Bernhard Rode, painted by his contemporary Henriette-Félicité Tassaert.
Karl Wilhelm Ramler, portrait by Gottfried Hempel, 1749 (Gleimhaus Halberstadt)
We used to see Androcles with the lion attached to a slender leash, making the rounds of the city, a pen and wash drawing by Baldassare Peruzzi, 1530s
Altar pictures Marienkirche Berlin
Rode's depiction of the Emperor of China

German poet, Berlin Cadet School master.

- Karl Wilhelm Ramler

Central to the Berlin Enlightenment, Rode was by 1750 part of a learned society of friends, including the publisher and bookseller Friedrich Nicolai, the poet and philosopher Karl Wilhelm Ramler, the philosophes Johann Georg Sulzer and Thomas Abbt, and also Gotthold Ephraim Lessing and Moses Mendelssohn.

- Bernhard Rode

Other artists have preferred the scene of Androcles pulling the thorn from the lion's paw, as in Bernhard Rode's print of 1784.

- Androcles
Bernhard Rode, painted by his contemporary Henriette-Félicité Tassaert.
Murphy in December 2009
Brady in 2015
Brady and Taketa in 2015

He was best known as a writer and cast member of the Comedy Central sketch-comedy series Chappelle's Show as well as the co-star of the sitcom Black Jesus.

- Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories – Charlie Murphy (who also wrote the sketches) retells his encounters with 1980s celebrities, the most popular being the Rick James story. The sketch features Murphy as himself and Chappelle as James, including incidents such as James slapping Murphy and referring to him as 'Darkness', interspersed with cuts from an interview with the actual present-day Rick James, trying to cover up for his past behavior, saying, "Cocaine's a hell of a drug." The sketch spawned one of the show's popular catchphrases, "I'm Rick James, bitch!", which Chappelle, as James, repeatedly declares. The sketch attained even greater public attention when, in 2005, a candidate for city council in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, also named Rick James but unrelated to the singer, had many of his "Vote Rick James" campaign signs defaced by writing "Vote Rick James bitch!" or stolen by fans of the sketch. The other "True Hollywood Story" depicted Murphy and his crew losing a pickup game of basketball against Prince. Both James and Prince confirmed the stories were true, with James's admission coming in unreleased interview footage produced for the skit. Prince's confirmation came in an interview with MTV, in which he stated "The whupping is true". Prince later used an image of Chappelle dressed as Prince as the cover of his single "Breakfast Can Wait".

- Chappelle's Show

He made an appearance on Chappelle's Show, poking fun at his squeaky-clean persona.

- Wayne Brady
Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104B at Arlanda Airport in 1972
Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104B at Arlanda Airport in 1968, with drag parachute deployed.
US President Ronald Reagan at Vnukovo in 1988
Location of the Buryat ASSR within the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Czechoslovak Airlines Tu-104A at Kbely Aviation Museum, Prague
Old terminal (pictured in 2000)
Buryat-Mongol ASSR in 1925.
The Tu-104 statue near Vnukovo Airport
Apron view
Location of the Buryat ASSR within the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic
Тu-104 preserved at Monino museum: This aircraft was used to train cosmonauts.
Terminal A
CSA Czechoslovak Airlines Tupolev Tu-104A at Arlanda Airport in 1971
A double-deck Aeroexpress ESh2, at Vnukovo Airport train station
Wreckage of the Czechoslovak Airlines Tupolev Tu-104 (OK-MDE) near Nicosia airport (2015)
The project of the future Vnukovo Metro Station, that will open in 2022
Tu-104 on 1958 Soviet stamp
Tu-104 on 1969 Soviet stamp

Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the Russian SFSR of the Soviet Union.

- Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

On 15 September 1956, the Tupolev Tu-104 jetliner made its first passenger flight from Moscow Vnukovo to Irkutsk via Omsk.

- Vnukovo International Airport

By 1957, Aeroflot had placed the Tu-104 in service on routes from Vnukovo Airport in Moscow to London, Budapest, Copenhagen, Beijing, Brussels, Ottawa, Delhi, and Prague.

- Tupolev Tu-104
Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-104B at Arlanda Airport in 1972
A diagram depicting the habitable zone boundaries around stars, and how the boundaries are affected by star type. This plot includes Solar System planets (Venus, Earth, and Mars) as well as especially significant exoplanets such as TRAPPIST-1d, Kepler-186f, and our nearest neighbor Proxima Centauri b.
TESS – first light (7 August 2018)
Former logo of Orbital ATK, the company's original name following the merger of Orbital Sciences Corporation and the supoff aerospace division of Alliant Techsystems.
Thermodynamic properties of water depicting the conditions at the surface of the terrestrial planets: Mars is near the triple point, Earth in the liquid; and Venus near the critical point.
The 26 observation sectors of the sky planned for TESS
2016 Oshkosh L-ATV (configured as a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) equipped with EOS R-400S-MK2 remote weapon system integrated with Orbital ATK's M230-LF 30 mm lightweight automatic chain gun.
The range of published estimates for the extent of the Sun's CHZ. The conservative CHZ is indicated by a dark-green band crossing the inner edge of the aphelion of Venus, whereas an extended CHZ, extending to the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres, is indicated by a light-green band.
Falcon 9 launch vehicle carrying TESS, launching from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral in April 2018.
A product of Orbital ATK: The machine cannon M242 Bushmaster as standard armament of the infantry fighting vehicle M2 Bradley. Orbital ATK holds a trademark on the term "chain gun".
Natural shielding against space weather, such as the magnetosphere depicted in this artistic rendition, may be required for planets to sustain surface water for prolonged periods.
TESS spacecraft before launch
The spacecraft Cygnus transporting cargo to the ISS on behalf of NASA.
Earth's hydrosphere. Water covers 71% of Earth's surface, with the global ocean accounting for 97.3% of the water distribution on Earth.
Animation of Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite's trajectory from 18 April 2018 to 18 December 2019 ··
Artist's concept of a planet on an eccentric orbit that passes through the CHZ for only part of its orbit
Planned orbital maneuvers after release from Falcon 9's second stage. Horizontal axis schematically represents longitude relative to the Moon, vertical axis is altitude. A1M = Apogee 1 manoeuvre, P1M = Perigee 1 manoeuvre, etc., TCM = trajectory correction manoeuvre (optional), PAM = period adjustment manoeuvre.
The habitable zone of Gliese 581 compared with the Solar System's habitable zone.
Test image taken before the start of science operations. The image is centered on the constellation Centaurus. In the top right corner the edge of the Coalsack Nebula can be seen, the bright star in the bottom left is Beta Centauri.
A diagram comparing size (artist's impression) and orbital position of planet Kepler-22b within Sun-like star Kepler 22's habitable zone and that of Earth in the Solar System
Exoplanet LHS 3844 b (artist concept)
Comparison of the CHZ position of Earth-radius planet Kepler-186f and the Solar System (17 April 2014)
While larger than Kepler 186f, Kepler-452b's orbit and star are more similar to Earth's.
The discovery of hydrocarbon lakes on Saturn's moon Titan has begun to call into question the carbon chauvinism that underpins CHZ concept.

With TESS, it is possible to study the mass, size, density and orbit of a large cohort of small planets, including a sample of rocky planets in the habitable zones of their host stars.

- Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), space telescope for NASA

- Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems

One of the earliest discoveries by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) announced July 31, 2019 is a Super Earth planet GJ 357 d orbiting the outer edge of a red dwarf 31 light years away.

- Circumstellar habitable zone
Physician Assistant Program at ODU
The Zirkel of a German Student Corps. This symbol captures the letters "v, c, f, A", as post-nominal for that fraternity.
Medical team at work during the Battle of Normandy
Physician Assistant in the US Army
Norwegian medics during an exercise
Swedish Army medic in Afghanistan, 2006
IDF field doctors training in Israel
A U.S. Army combat medic (center-left, viewers right) in Afghanistan. Note that the only distinguishing feature is the medical pack on his back.
2010 Haiti earthquake: Israel Defense Forces medical personnel coordinate relief efforts.
U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman providing treatment to a wounded Iraqi soldier, 2003.
A U.S. Special Forces medic in Afghanistan.

The Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) and Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam (PANRE) are certification examinations taken by physician assistants (PAs) in the United States.

- Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam

Medics remain very versatile and may even diagnose illnesses and perform procedures usually performed by Advanced Practice Providers (Physician Assistants/Nurse Practitioners), and Physicians.

- Combat medic

In the United States, a graduate from an accredited PA program must pass the NCCPA-administered Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) before becoming a PA-C; this certification is required for licensure in all states.

- Physician assistant
Physician Assistant Program at ODU
Historical exchange rate of USD/THB from 1980 to 2015
Historical exchange rate of EUR/THB since 2005
Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin Beach, from Marrakesh Resort
Hua Hin Railway Station
Luang Pu Thuat, Wat Huay Mongkol
Khao Takiap, at the southern end of Hua Hin Beach separating Hua Hin and Suan Son Pradiphat Beaches

Hua Hin Airport (ท่าอากาศยานหัวหิน) is an international airport serving Hua Hin District in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand.

- Hua Hin Airport

Official currency of Thailand.

- Thai baht

Hua Hin Airport is in Hua Hin District.

- Hua Hin district
Mäkelä in October 2011

August Fools (Mieletön elokuu) is a 2013 comedy film directed by Taru Mäkelä.

- August Fools

August Fools (2013)

- Esko Salminen

She has directed three feature films: Little Sister (1999), The Storage (2011) and August Fools (2013).

- Taru Mäkelä
American jazz composer, lyricist, and pianist Eubie Blake made an early contribution to the genre's etymology
Rudolph Dunbar, ca. 1920

Guyanese conductor, clarinetist, and composer, as well as being a jazz musician of note in the 1920s.

- Rudolph Dunbar

In 1937, he moved to England, and worked with several jazz and swing bands, including those led by Joe Appleton, Fela Sowande, Rudolph Dunbar, Johnny Claes, and Cyril Blake.

- Freddy Grant

After the end of the Second World War, in July 1945, he organised concerts featuring black musicians such as Freddy Grant, and also edited the influential Jazz Music magazine.

- Denis Preston

The Mycosphaerellaceae are a family of sac fungi.

- Mycosphaerellaceae

Cercosporella is a fungus genus in the family Mycosphaerellaceae.

- Cercosporella

Mycosphaerella pomi is a fungus in the Mycosphaerellaceae family.

- Mycosphaerella pomi
Flying Column No. 2 of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade of the Old IRA, photographed during the early 1920s. All organisations calling themselves "Irish Republican Army" claim legitimate descent (sometimes compared to apostolic succession) from this IRA of 1919–22.
Goulding in 1994
An Anti-Treaty IRA unit in Old Parish, County Waterford, c. undefined 1922.

One of three anti-Treaty members of the Irish Republican Army (1922–1969) (IRA) who on 10 July 1927 assassinated the Irish Justice Minister Kevin O'Higgins.

- Archie Doyle

Archie Doyle, 1940s

- IRA Quartermaster General

He was appointed IRA Quartermaster General in 1959, and in 1962 succeeded Ruairí Ó Brádaigh as IRA Chief of Staff.

- Cathal Goulding
Flying Column No. 2 of the 3rd Tipperary Brigade of the Old IRA, photographed during the early 1920s. All organisations calling themselves "Irish Republican Army" claim legitimate descent (sometimes compared to apostolic succession) from this IRA of 1919–22.