LentenLenten seasonOculi
The Easter Vigil during the night between Holy Saturday afternoon and Easter Sunday morning starts with the blessing of a fire and a special candle, and with readings from Scripture associated with baptism. Then, the Gloria in Excelsis Deo is sung, water is blessed, baptism and confirmation of adults may take place, the people are invited to renew the promises of their own baptism, and finally, Mass is celebrated in the usual way from the Preparation of the Gifts onwards. Holy Week and the season of Lent, depending on denomination and local custom, end with Easter Vigil at sundown on Holy Saturday or on the morning of Easter Sunday.

Great Lent

Great FastLentLenten
(Thus, in case the Easter dates coincide, Clean Monday is two days before Ash Wednesday.) Fasting continues throughout the following week, known as Passion Week or Holy Week, and does not end until after the Paschal Vigil early in the morning of Pascha (Easter Sunday). The purpose of Great Lent is to prepare the faithful to not only commemorate, but to enter into the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. The totality of the Byzantine Rite life centers around the Resurrection.

Holy Week

Passion WeekSemana Santalast week of the life of Jesus in Jerusalem
Thus, apart from the Chrism Mass for the blessing of the Holy Oils that the diocesan bishop may celebrate on the morning of Holy Thursday, but also on some other day close to Easter, the only Mass on this day is the evening Mass of the Lord's Supper, which inaugurates the period of three days, known as the Easter Triduum, that includes Good Friday (seen as beginning with the service of the preceding evening), Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday up to evening prayer on that day.

Dak Prescott

Dakota Prescott
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Maundy Thursday

Holy ThursdayGreat and Holy ThursdayGreat Thursday
Young children often dress up as witches and knock on doors getting coins or candy for easter eggs. In Bulgaria Maundy Thursday is called Veliki Chetvurtuk (Great Thursday), and is traditionally the day when people color their easter eggs and perform other household chores geared toward preparing for Razpeti Petuk (Crucifixion Friday), Velika Subota (Great Saturday) and Velikden (Easter Day). In Kerala State in India, the day is called as Pesaha, a Malayalam word derived from the Aramaic or Syriac word for Passover. It is a statewide public holiday declared by the Government of Kerala, given the high number of Saint Thomas Christians in the state.


festivalsfiestacultural festival
Religious commemoration and thanksgiving for good harvests are blended in events that take place in autumn, such as Halloween in the northern hemisphere and Easter in the southern. Festivals often serve to fulfill specific communal purposes, especially in regard to commemoration or thanking to the gods and goddesses. Celebrations offer a sense of belonging for religious, social, or geographical groups, contributing to group cohesiveness. They may also provide entertainment, which was particularly important to local communities before the advent of mass-produced entertainment.

Good Friday

Great FridayHoly FridayGreat and Holy Friday
After the Lord's Supper any candlesticks and altar cloths, cross or crosses are removed leaving it bare so that they may be returned in-ceremony on Easter Sunday which memorialises the day of Christ's resurrection. It is also customary to empty the holy water fonts in preparation of the blessing of the water at the Easter Vigil. Traditionally, no bells are rung on Good Friday or Holy Saturday until the Easter Vigil.


Easter seasonPaschaltidePaschal season
In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Pascha begins on Easter Sunday at Matins which is normally celebrated at midnight and continues for forty days through the ninth hour on the day before the Ascension. Bright Week. Embertides. Papal mozzetta. Paschal Cycle. Pentecostarion. Easter Season Resource Library - Crossroads Initiative. Normae Universales de Anno Liturgico et de Calendario. French translation. Writings on Easter, Eastertide and Lent liturgical days. Liturgy of Hours of Eastertide.

Feast of the Ascension

Ascension DayAscensionAscension Thursday
The three days before Ascension Thursday are sometimes referred to as the Rogation days, and the previous Sunday — the Sixth Sunday of Easter (or the Fifth Sunday after Easter) — as Rogation Sunday. Ascension has a vigil and, since the 15th century, an octave, which is set apart for a novena of preparation for Pentecost.

Easter traditions

Easter customsEasterEaster custom
Competitors pair up on the steps of the courthouse on Easter Sunday and knock the tips of two eggs together. If a participant's egg shell cracks they have to forfeit it, a process that continues until just one egg remains. In the British Overseas Territory of Bermuda, historically famous for growing and exporting the Easter lily, the most notable feature of the Easter celebration is the flying of kites to symbolize Christ's ascent. Traditional Bermuda kites are constructed by Bermudians of all ages as Easter approaches, and are normally only flown at Easter. In addition to hot cross buns and Easter eggs, fish cakes are traditionally eaten in Bermuda at this time.

First Council of Nicaea

Council of NicaeaFirst Ecumenical CouncilNicaea
No details for the computation were specified; these were worked out in practice, a process that took centuries and generated a number of controversies (see also Computus and Reform of the date of Easter.) In particular, the Council did not seem to decree that Easter must fall on Sunday. Nor did the Council decree that Easter must never coincide with Nisan 14 (the first Day of Unleavened Bread, now commonly called "Passover") in the Hebrew calendar. By endorsing the move to independent computations, the Council had separated the Easter computation from all dependence, positive or negative, on the Jewish calendar.

Easter Bunny

Easter bunniesEaster RabbitOsterhase
On the Bunny Trail: In Search of the Easter Bunny, Stephen Winick, Folklife Today, March 22, 2016. Osterfuchs (Easter Fox) (in German).

Sunrise service

dawndawn serviceEaster sunrise service
Sunrise service is a worship service on Easter practiced by some Protestant churches, replacing the traditional, ancient Easter Vigil preserved by the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches. The service takes place outdoors, sometimes in a park, and the attendees are seated on outdoor chairs or benches. The first Easter Sunrise Service recorded took place in 1732 in the Moravian congregation at Herrnhut in the Upper Lusatian hills of Saxony. After an all-night prayer vigil, the Single Brethren -- the unmarried men of the community -- went to the town graveyard, God's Acre, on the hill above the town to sing hymns of praise to the Risen Saviour.

O'Brien Field (Charleston)

O'Brien StadiumO'Brien FieldO’Brien Field
It is home to the Eastern Illinois University Panthers football and track and field teams. O’Brien Field is name after Maynard O'Brien who coached football and track at Eastern Illinois University. The stadium features a nine-lane track and in 2004 an artificial turf field was installed. In 2009 a state of the art scoreboard was installed on the north end of the field with a video board and new sound system. The stadium served as the summer home for the former St. Louis Cardinals football team in 1976 and 1977 and again from 1982-87. The record attendance for O'Brien Field was 12,600 on November 9, 1980 vs. Northern Iowa.

Paschal greeting

Christ has risenChrist is risen!Paschal kiss
The Paschal Greeting, also known as the Easter Acclamation, is an Easter custom among Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, and Anglican Christians. It is also found among some Christians from liturgical Protestant denominations, such as certain Lutherans. In place of "hello" or its equivalent, one is to greet another person with "Christ is Risen!" or "The Lord is Risen!", and the response is "Truly, He is Risen," "Indeed, He is Risen," or "He is Risen Indeed" (compare,,,, ). In some cultures, such as in Russia and Serbia, it is also customary to exchange a triple kiss of peace on the alternating cheeks after the greeting.

Easter food

Easter foodsEaster dish
History of Easter, Traditions and Recipes Akvavit. Awara broth, in French Guiana. Babka (cake). Butter lamb. Cadbury egg. Carrot cake. Colomba di Pasqua. Cozonac. Easter biscuit. Easter bread. Easter breakfast (see Polish cuisine#Easter breakfast). Easter bunny (often of the chocolate variety). Easter eggs. Hot cross bun. Fanesca, in Ecuador. Feseekh, in Egypt. Flaouna. Easter Ham. Koulourakia. Kulich. Leib. Mämmi. Ma'amoul. Pão-de-Ló and "Folar" in Portugal. Paretak pastries. Paska (bread). Paskha. Pastiera. Pesaha Appam. Pinca. Peeps. Pogaca(bread). Red Easter eggs. Salted herring. Simnel cake. Šoldra. Święconka. Tsoureki, sometimes lined with red Easter eggs. Chiviri. Fat Tuesday.


Bright Week-the period from Pascha (Easter Sunday) through Thomas Sunday (the Sunday after Pascha), inclusive. The Afterfeast of Pentecost-the period from Pentecost Sunday until the Sunday of All Saints, inclusive. The period from the Nativity of the Lord until (but not including) the eve of the Theophany (Epiphany). The day of Theophany. 1. Lent including Holy Week and the 10-day Fast of the Cross proclaimed by Byzantine Emperor Hereaclus (known as Hudadi, Abiye Tsom or Tsome Eyesus), 56 days. 2. Fast of the Apostles, 10–40 days, which the Apostles kept after they had received the Holy Spirit. It begins after Pentecost (known as Tsome Hwariat). 3.

Easter parade

Easter Sunday ParadeNew York City Easter Parade
In the 21st century, Easter parades are conducted in many cities, with prominent ones: Richmond has been hosting its Easter Parade for over 50 years. More than 25,000 participants dressed in their best Easter attires join it annually. The parade moves along four blocks of the city’s Monument Avenue. New Orleans hosts a few parades on Easter Sunday. The major parades are the Historic French Quarter Easter Parade featuring classic attires, the Annual Chris Owens Easter Parade with floats and marching bands, and the Annual Gay Easter Parade celebrating Easter as well as LGBTQ culture in a kid-friendly atmosphere.


Bonfires were lighted at Easter and according to popular belief of long standing, the moment the sun rises on Easter Sunday morning, he gives three joyful leaps, he dances for joy ... Water drawn on the Easter morning is, like that at Christmas, holy and healing ... here also heathen notions seems to have grafted themselves on great Christian festivals. Maidens clothed in white, who at Easter, at the season of returning spring, show themselves in clefts of the rock and on mountains, are suggestive of the ancient goddess.

Dallas Cowboys

DallasCowboysDallas Cowboy
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Moveable feast

moveablemovable feastmovable feasts
The most important set of moveable feasts are a fixed number of days before or after Easter Sunday, which varies by 35 days since it depends partly on the phase of the moon and must be computed each year. In Eastern Christianity (including the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Assyrian Church of the East, and the Eastern Catholic Churches), these moveable feasts form what is called the Paschal cycle, which stands in contrast to the approach taken by Catholic and Protestant Christianity. Most other feast days, such as those of particular saints, are fixed feasts, held on the same date every year.

Lilium longiflorum

Easter lilyEaster liliesBermuda Easter lilies
The supply of bulbs was suddenly cut off after the attack on Pearl Harbor and Easter lilies became extremely valuable in the United States. Currently, nearly all Easter lily bulbs used in North America are grown on coastal bottom lands in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon, particularly in the town of Smith River, California. The Easter lily is a rich source of steroidal glycosides. It also contains bitter principles such as 3,6′-diferuloylsucrose. Some Lilium species are toxic to cats. This is known to be so especially for ''L. longiflorum, though other Lilium and the unrelated Hemerocallis'' can also cause the same symptoms.


date of Eastercalculating EasterEaster table
The expression d + e can yield offsets in the range 0 to 35 pointing to possible Easter Sundays on March 22 to April 26. For reasons of historical compatibility, all offsets of 35 and some of 34 are subtracted by 7, jumping one Sunday back to the day before the full moon (in effect using a negative e of −1). This means that 26 April is never Easter Sunday and that 19 April is overrepresented. These latter corrections are for historical reasons only and has nothing to do with the mathematical algorithm. Using the Gauss's Easter algorithm for years prior to 1583 is historically pointless since the Gregorian calendar was not utilised for determining Easter before that year.

Reform of the date of Easter

date of Easterchangescomputing the date of Easter Sunday
Easter controversy. An Orthodox article arguing for preservation of the current method of calculating the date of Pascha. The Date of Easter: Science offers solution to ancient religious problem. An Orthodox article arguing for preservation of the current method of calculating the date of Pascha. The Date of Easter: Science offers solution to ancient religious problem.

1978 NCAA Division II football season

19781978 seasonDivision II
The Eastern Illinois Panthers defeated the Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens, 10–9, to win their first Division II national title. While the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC) was a Division II conference, Florida A&M (FAMU) had successfully petitioned the NCAA for Division I classification (Division I-AA in football), which took effect on September 1, 1978. FAMU subsequently competed in the 1978 Division I-AA postseason, winning the Division I-AA championship. The 1978 NCAA Division II Football Championship playoffs were the sixth single-elimination tournament to determine the national champion of men's NCAA Division II college football.