Sokyryntsi, Ternopil Oblast

Sokyryntsi (also Sokyrynci, Соки́ринці, Siekierzyńce) is a village located at the Zbruch River in the Chortkiv Raion (district) of the Ternopil Oblast (province in western Ukraine). Local government — Sokyrynetska village council. The village Sokyryntsi is situated in the 99 km from the regional center Ternopil, 42 km from the district center Chortkiv and 23 km from Husiatyn, administrative center of the Husiatyn Raion (district). The first mention of Sokyryntsi dates from the year 1493. The Archeological sights from Trypillian and Chernyakhov culture were found near the village. * Sabine von Löwis. "Phantom borders and ambivalent spaces of identification in Ukraine".


Lysivtsi is a village (selo) in the Zalischyky Raion of the Ternopil Oblast (province of Western Ukraine). The village is located in the north of Zalischyky Raion. The population of the village is about 1943 people and Local government is administered by Lysivska village council. The village Lysivtsi is situated on the right banks of the Seret River which is the left tributary of the Dniester. Area of the village totals is 19.79 km 2. The village lies in a valley which is surrounded by low mountains, at the foot of the mountain Lysa.


another JagielnicaYagelnitsaYahilnytsya
Yahilnytsya (Jagielnica; Ягельница; ייִגאָלניצע; יאגיילניצה) is a village in the Chortkiv Raion (district) of the Ternopil Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. The village was a formidable center of Jewish activity prior to World War II. The Polish village of Jagielnica is its namesake, and was founded by residents of this town fleeing Nazi occupation. According to Polish researchers, the name "Jagielnica" derives from "Jagiellonian", the name of the Polish royal family.

2019–20 Ukrainian Football Amateur League

2019–20Amateur League
FC Krystal Chortkiv. FC Ternopil. SC Khmelnytskyi. FC Chaika Vyshhorod. FC Fakel Lypovets. FC Avanhard Bziv. FC Dnipro. FC Skoruk Tomakivka. FC Druzhba Kryvyi Rih. FC Kryvyi Rih. FC Praid Tokmak (debut). FC Ahronyva Zavodske (debut). Reg — regional championship (Regions of Ukraine). Am[#] — AAFU championship where sign indicates Group number. 1L — PFL First League championship. Notes. On 8 August 2019 the Ukrainian Association of Football announced that Peremoha was stripped of 9 tournament points in the 2019–20 season. However, the AAFU official standing did not reflect that fact and no mentioning about the decision either.

Vladimir Druzhynin

After reforming the partisan formation in May 1944, Druzhinin was elected second secretary of the Ternopil oblast committee of the Communist Party (Bolshevik) of Ukraine. From February 1948 until 1951 Druzhinin was First Secretary of the Ternopil Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine, and later served on its Central Committee. Beginning in 1954, he became the first secretary of the Kherson and Drohobych oblast committees. In 1966, Druzhinin was appointed Deputy and then First Deputy Minister of the Food Industry of the Ukrainian SSR. He spent the last years of his career as director of the Institute of Professional Training of Food Industry Experts of the USSR.


There are an architectural monuments of local importance of the Ternopil region, Chortkiv district in the village. It is a wooden Church of St. Michael 1672–1782 years (N-691/1) and wooden bell tower 18th century (N-481/2). (Ternopil region). Village Yahilnytsya Nahirianka. Yagelnitsky Castle, Nahirianka, cultural objects – Pointerst. Замок Лянцкоронських : карта, опис. Нагірянка - Замки і храми України.

Trybukhivtsi, Husiatyn Raion

Trybukhivtsi is a village located on the right bank of the Zbruch River in the Husiatyn Raion (district) of the Ternopil Oblast (province in western Ukraine). The population of the village is just about 833 people and local government is administered by Lychkovetska village council. The village is situated on a gentle left bank Zbruch River and closely adjacent to the village of Lychkivtsi. It is located at a distance of 9 km from the district center of Husiatyn along the road Highway T2002 (Ukraine) from Husiatyn to Skalat. A distance to the regional center Ternopil is 71 km and 39 km to Skalat.

Operational Command West

Western Operational CommandOperation Command West
Operational Command West has operational command of ground force units in Volyn, Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, and Chernivtsi oblasts.

National Guard of Ukraine

National GuardUkrainian National GuardNGU
The Western Operational-Territorial Command, headquartered in Lviv, covers the oblasts of Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Rivne, Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Volyn and Zakarpattia. The Northern Operational-Territorial Command, headquartered in Kyiv, covers the city of Kyiv and the oblasts of Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv and Zhytomyr. The Central Operational-Territorial Command, headquartered in Dnipro, covers the oblasts of Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad and Poltava.


The village is located in the Peremyshlianskyi district (Peremyshliany Raion) on the border of the Ternopil Oblast. It is situated in the distance 74 km from the regional center of Lviv, 24 km from the district center Peremyshliany, and 64 km from Ternopil. The first known written reference – July 15, 1386. Governor of Galicia–Volhynia Vladyslav Opolchyk gave the village an everlasting possession. In 1413 was founded the Catholic church parish in Dunaiv. The diocese was canonically erected on August 28, 1412 by Pope Gregory XII. Architectural monuments of the Peremyshliany Raion are located in the village Dunaiv: * Історія міст і сіл УРСР : Львівська область. – К. : ГРУРЕ, 1968 р.

Bilohiria Raion

Bilohiria Raion is south of Rivne Oblast (Ostroh Raion), southwest of Iziaslav Raion, north of Teofipol Raion, and east of Ternopil Oblast (Lanivtsi Raion and Shumsk Raion). The Horyn, Vilia, Poltva and other rivers flow through the district. There is a rail line through the district (Shepetivka—Ternopil). The raion (district) was created on 7 March 1923 as Lyakhivtsi Raion within Shepetivka Okruha, Volhynia Governorate. In 1925 all governorates of Ukraine were liquidated. From 1923 to 1930 the district was part of the Shepetivka Okruha (see Okruhas of Ukraine). In 1930 all okruhas of Ukraine were liquidated. In 1932 it was included to the newly formed Vinnytsia Oblast.


NaraievNarajow, PolandNarajów
Narayiv, Narajiv (Нараїв; Narajów; Нараев; נאראיעוו; נאראיוב) is the largest village (of 1.799 people) in Berezhany Raion (district) of Ternopil Oblast (province) in the western part of Ukraine. It is within Eastern Galicia, former Austrian empire (until 1918). In the past it was a town. The first historical mention dates to 1445. Narayiv is situated along the small river of Narayivka, a tributary of Zolota Lypa in a picturesque natural surrounding of vast beech and hornbeam forests and fertile rolling hills (western part of Podolian Upland, ethno-geographic area of Galician Opillya).

Yakiv Smolii

Yakiv Smoliy
Smolii was born on February 1, 1961 in Verbovets, Lanivtsi Raion, Ternopil Oblast. Smolii received his university education from Lviv University where he graduated with B.Sc in mathematics in 1983. He majored in applied mathematics. Since 15 March 2018 - Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. Since 11 May 2017 - Acting Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine. Since 25 October 2016 - First Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Eugeniusz Baziak

Eugeniusz Baziak (8 March 1890 in Tarnopol – 15 June 1962 in Warsaw, Poland) was Archbishop of Lwów and Apostolic Administrator of Kraków. Baziak was rector of the Clerical Seminarium in Lwów. Since 1933 he was an auxiliary bishop and, since 1944, Archbishop of Lwów. In 1951, after the death of Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha, he became the Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese in Kraków. In his capacity as Apostolic Administrator of Kraków, he recommended to Pope Pius XII the promotion of Father Karol Wojtyła (the future Pope John Paul II), who was then a priest in the Archdiocese of Kraków, to the office of auxiliary bishop of that Archdiocese.

List of castles in Ukraine

Castles in Ukrainehistoric castle
Skala-Podilska Castle in Skala-Podilska, Ternopil Oblast. Skalat Castle in Skalat, Ternopil Oblast. Stare Selo Castle in Lviv Oblast. Svirzh Castle in Svirzh, Lviv Oblast. Sydoriv Castle in Sydoriv, Ternopil Oblast. Swallow's Nest Castle in Crimea. Terebovlia Castle in Terebovlia, Ternopil Oblast. Ternopil Castle in Ternopil. The ruins of Toky Castle in Toky, Ternopil Oblast. Tyhoml Castle in Khmelnytskyi Oblast. Velyki Birky Castle in Velyki Birky, Ternopil Oblast. Vynohradiv Castle in Vynohradiv, Zakarpattia Oblast. Yazlovets Castle in Yazlovets, Ternopil Oblast. Yeni-Kale Fortress in Kerch, Crimea. Zbarazh Castle in Zbarazh, Ternopil Oblast. Zhovkva Castle in Zhovkva, Lviv Oblast.

Okopy, Ternopil Oblast

Okopy Świętej TrójcyOkopyOkopy Swietej Trojcy
It is located in the Borshchiv Raion (district) of the Ternopil Oblast (province), and had its origins as a Polish fortress at the meeting of the Zbruch and Dniester rivers. The current estimated population is around 557 (as of 2005). The settlement was previously referred to as Okopy Svyatoyi Triytsi (Okopy Świętej Trójcy; Russian: Окопы Святой Троицы), translated as the Ramparts of the Holy Trinity. The stronghold and the neighbouring town were built in 1692, by Stanisław Jan Jabłonowski, Grand Hetman of the Crown.

Taras Pastukh

He was a member of Ternopil Oblast Council in 2006 and 2009, head of the Buchak district state administration (2008–2010). He served in 128th mountain-infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the Antiterrorist Operation in 2014. In the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election Pastukh failed to win a seat as Samopomich candidate in constituency 163 situated in Ternopil Oblast. Taras Pastukh was born in Ternopil. He attended Ternopil General School #15 before enrolling into Ternopil State Technical University in 1996, the faculty of Computer Technologies. Starting 1998, he studied at the faculty of Law of the Ternopil National Economic University, which he graduated with honours.

Kolodiyivka, Ternopil Oblast

Kolodiivka, Ternopil Oblast
Kolodiivka is a Ukrainian village located in the Ternopil Oblast. It is near the city of Ternopil, and located in the Skalat region. It includes numerous farms all around the village and two churches. The village has a long history.

Bohdan Semenets

Bohdan Semenets (born 27 November 1990) is a professional Ukrainian football forward who currently plays for FC Ternopil in the Ukrainian First League. Semenets is product of the Ternopil regional football youth system playing for the Ternopil city sports school and the youth club Inter-Hol Berezhany. Semenets became the highest scorer along with two other players (Vladyslav Korobkin and Andriy Draholyuk) in one season when he scored 15 goals for FC Ternopil during the 2012–13 Ukrainian Second League season. In 2013 and 2015 Semenets was a member of Ukraine national student team at Summer Universiades.

Oleg Yashchuk

Oleg IachtchoukIachtchoukOleh Yaschuk
Oleg Yashchuk (Олег Ростиславович Ящук, born 26 October 1977 in Hrybova (Hrynky Rural-rada), Lanivtsi Raion, Ternopil Oblast then Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian professional footballer. He ended his career as a striker for BX Brussels and also holds the Belgian nationality. His last name is sometimes transliterated as Iachtchouk or Jasjtsjoek. He now coaches the U14 division of R.S.C. Anderlecht. Iachtchouk first made a name for himself in the Ukrainian Premier League in the 1995–96 season. Playing for an unfashionable FC Nyva Ternopil side, then a 17-year-old, on matchday 1 he scored a hat trick at Shakhtar Donetsk helping his side to a shock 4-2 away win.

Dmytro Pidruchnyi

Pidruchnyi was born in village Ostriv near Ternopil. Dmytro's first international competition was 2010 Junior World Championships in Swedish Torsby. He didn't had much success then. He also wasn't very successful next season. But at 2012 Junior Worlds in Kontiolahti he finally showed good results which allowed him to start in IBU Cup and debut in World Cup. On 13 December 2012, he was with 6 misses just 98th in Pokljuka, Slovenia. Nevertheless he competed some more sprints that season. His performances improved in 2013–14 season. In Hochfilzen Dmytro had surprising 6th place in sprint. Since then Pidruchnyi is on a regular basis in national team.

Ioan (Bodnarchuk)

IoanIvan BodnarchukJonh (Bodnarchuk)
In 1964, he graduated the Academy with a PhD in Divinity and he was sent to the Lviv and Ternopil diocese of the Moscow Patriarchate. He served as a priest in the villages of Striivka and Zbarazhskiy which is in the Ternopil region and in 1969, he served as a priest in a parish in the Lviv region. In 1977, he took his monastic vows and was awarded the title of Archimandrite. Later this year, by the decision of the Holy Synod of Moscow Patriarchate, he became a bishop of Zhitomir and Ovruch. In 1989, he was released from management of the diocese on the basis of health problems and granted a leave of absence.

Solomiya Krushelnytska

As a teenager, Solomiya went on to secondary education courses in the booming town of Ternopil, which had recently been connected by rail line with the provincial seat of Lviv to the West. In Ternopil, she befriended fellow musicians such as future composer Denys Sichynsky, whom she would follow to the Lviv Conservatory in her study of music. Her first public performances also took place in Ternopil, beginning in 1883, where she would meet for the first time with intellectuals such as civic leader and composer Ostap Nyzhankivsky, and writer, political activist, and lifelong friend Ivan Franko.

2014 Euromaidan regional state administration occupations

taking over various government buildings2014 Euromaidan regional state administration occupationmarched on the regional state administration
By the afternoon, the administrations of Lviv, Rivne and Ternopil, and Khmelnytskyi were also in the hands of anti-government protesters. In Lviv, around 2,000 protesters stormed the RSA building shouting "Revolution!" Governor Oleg Salo, a presidential appointee, signed a letter of resignation as a result of the takeover. The mayor of Lviv, in response, declared that none of the 'Black Thursday' laws would ever apply on the territory of Lviv. Ternopil city council denounced the 'Black Thursday' laws and demanded they be repealed. Activists in Khmelnytskyi erected barricades and surrounded the Khmelnytskyi Oblast RSA building.

List of Ukrainian flags

Flag ofList of flags of UkraineFlag of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
The following is a list of flags of Ukraine: