Virtual Pascal

Port existing 16-bit OWL programs to 32-bit Windows (in theory). Write console (text-mode) programs for several platforms. Pascal development using the 32-bit Windows API (the classic development, no COM). Learn object-oriented programming. Text-mode IDE. Debugger is integrated directly into the IDE and is reminiscent of Turbo Debugger. Fast compilation. Tool-chain written mostly in Intel assembly. The compiler source is mostly written in Intel assembly which is hard to change and maintain.

Third-party software component

third-partythird partythird-party software
VCL / CLX. KParts (KDE). Video-game third-party developers. First party software. Online all programming languages and their third party libraries includes a guide.

Ontology (information science)

Protégé Ontology Library contains a set of OWL, Frame-based and other format ontologies. SchemaWeb is a directory of RDF schemata expressed in RDFS, OWL and DAML+OIL. OBO Foundry is a suite of interoperable reference ontologies in biology and biomedicine. Bioportal (ontology repository of NCBO). OntoSelect Ontology Library offers similar services for RDF/S, DAML and OWL ontologies. Ontaria is a "searchable and browsable directory of semantic web data" with a focus on RDF vocabularies with OWL ontologies. (NB Project "on hold" since 2004). Swoogle is a directory and search engine for all RDF resources available on the Web, including ontologies. Open Ontology Repository initiative.

Outline of C++

Object Windows Library. Object-oriented Abstract Type Hierarchy. ODB (C++). OGRE. Open Asset Import Library. Open Inventor. OpenImageIO. Oracle Template Library. Orfeo toolbox. Pantheios. PLIB. POCO C++ Libraries. Podofo. Poppler (software). PTK Toolkit. Qt (framework). RWTH FSA Toolkit. Sound Object (SndObj) Library. Stapl. SymbolicC++. Threading Building Blocks (TBB) — C++ template library developed by Intel Corporation for writing software programs that take advantage of multi-core processors. VTD-XML. Windows Template Library. WxWidgets. Xcas. Xerces. YAAF. List of C++ multi-threading libraries. List of C++ multiple precision arithmetic libraries. List of C++ template libraries.


A wide range of objects and additional VCL controls are provided to help the programmer to build powerful 3D Delphi applications. GLScene is supported by its user-base and comes with a number of demonstration applications and examples. Beginning with version 1.2 it also supports the C++Builder and Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal. GLScene homepage. GLScene - Lazarus wiki. Official GLScene web forum. Download the last version.

Visual IRC

Scripts can define classes and work with objects and methods instead of textual data and aliases; however, in practice, OVS is mostly used to manipulate the VCL objects that make up ViRC's interface. Scripts are stored in files, usually with a .vsc file extension, though the .lib extension is sometimes used. A Versus script file simply contains statements to be interpreted when the script is loaded; any blocks defined in a script (see below) will replace blocks defined with the same name by previous scripts. Aliases, methods (including constructors and destructors), events, menu items, and toolbar items are referred to as routines or code blocks.

Project Jedi

JEDI Visual Component Library (JVCL): the most-known subproject, more than 600 visual components. JEDI Version Control System (JVCS): a version control system completely written in Delphi. Project JEDI Website. Official JEDI Wikipage. Project JEDI presentation and call for contribution to the Delphi community.

Pervasive PSQL

Pervasive.SQL or PSQLrelational database engines
Pervasive Direct Access Components (PDAC) are a set of Visual Component Library (VCL) components that enable direct access to both MKDE and SRDE for Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder environments. License Administrator utility handles license management activities. Notification Viewer utility displays licensing-related messages logged by the PSQL engine. Monitor utility checks and displays activities and attributes of both engines, including resource usage, session information, and communication statistics. Pervasive System Analyzer utility tests the connections between the engines and within the network and displays information about system components.

Free Component Library

Although it is intended to be compatible with Delphi's Visual Component Library (VCL) the FCL is restricted to non-visual components. On the other hand, its functionality partly exceeds that of the VCL. Visual components are provided by the Lazarus Component Library (LCL). The FCL is based on the Free Pascal Runtime Library (RTL). FCL documentation in the Free Pascal Wiki. Complete online reference.


DevExpress ReportingXPO
VCL Subscription (suite) - a package containing all UI Controls for the VCL Framework used by Delphi and C++Builder developers. ExpressQuantumPack - UI Controls for the VCL Framework used by Delphi and C++Builder developers. ExpressGridPack - UI Controls for the VCL Framework used by Delphi and C++Builder developers. ExpressNavigationPack - UI Controls for the VCL Framework used by Delphi and C++Builder developers. Best of TechEd Awards: Universal Subscription won a Best of TechEd 2014 award in the Software Development category. Dr. Dobbs Jolt Awards: Universal Subscription - Jolt Award Winner in the Best Programmer Libraries Category. Dr.

GameMaker Studio

Game MakerGameMakerGameMaker Language
Version 6.0 (October 2004) introduced limited functionality for use of 3D graphics, as well as migrating the runtime's drawing pipeline from VCL to DirectX. Growing public interest led Overmars to seek help in expanding the program, which led to partnership with YoYo Games in 2007. From this point onward, development was handled by YoYo Games while Overmars retained a position as one of company's directors. Version 7.0 was the first to emerge under this partnership. The first macOS compatible version of program was released in 2009, allowing games to be made for two operating systems with minimal changes.

Owl (disambiguation)

Object Windows Library, an object-oriented software framework for creating Microsoft Windows applications, created by Borland. Office Workstations Limited, UK software company and vendor of the hypertext program. Official Tournament and Club Word List, the National Scrabble Association's official word authority for tournament Scrabble in North America. Older Women's League, a US grassroots organization advocating for midlife and older women. Olympic-Wallowa Lineament, a geological feature in the state of Washington. Online Watch Link, Neighbourhood Watch management and messaging system. Online Writing Lab, usually an extension of a college or university writing center.

Oxygene (programming language)

OxygeneOxygene programming languageChrome
On top of the language difference, the Visual Component Library framework is not available in Oxygene (formerly called Prism). This makes porting even more difficult because classic Delphi code relies heavily on the VCL. unit: Replaced with the namespace keyword. Since Oxygene doesn't compile per-file but per-project, it does not depend on the name of the file.

Tahoma (typeface)

For example, a new Delphi VCL application defaults its font to Tahoma. The Wine project includes the free and open-source fonts Wine Tahoma Regular and Wine Tahoma Bold released under GNU Lesser General Public License designed to have identical metrics to the Tahoma font. This was done because Tahoma is available by default on Windows, and many applications expect the font to be available. Before Wine included a Tahoma replacement font, some applications, such as Steam, would not display any text at all, rendering them nearly unusable. *Verdana * Microsoft typography information on Tahoma

Precompiled header

pre-compiledprecompiled headers
For example, when working with the Visual Component Library, it is common to include the header first which contains most of the commonly used VCL header files. Thus, the precompiled header can be shared across all project modules, which dramatically reduces the build times. In addition, C++Builder can be instrumented to use a specific header file as precompiled header, similar to the mechanism provided by Visual C++.

Library (computing)

librarylibrariessoftware library
Visual Component Library (VCL). Component Library for Cross Platform (CLX). Lazarus Component Library (LCL). C standard library. Java Class Library. Framework Class Library. Generic programming (used by the C++ standard library). soname. Method stub. Shared Libraries - 'Linkers and Loaders' by John R. Levine. Dynamic Linking and Loading - 'Linkers and Loaders' by John R. Levine. Article Beginner's Guide to Linkers by David Drysdale. Article Faster C++ program startups by improving runtime linking efficiency by Léon Bottou and John Ryland. How to Create Program Libraries by Baris Simsek.


Visual Component Library (VCL). Client-Side Decorations Initiative. List of GTK+ applications. - Python All-In-One PyGI/PyGObject for Windows Installer (GTK+ 3.18 +). - (Only up to GTK+ 3.5.4). GtkSharp at Mono Project.