Velyki Birky

Velyki Birky Castle
Velyki Birky is an urban-type settlement in Ternopil Raion, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine. Located on both banks of the river Hnizna Hnyla upper part of Hnizna – left tributaries of Seret, 12 km east of Ternopil. The rivers Terebna and Hnizdechna flow through the territory of the urban village – the left and right are tributaries of Hnizna Hnyla. The modern name, Birky, comes from the ancient Slavonic word “bor”, which means pine forest.

Anastasia Bachynska

Anastasiia Bachynska
Bachynska was born in Ternopil, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine on 4 August 2003. She began gymnastics in 2007. Bachynska made her international debut at the France Top 12 meet in March 2017. She later competed at the Stella Zakharova Cup, sweeping the junior events. In 2018, Bachynska was selected to represent the Ukraine at the 2018 Youth Olympics. She qualified in first place to the all-around and floor exercise finals, second on vault, uneven bars, and balance beam. During the all-around final she finished third behind Giorgia Villa of Italy and Amelie Morgan of Great Britain after falling on floor exercise.

Tovste (urban-type settlement)

Tovste (Товсте; Tолстое; Tłuste; טויסט/טלוסטאַ; טלוסטה) is an urban-type settlement in the Zalischyky Raion (district) of Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. Its population is 3,460 as of the 2001 Ukrainian Census. The town is located on the Ternopil—Chernivtsi automobile road in the historic region of Podolia, on the banks of the Tupa River, a tributary of the Seret. Historians date the remains of human settlement in the area back to the 9th century, revealing evidence of the Chernyakhov culture and ancient Kievan Rus' civilizations, as well as the Roman Empire. Historic documents first mentioned the settlement in 1414 as the village of Tolste .

Kozivka, Ternopil Raion

Kozivka is a village in Ternopil Raion of Ternopil Oblast. It is located on the Sorotska river and is the center of the village council with the hamlet of Bodnarka a part of it. Beginning in September 2015, Kozivka became a member of the Velyki Hai Village Council. In 2015, the village had a population of 686 people. Kozivka is the last village belonging to the Ternopil Raion. The neighboring village of Sorotske, with which Kozivka borders, belongs to the Terebovlia Raion. Kozivka is located in the south-eastern part of the Ternopil Raion. The distance to Ternopil, the administrative center of Ternopil Oblast, from the village is approximately 25 km.

Taras Hunczak

Hunczak, T.Hunchak T.
Taras Hunczak (Тарас Гунчак; born on March 13, 1932 in Stare Misto, near Tarnopol, Poland, now Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine) is a historian and professor emeritus at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. He lectures in Ukrainian, Russian, and East-European history. Dr. Hunczak has written extensively on Ukrainian history, the twentieth century in particular. Dr Hunczak gained his undergraduate degree at Fordham University, New York City in 1955. He gained his Master's Degree on 1958, also at Fordham. On 1965, he earned his Ph.D. at the Vienna University. Dr. Hunczak began lecturing at Rutgers University in 1960. Between 1960 and 1984 he was a member of the Rutgers University Senate.

Mshanets, Zboriv Raion

Mshanets is a village in the Zboriv Raion, Ternopil Oblast of Western Ukraine. From 1975 to 1990 the village was called Peremozhne. The area of the village is 1,625 km 2 and it has a population of 728 people. The local government is the Mshanetska village council, and includes the villages Ditkivtsi, Homivka and farmstead Manyuky. The village is located on the shores of the Verkhovynka river (it is the left tributary of the Seret River) at an altitude of 355 m above sea level, which is in eastern of Zboriv Raion. It is situated 26 km from the regional center Ternopil, 40 km from the district center Zboriv (through urban-type settlement Zaliztsi) and 52 km from Brody.

Velykyi Khodachkiv

Chodaczkow Wielki massacreChodaczków Wielki
Table with number of victims in Tarnopol poviat. Chodaczków w Słowniku geograficznym Królestwa Polskiego. Великий Ходачків.

Trybukhivtsi, Buchach Raion

Trybukhivtsi (Трибухі́вці; Trybuchowce; טריבוחובצה) is a village in the Buchach Raion of the Ternopil Oblast (province of western Ukraine). Small villages Zanyvo and Poperechky is a part of village. Local government is administered by Trybukhivska village council and the population of the village is about 4 308 people. The village is situated in the east of Buchach Raion, it is located on the banks of the river Vilhovets. The village is located at a distance of 8 km from the district center of Buchach along the road Highway T2001 (Ukraine) from Buchach to Chortkiv. A distance to the regional center Ternopil is 71 km and 28 km from Chortkiv.

2009 Ternopil Oblast local election

gained one seatTernopil regional council2009
Official website Ternopil Oblast Council election news. Ukrainian local elections, 2010 (West). Results of the local elections (Ternopil city).

Jewish–Ukrainian relations in Eastern Galicia

Eastern Galicia was the heartland of the medieval Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia, currently spread over the provinces of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Ternopil in modern western Ukraine. Along with Poles and Ukrainians, Jews were one of the three largest ethnic groups in Eastern Galicia with almost 900,000 people by 1910. From the late 18th century until the early 20th century eastern Galicia had the largest concentration of Jews of any region in Europe. In 1795 Poland was divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria. Eastern Galicia became a part of Austria.

Mriya Agro Holding

The company began as a farming research and production enterprise and received land from the State Reserve Fund of Ternopil region. The total arable land amounted to 50 hectares. In 1994, the Company expands its land bank to 150 ha and begins cooperation with American experts in order to acquire its first international experience in agriculture. In 1995, the Company implements advanced potato cultivation technologies and in the same year upgrades potato storage facilities located in Vasylkivtsi village, Ternopil region. Eventually, all potato storage facilities are equipped with temperature and humidity control systems as well as sorting lines.

Perevoloka (village)

Perevoloka — village (selo) in Buchach Raion, Ternopil Oblast, of western Ukraine. The population of the village is about 2 368 people and local government is administered by Perevolotska village council. The village is located on the banks of the Strypa River and is situated at an altitude of 293 m above sea level. Perevoloka village is one of the largest villages in the district Buchach (Buchach Raion) and is located at a distance 62 km from the regional center Ternopil, and 9 km from the district center Buchach. The date of establishment the village is considered 1467, though the first written record dates from the 1379.

Kuriany, Ukraine

Kuriany (Куряни; Kurzany) is a village of 831 people in the Berezhany Raion (district) of Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. Kuriany is situated on both sides of the Narayivka River, in a valley surrounded by hills covered with thick forests on both sides. The main Ternopil-Stryi highway runs through town. Its name comes from the word "kuryty" (= to smoke) or "kury" (hens). There are large deposits of sand near the village, providing some sand mining industry. The distance to Berezhany is 13 km eastward. The closest villages are Pavliv, Volytsya (Vulka) and Rohachyn to the east and Demnya and Pidvysoke to the west. The village has an old Greek-Catholic Church of St.

List of airports in Ukraine

Airports in Ukraine
This is a list of airports in Ukraine, grouped by type and sorted by location. All aviation infrastructure of Ukraine is being supervised and regulated by the State Aviation Service of Ukraine (until 2010 the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine). The service issues certificates for all airports in the country and keeps a registry of all aircraft.

Mykhailo Holovko

. 2007 — he was included into the list of candidates of Ukraine's people's deputies from all-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda" under number 56. 2010—2012 — a Deputy of Ternopil City Council of the VІth convocation. 2011 — was elected a deputy head of Ternopil Regional Organization of all-Ukrainian Union "Svoboda".

Taras Chervonetskyi

Taras Chervonetskyi (Тарас Миколайович Червонецький; born 10 June 1995 in Ternopil, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian football midfielder who plays for FC Ternopil in the Ukrainian First League. Chervonetskyi is a product of the Youth Sportive School Ternopil system. His first trainer was Vasyl Zatorskyi. In 2012, he signed a contract with FC Sevastopol. *

Private town

ownershipprivate bishop townprivate fortified town
Amongst the most well-known former private magnate towns are Białystok, Zamość, Rzeszów, Puławy, Tarnów, Siedlce, Biała Podlaska, Ivano-Frankivsk (Polish: Stanisławów), Ternopil (Polish: Tarnopol) and Uman (Polish: Humań). Magnate palaces and castles can be often found in former private magnate towns. Examples include the Branicki Palace in Białystok, the Czartoryski Palace in Puławy, the Zamoyski Palace in Zamość, the Lubomirski Castle in Rzeszów, the Radziwiłł Palace in Biała Podlaska, the Ogiński Palace in Siedlce, the Potocki Palaces in Międzyrzec Podlaski, Tulchyn and Vysokaye, the Wiśniowiecki Palace in Vyshnivets, the Zbaraski Castle in Zbarazh.

Horishnia Vyhnanka

Horishnya Vyhnanka
Horishnia Vyhnanka is a village located in the Chortkiv Raion (district) of the Ternopil Oblast (province of Western Ukraine). The population of the village is 1202 people and covers an area of 16.53 km 2 Local government is administered by Horishnovyhnanska village council. Perekhody village belongs to Horishnovyhnanska village council. The village is situated on the high left bank of the Seret River. That is located at a distance of 5 km from the district center of Chortkiv and 74 km from the regional center Ternopil. The remains of settlements Tripoli culture discovered in the village (3rd millennium BC) but the first record of the village dates back to 1518.


Harbuziv is a village (selo) in the Zboriv Raion of the Ternopil Oblast (province of Western Ukraine). The population of the village is just about 303 people and Local government is administered by Harbuzivska village council. The village is located in the upper reaches of the Seret-Pravyy River (left tributary of the Dniester). It is situated in the 61 km from the regional center Ternopil, 24 km from the district center Zboriv and 111 km from Lviv. The date of establishment the village is considered 1483, but the first record on the village dates back to 1232 year. Archeological sights of ancient culture early Iron Age has been discovered near the village Harbuziv.

Rosokhach, Chortkiv Raion

Castles and Churches of Ukraine, Rosokhach., Rosokhach (Ternopil region).

Buchach Monastery

Basilian monasterymonastery
The monastery of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is a Basilian monastery in Buchach, Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine. For centuries, it has been the one of the centers of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Western Ukraine. The monastery is situated near the Fedir hill in Buchach, 18 km southwest of Monastyryska and about 70 km south of Ternopil. It was founded by Stefan Aleksander Potocki and his wife Joanna née Sieniawska, daughter of Mikołaj Hieronim Sieniawski. In the charter (signed on December 7, 1712 in Lublin) they donated 30,000 zlotys to the Basilians with the purpose of improving education of the Greek Catholic clergy.

1998–99 Ukrainian Cup

There was a single game between two Ternopil Oblast teams on August 1, 1998. ;Notes: The first games took place on August 25 and the second - August 29. |} |} |} |} |} |} |} The final was held at the NSC Olimpiysky on May 30, 1999, in Kiev. 1998–99 Ukrainian Second League. 1998–99 Ukrainian First League. 1998–99 UEFA Cup. PFL official website. Game reports. Competition calendar.

1992–93 Ukrainian Cup

1992-93 Ukrainian Cup1992–931992-93
1992–93 Ukrainian Cup was the second edition of the Ukrainian Cup competition. It started on July 26, 1992, with a Podillya face-off and concluded with the final on May 30, 1993. The main highlights of this season's edition was a successful play of FC Khimik Severodonetsk who made to the quarterfinals at expense of FC Shakhtar Donetsk, defeating them at the first stage of the Cup competition. Another sensation was the defeat of the defending champions FC Chornomorets Odessa from their city-mates SC Odessa in the first round of the competition as well. Once again teams FC Torpedo Zaporizhia and FC Metalist Kharkiv made to the semifinals.


Lysychnyky is a village (selo) in the Zalischyky Raion of the Ternopil Oblast, of Western Ukraine. The population of the village is just about 647 people. Local government is administered by Kasperivska village council. The village is situated along of the Seret River Area of the village totals is 2.510 km 2 and is located at an altitude of 243 meters above sea level. Village Lysychnyky is a distant 132 km from the administrative center of Ternopil, 18 km from the district center Zalischyky and 32 km from the urban-type settlement Tovste.

Kalne, Zboriv Raion

He has been grandfather of the UGCC of Cardinal Lubomyr Husar. * — S. 703.'ne (Zborivs'kyi district). (Ternopil region).