line Cinema was released on October 15, 2013. In 2016, the film was re-released on DVD by Warner Archive Collection. Shout!

The Mangler (film)

The ManglerManglerof the same title
Stephen Holden of The New York Times called it "a potpourri of supernatural cliches and warmed-over Stephen King notions about corruption randomly stuck together with fill-in-the-blanks dialogue." David Kronke of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "Consider, for a second, what you might honestly expect from a movie called The Mangler. Well, it doesn't even aim that high." Steven Rea of The Philadelphia Inquirer called it a "plodding and virtually plotless" film that should have been played for laughs. Stephen Hunter of The Baltimore Sun stated the film recycles common Stephen King themes, but the film's novelty makes it enjoyable for horror fans.

Stephen King short fiction bibliography

Stephen King's short fiction bibliography200 short storiesnearly 200
A full listing as of December 31, 2004 with citations appears in The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King by Rocky Wood, et al. (ISBN: 0-9750593-3-5); as of December 31, 2005 in Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished (ISBN: 1-58767-130-1 and ISBN: 0-9750593-4-3) by Rocky Wood, et al.; and as of late 2007 in Justin Brooks' Stephen King: A Primary Bibliography of the World’s Most Popular Author (ISBN: 1-58767-153-0). In 2012, a revised and updated edition of Uncollected, Unpublished was published.

Robert Shaye

Bob ShayeRobert K. Shaye
In 1967, Shaye formed New Line Cinema. The company started with a package of feature films and shorts rented to colleges. From there, New Line expanded to re-releases such as Reefer Madness and first-run domestic distribution of foreign films such as 1978's Get Out Your Handkerchiefs. New Line also released such films as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other New Line films were The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Seven, the Austin Powers film series, Boogie Nights, The Wedding Singer, Blade, Rush Hour, and the Final Destination franchise.

Danse Macabre (book)

Danse MacabreDanse Macabre'' (book)
Danse Macabre is a 1981 non-fiction book by Stephen King, about horror fiction in print, TV, radio, film and comics, and the influence of contemporary societal fears and anxieties on the genre. It was republished on February 23, 2010 with an additional new essay entitled "What's Scary". Danse Macabre examines the various influences on King's own writing, and important genre texts of the 19th and 20th centuries. Danse Macabre explores the history of the genre as far back as the Victorian era, but primarily focuses on the 1950s to the 1970s (roughly the era covering King's own life at the time of publication).


Father's DayFather's Day" (''Creepshow'')
A sequel, Creepshow 2, was released in 1987, and was once again based on Stephen King short stories, with a screenplay from Creepshow director George A. Romero. The film contained only three tales of horror (due to budget constraints) as opposed to the original's five stories. Another sequel, Creepshow 3, featuring no involvement from Stephen King, George A. Romero, or anyone else involved in the production of the first two films, was released direct-to-video in 2007 (though it was finished in 2006) to mostly negative reviews. This film, in a fashion similar to the original Creepshow, features five short, darkly comedic horror stories.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

On Writing
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft is a memoir by American author Stephen King that describes his experiences as a writer and his advice for aspiring writers. First published in 2000 by Charles Scribner's Sons, On Writing is King's first book after being involved in a car accident a year earlier. In 2010, Scribner republished the memoir as a 10th anniversary edition, which featured an updated reading list from King. On Writing is organized into five sections: "C.V.

Marv Wolfman

MarvinMarvin Wolfman
Wolfman was one of the first to publish Stephen King, with "In A Half-World of Terror" in Wolfman's horror fanzine Stories of Suspense #2 (1965). This was a revised version of King's first published story, "I Was a Teenage Grave Robber", which had been serialized over four issues (three published and one unpublished) of the fanzine Comics Review that same year. Wolfman's first published work for DC Comics appeared in Blackhawk No. 242 (Aug.–Sept. 1968). He and longtime friend Len Wein created the character Jonny Double in Showcase No. 78 (Nov. 1968) scripted by Wolfman.

The Stand

novel of the same nameCaptain Tripsa disease
The first issue of The Stand: Captain Trips was released on September 10, 2008. * Bookpoi—How to identify first edition copies of The Stand by Stephen King.

Carrie (novel)

Carrienovel1974 novel of the same name
*King, Stephen (2000) On Writing New York: Scribner. ISBN: 978-1-43919-363-1 The Fury, a 1976 novel with a similar premise and its 1978 film adaptation, also directed by De Palma. Jennifer, a 1978 film with a similar premise. Official website for Carrie the Musical. Identification characteristics for first edition copies of Carrie.

The Shining (novel)

The Shiningnovelnovel of the same name
Stephen King wrote and closely monitored the making of the series to ensure it followed the novel's narrative. * Bookpoi - How to identify first edition copies of The Shining by Stephen King.

Tabitha King

TabithaSmall World'' (King novel)Tabitha Spruce
Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation. Joseph Hillstrom King. Owen Phillip King.

Alliance for Young Artists & Writers

Scholastic Art and Writing AwardScholastic Art & Writing AwardsScholastic Art & Writing Award
Its past award recipients include Andy Warhol, Frances Farmer, Hughie Lee-Smith, Cy Twombly, Charles White, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Richard Linklater, Stephen King, John Updike, Ken Burns, Lena Dunham, Paul Chan, Kay WalkingStick, Zac Posen and Joyce Carol Oates among many others. Established to ensure that literary and artistic talent was recognized in schools and communities across the country, the program began as a small writing contest; today, it offers recognition in 29 categories including architecture, sculpture, painting, photography, poetry, dramatic script, fashion, animation, and video games.

Burton Hatlen

Hatlen, Burton
In turn, Hatlen wrote several scholarly essays and critiques of Stephen King's works. Stephen King named a handful of his fictional characters after Burton Hatlen, including the prison librarian in Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, whom King named Brooks Hatlen. Stephen and Tabitha King donated $4 million to the University of Maine in 1997, which included $1 million specifically for Hatlen to hire new arts and humanities professors. Burton Hatlen died of pneumonia at the Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, Maine, on January 21, 2008. He had been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer over the last 10 years.

Heroes for Hope

Heroes for Hope Starring the X-MenHeroes for Hope: Starring the X-Men
Published in the form of a "comic jam," or exquisite corpse, the book featured an all-star lineup of comics creators as well as a few notable authors from outside the comic book industry, such as Stephen King, George R. R. Martin, and Edward Bryant. It also saw a rare Alan Moore Marvel Comics credit outside his early Marvel UK work. Heroes for Hope featured some memorable artist/writer and penciler/inker pairings, including Stan Lee and John Buscema; Stephen King and Bernie Wrightson; Moore and Richard Corben; Harlan Ellison, Frank Miller, and Bill Sienkiewicz; Mike Baron and Steve Rude, Howard Chaykin inked by Walt Simonson; and John Byrne and Terry Austin reuniting on the X-Men.

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger

The Gunslingereponymous novelrevised edition
King, Stephen (1989). Afterword. The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger. New York: Signet. ISBN: 0-451-16052-5. Comparison of the original 1982 text and the 2003 revised edition.


Roadwork is a novel by American writer Stephen King, published in 1981 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman as a paperback original. It was collected in 1985 in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman Books, which is no longer in print. However, three of the four novels in that collection - Roadwork, The Long Walk, and The Running Man - have since been reprinted as standalone titles. The story takes place in an unnamed Midwestern city in 1973–1974. Grieving over the death of his son and the disintegration of his marriage, a man is driven to mental instability when he learns that both his home and his workplace will be demolished to make way for an extension to an interstate highway.

Stay as You Are

/ Stay As You Are
New Line Cinema gave the film a limited theatrical release in the United States on 21 December 1979. The film was scheduled for release by Cult Epics in May 2015 on DVD and Blu-ray. While in Florence on business, Roman landscape architect Giulio Marengo meets an alluring college student, Francesca, and spends the night with her. She is the foster daughter of an agriculturist named Bartolo who has looked after her since the death of her mother, Flora. Later, a friend of Giulio's sees Franscesca in a restaurant and implies that she might be Giulio's daughter. It is a possibility since Giulio had been going out with Flora the year before Francesca was born.