Kathy Griffin

controversial photo-shootMaggie Griffin
After starring in an HBO Half Hour Comedy Special, Griffin had her first consistent public exposure in 1996, when she was cast as the acerbic colleague of Brooke Shields' title character on the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan. In 1998, Griffin starred in her first one-hour special, HBO's Kathy Griffin: A Hot Cup of Talk. She honed a comedy and television career that poked fun at her relatively modest place in the Hollywood hierarchy in a self-deprecating manner. She frequently appears in such self-consciously tacky projects as the reality show competition Celebrity Mole Hawaii, in which she won the 2003 edition after undergoing such experiences as walking over hot lava with her bare feet.

12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief

The Concert for Sandy Relief12-12-12 Concert12-12-12 benefit concert
The concert was simulcast live on 39 U.S. television stations, including HBO, AMC, Showtime and AXS TV and on more than 20 international television networks. It was also streamed on over twenty-five websites, including Fuse.tv, MTV.com, AOL, Yahoo!, YouTube, SiriusXM, Hulu, and Vevo and over fifty radio stations. Select movie theaters in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut displayed the concert as well. Ion Television, Live Well Network and MundoFox were the only national over-the-air broadcasters to carry the concert. Locally, the PBS consortium WNET/WLIW/NJTV carried it on their stations, along with CBS's WLNY (Channel 55) and WRNN-TV (Channel 48).


Video GirlVideo Girl'' (album)
In April 2009, she won the title of Miss YouTube. In December 2009, YouTube named her "Outerspace" music video, one of the Most Memorable Videos of 2009. In December 2010, YouTube named her "Snooki Song" music video, one of the Most Memorable Videos of 2010. From 2009 to 2012 she was the #1 most subscribed female YouTuber globally. Der Spiegel (2012), one of Europe's largest circulated weeklies. El País Magazine (Dec 11, 2009), Spain's largest magazine. DNA Magazine (Sep 13, 2009), India's top English-printed magazine.

Brad Carter

A video recording was made of Carter's operation, which was later posted on YouTube. The video went viral and received media attention worldwide. Carter became known as the "guy playing guitar during brain surgery." The hospital staff had requested the video recording to help allay those suffering from similar diseases who were curious about the surgery. * bradcarter.me, his official website


The system's user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Additional integrations are available via Hootsuite's App Directory, including Reddit, Storify, Tumblr, and Marketo. Based in Vancouver, Hootsuite has close to 1,000 staff members in 13 locations, including Toronto, Bucharest and Mexico City. The company has more than 15 million users in over 175 countries. In 2008, Holmes needed a tool to manage multiple social media networks at his digital services agency, Invoke Media.

Bento Box Entertainment

Bento Box AnimationBento BoxBento Box Animation Studios Atlanta
Recognized as the leading producer of primetime animated comedy series for broadcast, cable and digital networks, the company works with the leading networks, studios and distribution companies including Fox Broadcasting Company, Comedy Central, MTV, Adult Swim, HBO, Hulu, IFC, Disney, 20th Century Fox Television (including Fox 21), Sony Pictures Television, Lionsgate, The Tornante Company, and Broadway Video among others. It produced the series Bob's Burgers in 2011 for Fox. It is currently in production on the YouTube series Glove and Boots.

2014 in British television

2014March 2014
This is a list of events that took place in 2014 related to British television.

4 Your Eyez Only

Everybody DiesFoldin Clothes
On March 24, 2017 HBO announced a second documentary with Cole tiled, J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only, the first being Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming in 2016, the documentary aired April 15, 2017 on HBO and HBO Now. Incorporating music from 4 Your Eyez Only, Cole captured stories of residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Atlanta, Georgia, Ferguson, Missouri, his father's hometown, Jonesboro, Arkansas and his hometown, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Entertainment Weekly reported, "The documentary promises to illustrate how their struggles over viable housing, voting laws for felons, integration, and more mirror the frustrations felt across the nation."

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program

Outstanding Interactive ProgramOutstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media within a Scripted ProgramOutstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media
The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Program is presented to integrated interactive experiences for linear television programming. According to Emmy rules, this includes "excellence in the combined, overall interactive media execution for an existing program or series, containing programming and features that extend the program experience beyond passive viewing, often across multiple platforms." Examples include behind-the-scenes content, commentary, story and character extensions, and social audience interaction or input that drives the program forward.

La Roux

Elly JacksonLa Roux (UK)Mickey O'Brien (Keys/BVs)
Sales of "In for the Kill" spiked 600 percent when Skream's "Let's Get Ravey" remix of the song appeared on the HBO show Entourage in August 2010. Later that month, it was announced that an EP remix has been released in tandem with the November US tour. In October, a second video for the song was released that was shot at New York's landmark Hotel Chelsea. The song was released in the United States 7 October. In February 2011, at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, La Roux won the Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album for their self-titled debut album.

The Lazarus Effect (2010 film)

The Lazarus EffectLazarus Effect CampaignThe Lazarus Effect'' (2010 film)
The film features patients and medical staff in Zambia speaking about their experiences and was produced by (RED) and HBO. It was screened on HBO and Channel 4 in May 2010, and it is also available on YouTube. Made in Zambia, the 30-minute film tracks several people who were seriously ill but return to a healthier condition in a relatively short period of time after starting free antiretroviral drug therapy. HIV-positive patients and medical staff recount their experiences and the impact medication has made on their lives in their own words.

Let's Play

Let's PlaysGaminglet's player
Business Insider reported that eleven of the top twenty most-subscribed, independent YouTube publishers as of November 2014 are those that produce Let's Play videos. An October 2017 report from SuperData Researched estimated that between Let's Play videos and live streaming content of game video content, there were more people watching such videos than compared to all subscribers of HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined, with over 517 million YouTube users and 185 million Twitch.tv users. Let's Play videos have been considered a favorable way to market game titles, in particularly for smaller developers.

Felicia Day

Vaginal Fantasy Book Club
The Guild has won multiple awards, including the Greenlight Award for Best Original Digital Series Production at the South by Southwest festivals, several IAWTV Awards, including Best Comedy Series, the YouTube Video Award for Best Series, the Yahoo! Video Award for Best Series, and 2009 Streamy Awards for Best Comedy Web Series, Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series, and Best Ensemble Cast in a Web Series. In March 2012, Day announced that she would be launching a premium YouTube channel, "Geek & Sundry," on April 2. Geek and Sundry took over production of The Guild for Season 6.

List of Flash animated television series

List of Adobe Flash animated television series
This list of Adobe Flash animated television series consists of animated TV series produced in Adobe Animate (formerly Adobe Flash). It is organized by the year of release.

Vice Media

The new property houses agency acquisitions Carrot Creative along with other Vice corporate staff. * 40.71389°N, -73.95972°W Brooklyn headquarters Launch refers to year where the first Vice-produced video was released on their respective YouTube channels. In 2014, Vice Media took over the YouTube-funded channel The NOC, which was launched in 2012. BuzzFeed. Mic (media company).

Media cross-ownership in the United States

newspaper-television cross-ownershipcross-ownershipcross-ownership restrictions
Alphabet: Owns the search engine Google, video sharing site YouTube, proprietary rights to the open-source Android operating system, blog hosting site Blogger, Gmail e-mail service, and numerous other online media and software outlets. American Media, Inc.: Owns all of the major supermarket tabloids in the U.S.: the National Enquirer, Star Magazine, Globe Magazine, National Examiner, and Radar Online. Jeff Bezos: Owns The Washington Post, holds a minority stake in Alphabet, and presides over multimedia and e-commerce megalith Amazon.com as well as its cloud computing and Web infrastructure system Amazon Web Services.

Lance Reddick

Reddick was cast as Cedric Daniels in the HBO series The Wire, after having also auditioned for the roles of Bubbles and Bunk Moreland. He joined ABC's hit series Lost in 2008, where he played Matthew Abaddon, an employee of Charles Widmore, in multiple episodes. He was the third of five actors from the HBO hit series Oz to star in the drama. Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have said they were interested in Reddick for the part of Mr. Eko but he was unavailable due to filming The Wire so they approached Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje instead.