Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew "Dice" ClayAndrew ClayAndrew 'Dice' Clay
The Day the Laughter Died (1990). Dice Rules (1991). 40 Too Long (1992). The Day the Laughter Died, Part II (1993). No Apologies (1993). Filth (1998). Face Down, Ass Up (2000). Indestructible (2012). Official website.

40 Too Long

40 Too Long is a comedy album by comedian Andrew Dice Clay, which was released in 1992. The album's name was taken from an argument he says he had with a Chinese clothing salesman who took his suit size (42 long) the wrong way and kept suggesting smaller sizes. Unlike Clay's albums previously, he tends to side more with the women in this one on just about everything. (His siding with women was also the theme of his 1992 HBO special, For Ladies Only.)


A comedian or comic is a person who seeks to entertain an audience by making them laugh. This might be through jokes or amusing situations, or acting foolish (as in slapstick) or employing prop comedy. A comedian who addresses an audience directly is called a stand-up comedian.

Rick Rubin

DJ PremierFrederick Jay "Rick" RubinFrederick Rubin
Frederick Jay Rubin (born March 10, 1963) is an American record producer and former co-president of Columbia Records. Along with Russell Simmons, he is the co-founder of Def Jam Recordings and also established American Recordings. With the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Geto Boys, and Run-DMC, Rubin helped popularize hip hop music. Rubin has also worked with artists from other genres such as Adele, Linkin Park, AC/DC, Kanye West, Johnny Cash, The Avett Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Metallica, Slayer, System of A Down, Rage Against The Machine, Suitors of Penelope, Limp Bizkit, and Slipknot amongst others.

Rodney Dangerfield

DangerfieldRappin' Rodneyhe still gets no respect
Jack Roy (born Jacob Rodney Cohen, November 22, 1921 – October 5, 2004), popularly known by the stage name Rodney Dangerfield, was an American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, screenwriter, musician and author. He was known for his self-deprecating one-liner humor, his catchphrase “I don't get no respect! ” and his monologues on that theme.


Dangerfield's is a comedy club located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, United States, and named after comedian Rodney Dangerfield. The club was founded by Rodney Dangerfield and long-time friend Anthony Bevacqua, who still runs and operates the club today.

New York City

New YorkNew York, New YorkNew York City, New York
The City of New York, usually referred to as either New York City (NYC) or simply New York (NY), is the most populous city in the United States. With an estimated 2018 population of 8,398,748 distributed over a land area of about 302.6 sqmi, New York is also the most densely populated major city in the United States. Located at the southern tip of the state of New York, the city is the center of the New York metropolitan area, the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass and one of the world's most populous megacities, with an estimated 19,979,477 people in its 2018 Metropolitan Statistical Area and 22,679,948 residents in its Combined Statistical Area.

Comedy album

Comedycomedic materialcomedy record
A comedy album is an audio recording of comedic material from a comedian or group of comedians, usually performed either live or in a studio. Comedy albums may feature skits, humorous songs, and/or live recording of stand-up comedy performances, but the most common type of comedy albums are stand up, and are often made in conjunction with a DVD with recorded video of a particular comedy show.

American Recordings (record label)

American RecordingsAmericanDef American
American Recordings (formerly Def American Recordings) is an American record label headed by producer Rick Rubin. The label has featured artists such as Slayer, the Black Crowes, ZZ Top, Danzig, Trouble, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, The Mother Hips, and System of a Down.

Rick Rubin production discography

1993: Flipper – American Grafishy (exec.). 1993: Mick Jagger – Wandering Spirit. 1993: Raging Slab – Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert (exec.). 1993: The Cult – The Witch (CD, Single). 1993: Danzig – Thrall: Demonsweatlive. 1993: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Flashback. 1993: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Greatest Hits. 1993: Messiah – 21st Century Jesus (exec.). 1993: Andrew Dice Clay – The Day the Laughter Died, Part II. 1993: Digital Orgasm – Do It (exec.). 1993: Barkmarket – Gimmick (exec.). 1993: Various – Last Action Hero: Music From The Original Motion Picture. 1994: Johnny Cash – American Recordings. 1994: Sir Mix-a-Lot – Chief Boot Knocka (exec.). 1994: Slayer – Divine Intervention

Filth (Andrew Dice Clay album)

FilthFilth'' (Andrew Dice Clay album)
Filth is a comedy album by comedian Andrew Dice Clay. It was originally released as a double album exclusively via the Internet in 1998, with only 20,000 copies produced.

Dice (album)

DiceDice'' (album)
Dice is the debut comedy album by comedian Andrew Dice Clay, which was released in 1989.

Dice Rules

Dice Rules is a comedy double album by comedian Andrew Dice Clay, which was released in 1991. It was released on record producer Rick Rubin's record label Def American and subsequently re-issued on Warner Bros. Records. There is also a film of the same name which came out in May 1991, which received mostly negative reviews from critics and was nominated for three Razzie Awards including Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Andrew Dice Clay) and Worst Screenplay. The film currently holds a 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on eleven reviews.

Double album

doubledouble LPtriple album
A double album (or double record) is an audio album which spans two units of the primary medium in which it is sold, typically records and compact disc. A double album is usually, though not always, released as such because the recording is longer than the capacity of the medium. Recording artists often think of double albums as comprising a single piece artistically; however, there are exceptions such as John Lennon's Some Time in New York City and Pink Floyd's Ummagumma (both examples of one studio record and one live album packaged together) and OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (effectively two solo albums, one by each member of the duo).


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An album is a collection of audio recordings issued as a collection on compact disc (CD), vinyl, audio tape, or another medium. Albums of recorded music were developed in the early 20th century as individual 78-rpm records collected in a bound book resembling a photograph album; this format evolved after 1948 into single vinyl LP records played at 33 1⁄3 rpm. Vinyl LPs are still issued, though album sales in the 21st-century have mostly focused on CD and MP3 formats. The audio cassette was a format widely used alongside vinyl from the 1970s into the first decade of the 2000s.

Christmas and holiday season

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Warner Records

Warner Bros. RecordsWarner Bros.Warner Bros. Nashville
Warner Records Inc. (formerly Warner Bros. Records Inc.) is an American record label owned by Warner Music Group and headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It was founded in 1958 as the recorded music division of the American film studio Warner Bros., and was one of a group of labels owned and operated by larger parent corporations for much of its existence. The sequence of companies that controlled Warner Bros. and its allied labels evolved through a convoluted series of corporate mergers and acquisitions from the early 1960s to the early 2000s. Over this period, Warner Bros. Records grew from a struggling minor player in the music industry to one of the top record labels in the world.

List of double albums

Andrew Dice Clay - The Day the Laughter Died (1990) - 2×CD - live. Coldplay - Everyday Life (2019) - studio. Ornette Coleman - In All Languages (1987) - 2×LP - studio. Colosseum - Valentyne Suite (2004) - 2×CD reissue. John Coltrane - The Stardust Session (1975) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - The Other Village Vanguard Tapes (1976) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - Wheelin' (1977) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - Afro Blue Impressions (1977) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - To The Beat Of A Different Drum (1978) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - On A Misty Night (1978) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - Trane's Modes (1979) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - Rain or Shine (1980) - 2×LP. John Coltrane - Dakar (1981) - 2×LP.

Geffen Records discography

Andrew Dice Clay - The Day the Laughter Died. Little Caesar - Little Caesar. Tesla - Five Man Acoustical Jam. Nelson - After the Rain. John Doe - Meet John Doe. Willi Jones - Willi Jones. Silk Tymes Leather - It Ain’t Where Ya From...It’s Where Ya At. Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes - Question and Answer. Original Soundtrack - Days of Thunder. Brothers Figaro - Gypsy Beat. Notorious - Notorious. Sonic Youth - Goo. Asia - Then & Now. Cher - Love Hurts. Apollo Smile - Apollo Smile. Joni Mitchell - Night Ride Home. Robbie Robertson - Storyville. Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Ghost of a Dog. The Posies - Dear 23. Northside - Chicken Rhythms. Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss.

Krusty Gets Busted

Busted Krusty the Clownframing Krusty for armed robbery
The line "The Day the Laughter Died", shown during the newscast, is a reference to the Andrew Dice Clay album released the previous month. Sideshow Bob is reading [[The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later#Part Three: The Man in the Iron Mask (Chapters 181–269)|The Man in the Iron Mask]] by Alexander Dumas to the studio audience. The song "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" by Cole Porter is featured in the episode. Following Sideshow Bob's arrest, he mutters: "I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for these meddling kids.