Ukraine, sometimes called the Ukraine, is a country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Russia to the north-east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west; and Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea to the south. Ukraine is currently in a territorial dispute with Russia over the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. Including Crimea, Ukraine has an area of 603628 km², making it both the largest country entirely within Europe and the 46th largest country in the world. Excluding Crimea, Ukraine has a population of about 42 million, making it the 32nd most populous country in the world. Its capital and largest city is Kiev.

PFC Nyva Ternopil

Nyva TernopilFC Nyva TernopilNiva Ternopol
FC Ternopil. Official website (Ukrainian). Old official website (Ukrainian).


Chortkiv (Чортків; Czortków; undefined Chortkov) is a city in Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of the Chortkiv Raion (district), housing the district's local administration buildings. Chortkiv is located in the northern part of the historic region of Galician Podolia on the banks of the Seret River. In the past Chortkiv was the home of many Hasidic Jews; it was a notable shtetl and had a significant number of Jews residing there prior to the Holocaust. Today, Chortkiv is a regional commercial and small-scale manufacturing center.

List of football clubs in Ukraine

FC Nyva Ternopil. FC Ternopil. FC Arsenal Kharkiv. FC Kharkiv. FC Spartak Sumy. FC Yavir Krasnopillia (revival of original) → PFC Sumy. FC Skala Stryi. FC Karpaty Kamianka-Buzka (revival of original) → FC Halychyna Lviv. FC Shakhtar Shakhtarsk. FC Metalurh Donetsk. FC Polissya Zhytomyr. MFC Zhytomyr. OFC Zhytychi Zhytomyr. FC Oleksandriya. FC UkrAhroKom Holovkivka (revival of original). FC Zirka Kirovohrad ←→ FC Olimpik Kirovohrad. FC Spartak Ivano-Frankivsk ←→ FC Kalush (concealed by merger). FC Veres Rivne ←→ FC Lviv. Ukraine - List of Foundation Dates. Ukraine 1992 and subsequent years. Football Federation of Ukraine Official website.

Ternopil Oblast Football Federation

Ternopil Oblast
Football Federation of Ternopil Oblast is a football governing body in the region of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine. The federation is a member of the Football Federation of Ukraine. * FFU Council of Regions 1947 FC Lokomotyv Ternopil (1). 1948 FC Spartak Terebovlya (1). 1949 FC Lokomotyv Ternopil (2). 1950 FC Spartak Terebovlya (2). 1951 FC Shakhtar Kremenets (1). 1952 FC Lokomotyv Ternopil (3). 1953 ????. 1954 ????.

Ukrainian Amateur Football Championship

Ukrainian Football Amateur LeagueUkrainian football championship among amateursAmateur League
FC Zoria Khorostkiv (group winner). 1992: FC Avanhard Zhydachiv, FC Dynamo Luhansk. 1993: FC Medyk Morshyn, FC Viktor Zaporizhia, FC Lviv (1992). 1996: FC Myrhorod (Petrivtsi). 1997: FC Karpaty-3 Lviv (Karpaty-2), FC Borysfen Boryspil, FC SKA-Lotto Odessa, FC Dynamo Odessa, FC Dnipro-2 Dnipropetrovsk, FC Fortuna Sharhorod, FC Zirka-2 Kirovohrad, FC Vorskla-2 Poltava, FC Metalurh-2 Donetsk, FC Hirnyk Pavlohrad. 1998: FC Avanhard Kramatorsk (VPS), FC Metalurh-2 Zaporizhia, FC Kryvbas-2 Kryvyi Rih. 1999: FC Prykarpattia-2 Ivano-Frankivsk, FC Nyva-2 Vinnytsia (Nyva), FC Obolon-2 Kyiv, FC ADOMS Kremenchuk, FC Mashynobudivnyk Druzhkivka. 2000: FC Ternopil-Nyva-2, FC Dnipro-3 Dnipropetrovsk, FC Cherkasy

Seret River

SeretSeret'' River
The Seret River (Ukrainian: Серéт) is the left tributary of the Dniester that flows through the Ternopil Oblast of Ukraine. Its length is 242 km; the basin covers some 3900 km 2. The towns of Ternopil, Terebovlia and Chortkiv sit along the river's banks. Some of the bloodiest fighting of World War I took place on the banks of the Seret. It consists of the merger of several small rivers near the village of Ratyshchi district. Seretha hills are located between the hills of Voronyaky, the middle current - within the Ternopil plateau, the lower reaches - in the Dniester canyon area. The main direction of the current from north to south (partly to the southeast).

Ternopil Raion

Hayi VelykyiTernopilIvachiv Dolishniy
Ternopil Oblast.

City of regional significance (Ukraine)

city of oblast significancecity of regional significancetown of oblast significance
In 2012, there were 178 cities of regional significance across the different regions of Ukraine, ranging from the Donetsk Region, which has the highest number of cities at 28, to the Ternopil Region, which has only one, Ternopil. On average there are seven cities in each oblast or Crimea. Population statistics are from the 2001 Ukrainian Census. An asterisk indicates cities that have district division. * - Not shown on map * Administrative divisions of Ukraine. City of district significance (Ukraine), similar category for smaller cities. Consolidated city-county. List of places named after people (Ukraine).

Tarnopol Voivodeship

TarnopoltarnopolskieTarnopol Voivodship
Since 1991, most of the region is located in the Ternopil Oblast in sovereign Ukraine. During the German-Soviet invasion of Poland in accordance with the secret protocol of Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, the Soviet forces allied with Nazi Germany invaded eastern Poland on 17 September 1939. As the bulk of the Polish Army was concentrated in the west fighting the Germans (see also: Polish September Campaign), the Red Army met with limited resistance and their troops quickly moved westward. Tarnopol was occupied as early as 18 September 1939 without substantial opposition from the Poles, and remained in Soviet hands till Operation Barbarossa.


In the 1772 First Partition of Poland, the Austrian Habsburgs had taken control of a small part of Podolia west of the Zbruch River (sometimes also called "Southern Podolia") around Borschiv, in what is today Ternopil Oblast. At this time, Emperor Joseph II toured the area, was impressed by the fertility of the soil, and was optimistic about its future prospects.

Ternopil Airport

Ternopil International Airport
Ternopil International Airport (also known as Ternopol Airport) is an airport in Ukraine located 8 km southeast of Ternopil. It services medium-sized airliners. The airport is relatively small and has a simple taxiway/tarmac layout owing to its size. The airport does not currently have any scheduled flights, the last one being a Ternopil-Kiev-Zhuliany route operated by Motor Sich Airlines from May 31 till July 2, 2010. * Airport website List of airports in Ukraine. List of the busiest airports in Ukraine.

2018–19 Ukrainian Football Amateur League

2018–192018-19 seasonAm1
The 2018–19 Ukrainian Football Amateur League season will be the 23rd since it replaced the competition of physical culture clubs.

Oblasts of Ukraine

Tarnopil Oblast was the name of Ternopil Oblast 1939–41 (renamed soon after World War II). Administrative divisions of Ukraine. Geography of Ukraine. ISO 3166-2:UA. List of etymologies of country subdivision names: "Ukraine". List of places named after people (Ukraine). Ukrainian historical regions. Handbook on history of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union. Handbook on history of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union.

West Ukrainian People's Republic

West Ukrainian National RepublicWestern Ukrainian People's RepublicWest Ukraine
Rail connections to Russian-ruled Ukraine or Romania were few: Brody on a line from Lviv to the upper Styr River, Pidvolochysk (Podwoloczyska) on a line from Ternopil to Proskurov (now Khmelnytskyi) in Podolia, and a line along the Prut from Kolomyia (Kolomca) to Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) in Bukovina. Thus the stage was set for conflict between the West Ukrainian People's Republic and Poland. The West Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed on November 1, 1918.

Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatyuk National Pedagogical University

Ternopil Pedagogical UniversityIaroslav Galan Ternopil State Pedagogical InstitutePedagogical Institute in Ternopil
In accordance with the Resolution #423 of the Ukrainian SSR Council of Ministers (July 21, 1969), Kremenets Teachers’ Institute was relocated to Ternopil. In accordance with the Resolution #555 of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers (June 9, 1997), Ternopil State Pedagogical University was founded on the basis of Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute. In accordance with the Resolution #1293 of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers (November 19, 1997), Ternopil State Pedagogical University was named after Volodymyr Hnatyuk. In accordance with the Decree #957/2004 of the President of Ukraine (August 21, 2004), Ternopil State Pedagogical University was given the status of National University.

Raions of Ukraine

Raions of Ukraine are the second level of administrative division of Ukraine, below the oblast, and are the most common division of regions of Ukraine. Equivalent type of regional subdivision are also raions in city (Raions of cities in Ukraine), and cities of regional significance (City of regional significance (Ukraine)).


Pidvolochysk (Підволочиськ, Podwołoczyska, Podvolitchisk, פּאָדוואָלאָטשיסק, Подволочиск) is an urban-type settlement in Ternopil Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is situated on the right side of the river Zbruch, opposite Volochysk, Khmenytskyi oblast. Population of Pidvolochysk - 8017 persons (2007). There are natural monuments - Pidvolochysk Well, as well as Pidvolochysk Nature Reserve, near the settlement. Pidvolochysk was the birthplace (1910) of Israel Scheib (later Eldad), radical nationalist Israeli politician and a leader of the anti-British Lehi underground organization.


Austro-Hungarian EmpireAustro-HungarianAustria–Hungary
Ukraine (oblasts of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil (except its northern corner) and most of the oblast of Chernivtsi). Romania (county of Suceava). Montenegro (bay of Boka Kotorska, the coast and the immediate hinterland around the cities of Budva, Petrovac and Sutomore). Hungary. Slovakia. Austria (Burgenland). Slovenia (Prekmurje). Croatia (Croatian Baranja and Međimurje county, while Slavonia and Central Croatia were not part of Hungary proper, as they were part of the sovereign Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia). Ukraine (oblast of Zakarpattia). Romania (region of Transylvania, Partium and parts of Banat, Crișana, and Maramureș).

Administrative divisions of Ukraine

OblastSubdivisions of UkraineMunicipality
Ukraine is divided into several levels of territorial entities. On the first level there are 27 regions: 24 oblasts, one autonomous republic, and two "cities with special status". Following the 2014 Crimean crisis, Crimea and Sevastopol became de facto administrated by the Russian Federation, which claims them as the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol. The international community recognises them as being Ukrainian territory.

Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria

GaliciaAustrian GaliciaAustrian Poland
The nucleus of historic Galicia consists of the modern Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions of western Ukraine.


BrzeżanyBrzezanyBerezhany Municipality
Berezhany (Бережани, Brzeżany, ברעזשאַן, Bzhezhani/Bzhizhani) is a city of regional significance located in the Ternopil Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is the administrative center of Berezhanskyi Raion (district), and lies about 100 km from Lviv and 50 km from the oblast capital, Ternopil. The city has a population of about 20,000, and is about 400 m above sea level. The yearly temperature in Berezhany ranges from -35 °C in winter to 40 °C in summer. The first written mention of Berezhany dates from 1374, when the village was granted by the Governor of Galicia and Lodomeria Vladislaus II to Ruthenian boyar Vas'ko Teptukhovych.

Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Ivano-FrankivskIvano-Frankivsk regionStanislav Oblast
Prykarpattia, together with Lviv and Ternopil regions, was the main body of the historic region of eastern Halychyna; which in the 13th century was a part of the Kingdom of Rus and the Halych-Volyn Principality (see Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia). Along with the Lviv and Ternopil regions Prykarpattia is a component of the Carpathian Euroregion. During the times of the Second Polish Republic the area was known as Stanisławów Voivodeship (1918–1939) and later, after the Soviet invasion of Poland, as Stanislav Oblast (1939–1962). During World War II it was part of the District of Galicia in General Governorate.

Berezhany Raion

Berezhanskyi RaionBerezhany
Ternopil Oblast. Verkhovna Rada website — Berezhany Raion. List of villages in Berezhany raion.