Jennifer Coolidge

In 2017, Coolidge lent her voice to portray Mary Meh in The Emoji Movie. In 2018, Coolidge made an appearance in Ariana Grande's music video for her song Thank U, Next. Coolidge dated comedian Chris Kattan. Interior scenes from The Beguiled were filmed in Coolidge's New Orleans home. Her charitable work has included a history of supporting AIDS assistance and animal rights. Due to her role in Legally Blonde, Coolidge's voice is the subject of a popular impression of the actress, phrases often said when impersonating her include; "You look like the fourth of July!" and "Makes me wanna hot dog real bad....".

In the Heart of the Sea (film)

In the Heart of the SeaIn the Heart of the Sea'' (film)film of the same name
In the Heart of the Sea is a 2015 adventure-drama film directed and produced by Ron Howard and written by Charles Leavitt. It is based on Nathaniel Philbrick's non-fiction book of the same name, about the sinking of the American whaling ship Essex in 1820, an event that inspired the novel Moby-Dick. An international co-production between the United States and Spain, the film stars Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Ben Whishaw, and Brendan Gleeson. The film premiered in New York City on December 7, 2015, and was released in cinemas in the United States on December 11, 2015, by Warner Bros. Pictures.

My Pretty Pony

My Pretty Pony (2009) is also a Dollar Baby short film, based on the Stephen King short story, directed by Mikhail Tank and starring Paul Marin (HD/SAG/4.4 minutes). There is an audio version read by Jerry Garcia available on YouTube. In May 2017, Saw star Tobin Bell will star in a short film based on the short story, directed by Luke Jaden and produced by Phil Wurtzel of Friel Films and Josh Boone. * Stephen King short fiction bibliography

Eat My Dust!

Eat My Dust
is a 1976 action film from New World Pictures starring Ron Howard. Ron Howard had written a comedy with his father called Tis the Season and raised half the budget from Australia. He met with Roger Corman and agreed to star in the film provided the producer agreed to co-finance Tis the Season. Corman was not enthusiastic about the comedy but said if Howard appeared in Eat My Dust he would let the actor develop a second film which Howard would direct as well as star. This was Grand Theft Auto (1977). Charles Griffith directed the movie which was shot in four weeks, although Howard's scenes were done in only ten days.

Cocoon (film)

CocoonCocoon'' (film)
Best Director, Ron Howard - Won. Best Science Fiction Film - Nominated. Best Actor, Hume Cronyn - Nominated. Best Actress, Jessica Tandy - Nominated. Best Supporting Actress, Gwen Verdon - Nominated. Best Writing, Tom Benedek - Nominated. Best Music, James Horner - Nominated. 2006: AFI's 100 Years...100 Cheers – Nominated. 2008: AFI's 10 Top 10:. Nominated Science Fiction Film.

Austin Film Festival

Austin16th Annual Austin Film Festival – Outstanding Television Writer Award2018
Past guests of the Festival include Joel and Ethan Coen, Ron Howard, Owen Wilson, Steven Zaillian, David Milch, Wes Anderson, Robert Duvall, Buck Henry, Dennis Hopper, Shane Black, Robert Altman, Caroline Thompson, David Chase, James Franco, Johnny Depp, John Landis, Garry Shandling, Bryan Singer, Oliver Stone, James L. Brooks, Harold Ramis, Mitchell Hurwitz, Lawrence Kasdan, Claire Danes, Barry Levinson, Russell Crowe, Sydney Pollack, Mike Judge, Buck Henry, John Lasseter, Robert Rodriguez, and David Simon.

Black House (novel)

Black HouseBlack House'' (novel)Mr. Munshun
Black House is a horror novel by American writers Stephen King and Peter Straub. Published in 2001, it is the sequel to The Talisman. This is one of King's numerous novels, which also include Hearts in Atlantis and Insomnia, that tie in with the Dark Tower series. Black House was nominated to the Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel. The novel is set in Straub's homeland of Wisconsin, rather than in King's frequently-used backdrop of Maine. The town of "French Landing" is a fictionalized version of the town of Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Also, "Centralia" is named after the nearby small town of Centerville, Wisconsin, located at the intersection of Hwy 93 and Hwy 35.

Kingdom Hospital

Stephen King's Kingdom HospitalAll EpisodesThe Kingdom
Kingdom Hospital (sometimes known as Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital) is a thirteen-episode television series based on Lars von Trier's The Kingdom (Danish title: Riget), which was developed by horror writer Stephen King in 2004 for American television. While initially conceived as a miniseries, it was later changed into a regular television series (albeit one that lasted one season). It was first aired on ABC on March 3 and concluded on July 15, 2004 after being put on hold during NBA playoffs. The story tells of the fictional Kingdom Hospital located in Lewiston, Maine, built on the site of a mill that manufactured military uniforms during the American Civil War.

Christina Aguilera

Jordan BratmanChristinaXtina
The Emoji Movie (2017). Zoe (2018). Christina Aguilera in Concert (2000–2001). The Stripped Tour (2003). Back to Basics Tour (2006–2008). The Liberation Tour (2018). The X Tour (2019). Honorific nicknames in popular music. List of artists who reached number one in the United States. List of artists who reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.

In the Tall Grass

2012 novella of the same nameBased on the novella of the same name
On October 4, 2019, In the Tall Grass became available for streaming on Netflix. * Stephen King short fiction bibliography

The Stand (1994 miniseries)

The StandStephen King's The Stand1994 TV adaptation
The Stand is a 1994 American television horror miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. King also wrote the teleplay and has a minor role in the series. It was directed by Mick Garris, who previously director the King adaptation Sleepwalkers (1992). The Stand a mostly faithful adaptation to the original book, with only minor changes, and ABC kept in content that would've otherwise not meet the Broadcast Standards and Practices in order to meet expectations from King fans.

Inferno (2016 film)

Infernofilm adaptation2016
Inferno is a 2016 American mystery action thriller film directed by Ron Howard and written by David Koepp, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Dan Brown. The film is the sequel to The Da Vinci Code (2006) and Angels & Demons (2009), and is the third and final installment in the Robert Langdon film series. It stars Tom Hanks, reprising his role as Robert Langdon, alongside Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ben Foster, and Irrfan Khan. Filming began on April 27, 2015, in Venice, Italy, and wrapped on July 21, 2015, in Budapest.

Throttle (novella)

ThrottleRoad Rage: ThrottleThrottle'' (novella)
Throttle is a novella written by Joe Hill and Stephen King. It was published in February 2009 by Gauntlet Press in a limited edition anthology honoring Richard Matheson titled He Is Legend, and in a mass-market audiobook titled Road Rage, also containing Matheson's short story "Duel", which served as inspiration for Throttle. A comic book adaptation by IDW Publishing was published in the spring of 2012. On March 30, 2017, Army of One producer Emile Gladstone announced that he will produce a film based on the short story. * Stephen King short fiction bibliography

Rush (2013 film)

RushRush'' (2013 film)2013
Stephen Mangan as Alastair Caldwell. Christian McKay as Lord Hesketh. Alistair Petrie as Stirling Moss. Colin Stinton as Teddy Mayer. Julian Rhind-Tutt as Anthony 'Bubbles' Horsley.

End of Watch (novel)

End of WatchEnd of Watch'' (novel)
End of Watch is a crime novel by American writer Stephen King, the third volume of a trilogy focusing on Detective Bill Hodges, following Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers. The book was first announced at an event at St. Francis College on April 21, 2015 under the title The Suicide Prince. On June 10, the new title End of Watch was announced. At the 2015 Edgar Awards, while accepting the award for Best Novel for Mr. Mercedes, King announced that the novel's antagonist, Brady Hartsfield, would be making a return in this book. The novel was released on June 7, 2016.

Henry Winkler

Fair Dinkum, Inc.Winkler
In addition to the Hank Zipzer series, which has 17 books, Winkler has written another series with Lin Oliver called Here's Hank, a prequel to the Zipzer stories. * October 2008: Winkler appeared in a video on with Ron Howard, reprising their roles as Fonzie and Richie Cunningham, encouraging people to vote for Barack Obama. The video titled "Ron Howard's Call to Action" also featured Andy Griffith. June 19, 2010: Winkler appeared on James Corden's ITV World Cup Live show.

Amazon Kindle

KindleKindle PaperwhiteKindle books
To promote the Kindle 2, in February 2009 author Stephen King released Ur, his then-new novella, made available exclusively through the Kindle Store. On October 7, 2009, Amazon announced an international version of the Kindle 2 with the ability to download e-books wirelessly in over 100 countries. It became available October 19, 2009. The international Kindle 2 is physically the same as the U.S.-only Kindle 2, although it uses a different mobile network standard. The original Kindle 2 used CDMA2000 for use on the Sprint network. The international version used standard GSM and 3G GSM, enabling it to be used on AT&T's U.S. mobile network and internationally in 100 other countries.

Brian Grazer

Selznick Lifetime Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures. 2003 – ShoWest Lifetime Achievement Award. 2004 – Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series for Arrested Development. 2006 – Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for 24. 2007 – Named one of Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World". 2008 – Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Program for Curious George. 2009 – Producers Guild of America Milestone Award, together with Ron Howard. 2009 – New York University's Tisch School of the Arts Big Apple Award, together with Ron Howard. 2010 – Simon Wiesenthal Center Humanitarian Award, together with Ron Howard. 2010 – Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Animated

John Burroughs High School

Burroughs High School
Ron Howard, actor, The Andy Griffith Show, Happy Days, and Academy Award-winning director. Erik Kramer, NFL quarterback and sports commentator. David Lamb, musician. Jonna Lee, actress, Making the Grade, Another World. Guy Mariano, professional skateboarder. Tim Matheson, actor, National Lampoon's Animal House, The West Wing, Van Wilder. Lindsey McKeon, actor, One Tree Hill; briefly attended but did not graduate. Brittany Murphy, actress; briefly attended but did not graduate. Debbie Reynolds, Oscar-nominated actress, singer and entertainer, Singin' in the Rain; attended when the school was a junior high school Graduated from Burbank High School.

Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart, OBESir Patrick Stewart.
He also was a voice actor on the animated films The Prince of Egypt, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Chicken Little, The Pagemaster, the English dubbings of the Japanese anime films Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, by Hayao Miyazaki, and Steamboy, by Katsuhiro Otomo, and The Emoji Movie. He supported his home town of Dewsbury in West Yorkshire by lending his voice to a series of videos on the town in 1999. He voiced the pig Napoleon in a made-for-TV film adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm and guest starred in the Simpsons episode "Homer the Great" as Number One.

New American Library

Signet BooksSignetSignet/New American Library
Stephen King. Arthur Koestler. Susan Meissner. Flannery O'Connor. George Orwell. Ayn Rand. Mickey Spillane. James Avati. Paul Bacon. Alberto Beltrán. Jack Davis. Mort Drucker. Nick Eggenhofer. S. Neil Fujita. Milton Glaser. James Hill. Robert Jonas. Victor Kalin. Saul Lambert. Robert McGinnis. Robert Maguire. Stanley Meltzoff. Norman Mingo. Barye Phillips. Rudolph "Rudy" Nappi. Steele Savage. Robert E. Schulz. Alex Tsao. Stanley M. Zuckerberg.

Finders Keepers (King novel)

Finders KeepersFinders Keepers'' (King novel)
Finders Keepers is a crime novel by American writer Stephen King, published on June 2, 2015. It is the second volume in a trilogy focusing on Detective Bill Hodges, following Mr. Mercedes. The book is about the murder of reclusive writer John Rothstein (an amalgamation of John Updike, Philip Roth, and J. D. Salinger ), his missing notebooks and the release of his killer from prison after 35 years. The book's cover was revealed on King's official site on January 30. An excerpt was published in the May 15, 2015 issue of Entertainment Weekly. In 1978, petty criminal Morris Bellamy robs and murders acclaimed author John Rothstein for ending his famous Runner trilogy on an unsatisfactory note.

Imagine Entertainment

Imagine TelevisionImagineImagine Television Studios
Imagine Entertainment (formerly Imagine Films Entertainment and also known simply as Imagine) is an American film and television production company founded in 1986 by director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer. Brian Grazer and Ron Howard met in 1982 on Night Shift, with Howard directing and Grazer co-producing. They followed it up by working on 1984's Splash. Early on, the company sealed a production and distribution deal with Universal Pictures through November 1992 for financing 50% of 30 films. Imagine had an IPO in 1986 at $8 for a package of one share and one warrant. Shares rose to $19.25 before falling in the stock market crash in 1987 to $2.25.

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red

The Diary of Ellen Rimbauernovel
The site was a Native American burial ground (a common motif in early works by author Stephen King). The house appeared cursed even as it was being constructed: Three construction workers were killed on the site, and a construction foreman was murdered by a co-worker. Various entries in the fictional diary also describe Ellen Rimbauer's naiveté regarding sexual matters.