Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes

Southern CheyenneSouthern ArapahoCheyenne-Arapaho
The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribal Nations are a united, federally recognized tribe of Southern Arapaho and Southern Cheyenne people in western Oklahoma.


CreekCreek IndiansMuscogee Creek
The Muscogee, also known as the Muscogee Creek, Creek and the Muscogee Creek Confederacy, are a related group of indigenous peoples of the Southeastern Woodlands. Muskogee (Muskogee ) is their autonym. Their original homelands are in what now comprises southern Tennessee, all of Alabama, western Georgia and part of northern Florida.

Sitting Bull

Chief Sitting Bullhalf-brother Sitting BullMarcellus Red Tomahawk
This article is about the Hunkpapa Lakota leader. For the film, see Sitting Bull (film). For the band, see Sitting Bull (band).

Russell Means

Russel Means
Russell Charles Means (November 10, 1939 – October 22, 2012) was an Oglala Lakota activist for the rights of American Indian people, libertarian political activist, actor, writer and musician, who became a prominent member of the American Indian Movement (AIM) after joining the organization in 1968 and helped organize notable events that attracted national and international media coverage.

Blood quantum laws

blood quantumblood-quantumfull-blood
Blood quantum laws or Indian blood laws are laws in the United States and the former Thirteen colonies that define Native American identity by percentages of ancestry. These laws were enacted by the American government, by contrast many tribes and nations do not include Blood Quantum (BQ) as part of their own enrollment criteria.

Indigenous peoples of the Americas

Native AmericanNative Americansindigenous
The indigenous peoples of the Americas are the pre-Columbian peoples of North, Central and South America and their descendants.

Contemporary Native American issues in the United States

contemporary issues faced by Native Americanscontinues to be an active issueNative American hardships
Contemporary Native American issues in the United States are issues arising in the late 20th century and early 21st century which affect Native Americans in the United States. Many issues stem from the subjugation of Native Americans in society, including societal discrimination, racism, cultural appropriation through sports mascots, and depictions in art. Native Americans have also been subject to substantial historical and intergenerational trauma that have resulted in significant public health issues like alcoholism and risk of suicide.

Chellis Glendinning

C. Glendinning
Chellis Glendinning is an author and social-change activist. She is noted as a pioneer in the field of ecopsychology, a proponent of bioregional land-based culture, and a critic of technological society having worked with such contemporaries as Jerry Mander, Vandana Shiva, Stephanie Mills, and Kirkpatrick Sale.


Pacifism is opposition to war, militarism or violence. The word pacifism was coined by the French peace campaigner Émile Arnaud (1864–1921) and adopted by other peace activists at the tenth Universal Peace Congress in Glasgow in 1901. A related term is ahimsa (to do no harm), which is a core philosophy in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. While modern connotations are recent, having been explicated since the 19th century, ancient references abound.


racistracial prejudiceracial discrimination
Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another. The term may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity. Modern variants of racism are often based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. These views can take the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems in which different races are ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities.

George Jackson Brigade

GJBThe George Jackson Brigade
The George Jackson Brigade was a revolutionary group based in Seattle, Washington, which was named after George Jackson, a dissident prisoner and Black Panther member shot and killed during an alleged escape attempt at San Quentin Prison in 1971.

United Nations

UNU.N.the United Nations
The United Nations (UN), is an intergovernmental organization responsible for maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations. It is the largest, most familiar, most internationally represented and most powerful intergovernmental organization in the world. The UN is headquartered on international territory in New York City; other main offices are in Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna and The Hague.

Left-wing politics

Left-wing politics supports social equality and egalitarianism, often in opposition to social hierarchy. It typically involves a concern for those in society whom its adherents perceive as disadvantaged relative to others as well as a belief that there are unjustified inequalities that need to be reduced or abolished.

Anti-globalization movement

anti-globalizationanti-globalisationanti-globalisation movement
The anti-globalization movement, or counter-globalization movement, is a social movement critical of economic globalization. The movement is also commonly referred to as the global justice movement, alter-globalization movement, anti-globalist movement, anti-corporate globalization movement, or movement against neoliberal globalization.

George Lakey

George Russell Lakey (born 2 November 1937) is an activist, sociologist, and writer who added academic underpinning to the concept of nonviolent revolution. He also refined the practice of experiential training for activists which he calls "Direct Education". A Quaker, he has co-founded and led numerous organizations and campaigns for justice and peace.

Movement for a New Society

The Movement for a New Society (MNS) was a U.S.-based network of social activist collectives, committed to the principles of nonviolence, who played a key role in social movements of the 1970s and 1980s.

Derrick Jensen

Jensen, Derrick
Derrick Jensen (born December 19, 1960) is an American author, ecophilosopher, radical environmentalist, and anti-civilization advocate. According to Democracy Now! , Jensen "has been called the poet-philosopher of the ecological movement."

PM Press

PM Press is an independent publisher that specializes in radical, Marxist and anarchist literature, as well as crime fiction, graphic novels, music CDs, and political documentaries. It has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and West Virginia.

Black Panther Party

Black PanthersBlack PantherThe Black Panthers
The Black Panther Party (BPP), originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, was a revolutionary political organization founded by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton in October 1966 in Oakland, California. The party was active in the United States from 1966 until 1982, with chapters in numerous major cities, and international chapters in the United Kingdom in the early 1970s, and in Algeria from 1969 to 1972.

Clinton, Oneida County, New York

Clinton, New YorkClintonClinton, NY
Clinton (or Ka-dah-wis-dag, "white field" in Seneca language ) is a village in Oneida County, New York, United States. The population was 1,942 at the 2010 census. It was named for George Clinton, the first Governor of New York.

Communist Party USA

Communist PartyCommunistAmerican Communist Party
The Communist Party USA, officially the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA), is a communist party in the United States established in 1919 after a split in the Socialist Party of America following the Russian Revolution.