Abdominal obesity

central obesitybeer bellypot belly
In the cohort of 15,000 people participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III), waist circumference explained obesity-related health risk better than the body mass index (or BMI) when metabolic syndrome was taken as an outcome measure and this difference was statistically significant. In other words, excessive waist circumference appears to be more of a risk factor for metabolic syndrome than BMI.

Obesity and walking

Bioelectrical impedance analysis – a method to measure body fat percentage. Blubber – an extra thick form of adipose tissue found in some marine mammals. Body fat percentage. Cellulite. Human fat used as pharmaceutical in traditional medicine. Obesity. Starvation. Steatosis (also called fatty change, fatty degeneration or adipose degeneration). Stem cells. Subcutaneous fat. Bariatrics. Classification of obesity. Classification of childhood obesity. EPODE International Network. World Fit. Social stigma of obesity.


NeanderthalsHomo neanderthalensisNeanderthal man
Using, the body mass index for Neanderthal men was calculated to be 2.69–2.82, which in humans correlates to obesity. This indicates a very stocky build. Body proportions are usually cited as being "hyperarctic" as adaptations to the cold, as they are similar to those of human populations which developed in cold climates –the Neanderthal build is most similar to Eskimos –and shorter limbs equates to higher retention of body heat, but Neanderthals from more temperate climates–such as Iberia–still retain the "hyperarctic" physique.

List of Italian inventions and discoveries

List of Italian inventions
Galileo Hydrostatic Weighing Scale, a weight measuring device that uses hydraulic counter-force of a liquid, usually water or oil, to determine weight of an object under Archimedes' principle. Nowadays is mainly used in hydraulic types of weighbridges. Its functioning principles were first described by Galileo Galilei in 1586. Zamboni pile - early electric battery. Ziegler–Natta catalyst, catalyst to produce polymers co-invented by Giulio Natta.

Vacuum filler

Vacuum Filling
The portion weight must be determined in the control system via the portion volume parameter with the aid of scales. Vacuum fillers are primarily used in the food trade and in the food industry. Special criteria apply to the design of machines in the food sector due to specific hygiene standards and hygiene regulations. This includes, for example, ensuring that they are easy to dismantle, have level surfaces and seals that can be rinsed from the rear, no dead spaces, ergonomic shapes, a small range of parts and detectable materials/materials suitable for food use.

Penilaian Menengah Rendah

PMRSijil Rendah PelajaranForm 3.7 subjects for non-Muslim students and 8 subjects for Muslim students
Scale drawings. Graphs of functions. Trigonometry. Chemistry. Matter and materials science. Chemical and physical properties. The phases of matter and the changes it undergoes. The variety of resources on earth. Chemical elements, compounds and mixtures. Electrochemistry. Testing for results of biological processes. The composition of air. Combustion. Water and solution. Acids and bases. Silicon compounds and calcium compounds. Reactions of metals with non-metals. Pollution and steps to combat pollution. Manufactured substances in industries. Chemicals for consumers. Biology. Cellular biology. Unicellular and multicellular organisms. Adaptation of life to the environment.


Electrochemical equivalent. Electrolysis. Electrochemistry. Electrolytic cell. Electrochemical cell.


Today, the measuring instrument can be a set of digital scales with an accuracy greater than 0.1 g, though in the past it was a steelyard balance with the measuring cylinder hooking directly onto the scales. * How to Measure Test Weight of Grain - YouTube Bulk Density (kg/hL)= Mass of Grain Captured (in kg) /Volume of measuring container (in L) x 100. The measuring container will usually be 1L or 0.5L to make the calculations easy.

Classification of childhood weight

Classification of childhood obesityBMI for age percentile
Bioelectrical impedance analysis – a method to measure body fat percentage. Body fat percentage. Cellulite. Human fat used as pharmaceutical in traditional medicine. Starvation. Steatosis (also called fatty change, fatty degeneration or adipose degeneration). Subcutaneous fat.


bariatricbariatric medicinebariatric approach
Techniques used in bariatrics include bioelectrical impedance analysis, a method to measure body fat percentage. he:ניתוח בריאטרי Food addiction. Overeaters Anonymous. Obesity, Childhood obesity. Classification of obesity, Classification of childhood obesity. Epidemiology of obesity, Epidemiology of childhood obesity. Obesity and walking. Social stigma of obesity. Body fat percentage. Selfish brain theory. Steatosis (also called fatty change, fatty degeneration, or adipose degeneration). Subcutaneous fat. Adiposopathy. VIDEO: How Bariatrics Has Changed Our Understanding of Type II Diabetes Daniel McKenna speaks at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, 2008.

Female body shape

female bodyfemale formfemale figure
WHR has been found to be a more efficient predictor of mortality in older people than waist circumference or body mass index (BMI). Over the past several hundred years, there has been a shift towards viewing the body as part of one's identity – not in a purely physical way, but as a means of deeper self-expression. David Gauntlett, in his 2008 book, recognizes the importance of malleability in physical identity, stating, "the body is the outer expression of our self, to be improved and worked upon". One of the more key factors in creating the desire for a particular body shape – most notably for females – is the media, which has promoted a number of so-called "ideal" body shapes.

Body shape

fat distributiondistributionbroadening of the shoulders
This is measured using Body Mass IndexBMI or waist circumference. Depending on the BMI, a body may be referred to as slim, overweight, or obese. Dieting, in conjunction with exercise, may be used to bring and keep the BMI within a healthy or desired range. The fats and carbohydrates in food constitute the majority of energy used by the body. They are measured cumulatively in the USA and many other places in calories and in kilojoules in some other parts of the world. Body shape has effects on body posture and gait, and has a major role in physical attraction.

Emi Suzuki

In 2002, Suzuki began appearing in designer brands' private collections maintaining strict requirements regarding the body fat percentage (BFP) standard. She was also cast in the music video for Ketsumeishi's 2005 mega-hit song Sakura. Suzuki had decided to retire from modeling and settled back to Kyoto, but her agency and the publisher Shueisha co-started a new magazine, Pinky; she terminated her contract with Seventeen in 2006. Suzuki became a frequent model with Pinky. To date, all of Suzuki's covers with the magazine have been with her solely, except for one notable exception in a November 2007 issue. Suzuki was featured on the first issue of the magazine.

European units of measurement directives

Directive 80/181/EEC80/181/EECEEC Directive 71/354/EEC
The directive catalogued the units of measure that were permitted for measuring instruments (for instance scales), measurements and indications of quantity expressed in units for economic, public health, public safety and administrative purposes. The catalogue was consistent with the SI standard. The directive explicitly proscribed a number of mainly CGS units of measure that were not to be used after 31 December 1977.

Tracheal intubation

endotracheal intubationintubationintubated
The differences, which are quite significant in infants, gradually disappear as the human body approaches a mature age and body mass index. For infants and young children, orotracheal intubation is easier than the nasotracheal route. Nasotracheal intubation carries a risk of dislodgement of adenoids and nasal bleeding. Despite the greater difficulty, nasotracheal intubation route is preferable to orotracheal intubation in children undergoing intensive care and requiring prolonged intubation because this route allows a more secure fixation of the tube. As with adults, there are a number of devices specially designed for assistance with difficult tracheal intubation in children.

List of British innovations and discoveries

British inventionsInnovation in Britain
The first electrical measuring instrument, the electroscope – William Gilbert. Rectilinear Slide rule – William Oughtred. Devised a standard for screw threads leading to its widespread acceptance – Joseph Whitworth. The Wimshurst machine is an Electrostatic generator for producing high voltages – James Wimshurst. Hot bulb engine or heavy oil engine – Herbert Akroyd Stuart. Hydraulic crane – William George Armstrong. Vacuum diode also known as a vacuum tube – John Ambrose Fleming. Linear motor is a multi-phase alternating current (AC) electric motor – Charles Wheatstone then improved by Eric Laithwaite. Lynch Motor – Cedric Lynch.

Fat Head

Naughton also questions the use of the body mass index to calculate whether someone is overweight, pointing out that according to the BMI, he himself is considered obese. However, according to the BMI chart for men, at 5'11, 206.5 lbs, Naughton is merely considered overweight; which challenges one of the main premises behind the film that he is considered obese but appears not to be. Naughton's physician tells him that he is obese based on his body fat percentage, which may have led to this confusion.

List of MeSH codes (E01)

. --- body fat distribution. --- adiposity. --- body mass index. --- body size. --- body height. --- body weight. --- birth weight. --- fetal weight. --- overweight. --- obesity. --- obesity, morbid. --- thinness. --- body surface area. --- crown-rump length. --- organ size. --- skinfold thickness. --- waist-hip ratio. --- somatotypes. --- body temperature. --- facial expression. --- facies. --- gait. --- hand strength. --- neurologic examination. --- reflex. --- reflex, abdominal. --- reflex, abnormal. --- reflex, babinski. --- reflex, acoustic. --- reflex, pupillary. --- reflex, stretch. --- startle reaction. --- palpation. --- digital rectal examination. --- percussion. --- pigmentation. -

Quartz crystal microbalance

QCMSauerbrey massSauerbrey thickness
Weighing scale. Piezoelectricity. Thin-film thickness monitor. Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D). Tapered element oscillating microbalance (TEOM). Basics of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance. Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation monitoring.


Relative Fat Mass - a health measure related to Body mass index and Body fat percentage.

List of Fitbit products

FitBit IonicFitbit productsFitbit Surge
In April 2012, Fitbit released a weighing scale called the Fitbit Aria. It recognizes users and measures weight, body mass index (BMI) and percentage of body fat of the user. It can keep track of eight individual users and updates information to fitbit.com automatically via Wi-Fi network. The information is also updated to smartphone apps. * https://www.fitbit.com – Official website an altimeter that measures elevation gain in terms of floors, with one floor roughly equivalent to ten feet. a digital clock visible on the device's display. a stopwatch that can be used to time activities. randomized "Chatter" messages show when the Ultra is moved after sitting idle for a while. new colors.


Near the junction of the two links is a measuring wheel of calibrated diameter, with a scale to show fine rotation, and worm gearing for an auxiliary turns counter scale. As the area outline is traced, this wheel rolls on the surface of the drawing. The operator sets the wheel, turns the counter to zero, and then traces the pointer around the perimeter of the shape. When the tracing is complete, the scales at the measuring wheel show the shape's area. When the planimeter's measuring wheel moves perpendicular to its axis, it rolls, and this movement is recorded. When the measuring wheel moves parallel to its axis, the wheel skids without rolling, so this movement is ignored.


A nerve provides a common pathway for the electrochemical nerve impulses called action potentials that are transmitted along each of the axons to peripheral organs or, in the case of sensory nerves, from the periphery back to the central nervous system. Each axon within the nerve is an extension of an individual neuron, along with other supportive cells such as Schwann cells that coat the axons in myelin. Within a nerve, each axon is surrounded by a layer of connective tissue called the endoneurium. The axons are bundled together into groups called fascicles, and each fascicle is wrapped in a layer of connective tissue called the perineurium.

Physical chemistry

physical chemistphysicochemicalphysical
freedom (or variance) can be correlated with one another with help of phase rule. 9) Reactions of electrochemical cells.