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Netflix. Seeso, a similar service launched by NBC Universal in 2016 focusing on comedy. Sling TV. Video on demand. (US site) – official site. (Japanese site) – official site.

Apple Inc.

AppleApple ComputerApple Computer, Inc.
Apple owns a YouTube channel where they release advertisements, tips, and introductions for their devices. Apple customers gained a reputation for devotion and loyalty early in the company's history. BYTE in 1984 stated that "There are two kinds of people in the world: people who say Apple isn't just a company, it's a cause; and people who say Apple isn't a cause, it's just a company. Both groups are right. Nature has suspended the principle of noncontradiction where Apple is concerned. Apple is more than just a company because its founding has some of the qualities of myth ...


StreamrollerViacom New MediaViacom Inc.
In February 2007, Viacom sent upwards of 100,000 Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notices to the video-sharing site YouTube. Of the 100,000 notices, approximately 60–70 non-infringing videos were removed under the auspices of copyright infringement. On March 13, 2007, Viacom filed a US$1 billion legal claim (Viacom International Inc. v. YouTube, Inc.) against Google and YouTube alleging massive copyright infringement, alleging that users frequently uploaded copyrighted material to YouTube—enough to cause a hit in revenue for Viacom and a gain in advertisement revenue for YouTube.


Nintendo WiiWii miniZii
Netflix was released as a downloadable channel for the Wii on October 18, 2010 in Canada and the United States. A survey conducted by Nielson revealed that 25% of Netflix subscribers used the Netflix Channel on the Wii as of July 2011. Hulu announced in October 2011 that they would be releasing their streaming service, Hulu Plus, on the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. Hulu Plus was released on February 16, 2012 as a downloadable channel for the Wii. YouTube was released as a downloadable channel for the Wii on December 15, 2012 in the United States. The YouTube Channel for the Wii was discontinued on June 28, 2017 as part of YouTube's plan to phase out availability on older devices.

Video game console

consolegame consoleconsoles
In addition, Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel allowed for the digital distribution of downloadable games, emulated titles, and Wii applications known as "Channels", which provided functionality such as access to Netflix, YouTube and an Internet browser, as well as online-enabled contests such as the Check Mii Out Channel and Everybody Votes Channel. Nintendo's WiiConnect24 service offered information and videos of upcoming software through the Wii's downloadable Nintendo Channel, which also allowed users to download demos from the Wii console to a nearby Nintendo DS through a local wireless connection. Other WiiConnect24 services included dedicated channels for weather and news.

PlayStation 4

PS44Sony PlayStation 4
Media is uploaded seamlessly from the console to other PSN users or social networking sites such as Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or else users can copy media to a USB flash drive and upload to a social network or website of their preference. Players can also use a free video editing application named ShareFactory to cut and assemble their favorite video clips, add custom music or voice commentary with green screen effects. Subsequent updates have added options for picture-in-picture layouts, the ability to create photo collages and animated GIFs.

Wii U

WiiUNintendo Wii UNintendo Wii U eShop
The Wii U supports online video services through apps, such as Amazon Video, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. The Wii U does not support playback of DVD or Blu-ray Disc; Iwata explained that the decision to exclude these formats was motivated primarily by patent licensing fees, and the fact that such functionality would be redundant to DVD and Blu-ray players that users may already own.

The Walt Disney Company

DisneyWalt DisneyWalt Disney Productions
Disney ranked No. 55 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. * YouTube channel Walt Disney (1923–1945). Roy O. Disney (1945–1966). Donn Tatum (1966–1971). Card Walker (1971–1977). Ron W. Miller (1978–1983). Frank Wells (1984–1994). Michael Ovitz (1995–1997). Robert A. Iger (2000–2012). Roy O. Disney (1929–1971). Donn Tatum (1971–1976). Card Walker (1976–1983). Ron W. Miller (1983–1984). Michael Eisner (1984–2005). Robert A. Iger (2005–present). Walt Disney (1945–1960). Roy O. Disney (1964–1971). Donn Tatum (1971–1980). Card Walker (1980–1983). Raymond Watson (1983–1984). Michael Eisner (1984–2004). George J. Mitchell (2004–2006). John E.

Over-the-top media services

over-the-topOTTover-the-top content
In contrast to video on demand video-delivery systems offered by cable and IPTV, which are tightly managed networks where channels can be changed instantly, some OTT services such as iTunes require that the video be downloaded first and then played, while other OTT players such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video, offer movie downloads that start playing before the download completes (streaming). The FCC categorizes the OTT services into two groups: multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs); and online video distributors (OVDs). Virtual MVPDs include such varied services as DirecTV Now, fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV.

Amazon (company)
Throughout the summer of 2018, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders criticized Amazon's wages and working conditions in a series of YouTube videos and media appearances. He also pointed to the fact that Amazon had paid no federal income tax in the previous year. Sanders solicited stories from Amazon warehouse workers who felt exploited by the company. One such story, by James Bloodworth, described the environment as akin to "a low-security prison" and stated that the company's culture used an Orwellian newspeak. These reports cited a finding by New Food Economy that one third of fulfilment center workers in Arizona were on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Showtime (TV network)

ShowtimeShowtime NetworkShowcase
Netflix assumed the rights to The Weinstein Company's films starting in 2016. The future of Showtime was put into question after negotiations to renew film output deals with Paramount Pictures (which was separated from the channel following the November 2005 split of Viacom and CBS into two separate companies, with CBS taking ownership of Showtime), MGM and Lions Gate Entertainment broke down, due to the failure between the studios and Showtime to agree on licensing fees for movies from the channel's three largest film distributors.


NBC UniversalUniversalNBC
On January 14, 2019, NBCUniversal announced that it will launch an over-the-top streaming service in early 2020 to compete with Netflix, Amazon Video, WarnerMedia and Disney+. A reorganization of the major direct reporting division was made. Bonnie Hammer was appointed chairman of [[NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group#NBCUniversal Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises|NBCU Direct-to-Consumer and Digital Enterprises]] over the streaming services and the Digital Enterprises unit. Her former unit, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group, was given to Mark Lazarus as chairman, NBCUniversal Broadcast, Cable, Sports and News.

North Korea

🇰🇵NorthDemocratic People's Republic of Korea
Uriminzokkiri and its associated YouTube and Twitter accounts distribute imagery, news and video issued by government media. The Associated Press opened the first Western all-format, full-time bureau in Pyongyang in 2012. Bias in reporting on North Korea has occurred in international media as a result of the country's isolation. Stories like Kim Jong-un undergoing surgery to look like his grandfather, executing his ex-girlfriend or feeding his uncle to a pack of hungry dogs have been circulated by foreign media as truth despite the lack of a credible source. Many of the claims originate from the South Korean right-wing newspaper The Chosun Ilbo.

Net neutrality

network neutralityinternet neutralityopen internet
For example, back in 2005 YouTube was just a small startup company. Due to an absence of Internet fast lanes, YouTube had the ability to grow larger than Google Video. Tom Wheeler and Senators Ronald Lee Wyden (D-Ore.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) said, "Internet service providers treated YouTube's videos the same as they did Google's, and Google couldn't pay the ISPs [Internet service providers] to gain an unfair advantage, like a fast lane into consumers' homes," they wrote. "Well, it turned out that people liked YouTube a lot more than Google Video, so YouTube thrived."


Netflix, after a large test in August 2016, concluded that libvpx was 20% less efficient than x265, but by October the same year also found that tweaking encoding parameters could "reduce or even reverse gap between VP9 and HEVC". At NAB 2017, Netflix shared that they had switched to the EVE encoder, which according to their studies offered better two-pass rate control and was 8% more efficient than libvpx.

TwitchELEVEN PrimeTwitchTV
Competing video services, such as YouTube and Dailymotion, began to increase the prominence of their gaming content to compete, but have had a much smaller impact so far. As of mid-2013, there were over 43 million viewers on Twitch monthly, with the average viewer watching an hour and a half a day. As of February 2014, Twitch is the fourth largest source of Internet traffic during peak times in the United States, behind Netflix, Google, and Apple. Twitch makes up 1.8% of total US Internet traffic during peak periods. In late 2013, particularly due to increasing viewership, Twitch had issues with lag and low frame rates in Europe. Twitch has subsequently added new servers in the region.


full HD1080p301080p HD
Several websites, including YouTube, allow videos to be uploaded in the 1080p format. YouTube streams 1080p content at approximately 4 megabits per second compared to Blu-ray's 30 to 40 megabits per second. Digital distribution services also deliver 1080p content, such as movies available on Blu-ray Disc or from broadcast sources. This can include distribution services like peer-to-peer websites and public or private tracking networks. Netflix has been offering high quality 1080p content in the US and other countries through select internet providers since 2013.

Nintendo 3DS

3DS3DS XLNintendo 3DS Ambassadors
The Netflix streaming video service was released in North America on July 14, 2011. Netflix users are able to pause streaming video on the Nintendo 3DS and resume it on other Netflix-enabled devices. Only 2D content is available through the service. Nintendo announced on October 21, 2011, that Hulu Plus would be released on the Nintendo 3DS by the end of the year. On February 16, 2012, following the debut of Hulu on the Wii, Nintendo reiterated the announcement this time claiming it would be available on the 3DS sometime in 2012.

Nintendo Network

MiiverseInternet BrowserWii U Internet Browser
Netflix (United States only; global variants of Netflix not currently available on TVii). SpotPass TV - ceased operations on June 20, 2012. Eurosport - ceased operations on December 31, 2012. Nintendo Customer Service - US / Europe / Australia / Japan / Korea / South Africa. Nintendo Online Store - US / Europe. Nintendo All-Access @ E3. Nintendo Network Maintenance Information/Operational Status. Camp Hyrule, Nintendo's web-based community from 1995 to 2007, adjunct to Nintendo Power magazine. Randnet, Nintendo's Japanese Internet dialup service and community portal, based on the Nintendo 64 and 64DD from December 1999 to February 2001. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. WiiConnect24.

Digital media player

digital media receivermedia playersmedia player
YouTube, for instance, is a common plug-in available on most networked devices. Netflix has also struck deals with many consumer-electronics makers to make their interface available in the device's menus, for their streaming subscribers. This symbiotic relationship between Netflix and consumer electronics makers has helped propel Netflix to become the largest subscription video service in the U.S., using up to 20% of U.S. bandwidth at peak times. Media players are often designed for compactness and affordability, and tend to have small or non-existent hardware displays other than simple LED lights to indicate whether the device is powered on.

Apple TV

AppleApple TV (4th generation)Apple TV (Second Generation)
Universal search is available for a wide number of apps in the United States, but the feature is limited to iTunes and Netflix in Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In Australia, universal search supports movies and TV shows in iTunes, Netflix, and Stan. Apple has been expanding the feature to encompass additional channels worldwide. HomeKit. The third generation Apple TV and later can also be used as a home hub to control HomeKit devices, such as locks, thermostats, or garage doors either locally or over the Internet.