A red scoria pukao on the head of a moai at Ahu Tahai, made using rock from Puna Pau
Re-erected tuff moai at Ahu Tahai with restored scoria pukao and replica coral eyes.
Inside of park brochure for Puna Pau (in Spanish)
Outside of park brochure for Puna Pau (in English)
Traditional cultivars of sweet potato (kumara) were staple crops on Polynesian Rapa Nui
Moai at Rano Raraku, Easter Island
A View of the Monuments of Easter Island, Rapanui, c. undefined 1775–1776 by William Hodges.
Rapa Nui people, painted by Louis Choris, 1816
Motu Nui islet, part of the Birdman Cult ceremony
Jacob Roggeveen analyzing a Moai statue, 18th-century engraving.
La Pérouse at Easter Island in 1786
"Queen Mother" Koreto with her daughters "Queen" Caroline and Harriette in 1877
General Pinochet posing with a young Rapa Nui woman
Manu Piri symbolizes love and union between two people. The slogan of the current administration is "Rapa Nui hai mahatu", translated as "Rapa Nui with love".
Souvenir Moai from Rapa Nui, bought at the Artisan's Market, 2020
Easter Island, Isla Salas y Gómez, South America and the islands in between
Detailed map of Rapa Nui/Easter Island
Typical landscape on Easter Island; rounded extinct volcanoes covered in low vegetation.
Bird paintings in the cave called "Cave of the Men Eaters"
Two ahu at Hanga Roa. In foreground Ahu Ko Te Riku (with a pukao on its head). In the mid-ground is a side view of an ahu with five moai showing retaining wall, platform, ramp and pavement. The Mataveri end of Hanga Roa is visible in the background with Rano Kau rising above it.
A Hare Moa, a Chicken House, image cut from a laser scan collected by nonprofit CyArk.
Sample of rongorongo
Ancestor figure, circa 1830, from LACMA collections
Satellite view of Easter Island 2019. The Poike peninsula is on the right.
Digital recreation of its ancient landscape, with tropical forest and palm trees
Hanga Roa seen from Terevaka, the highest point of the island
View of Rano Kau and Pacific Ocean
Tukuturi, an unusual bearded kneeling moai
All fifteen standing moai at Ahu Tongariki, excavated and restored in the 1990s
Ahu Akivi, one of the few inland ahu, with the only moai facing the ocean
Makemake with two birdmen, carved from red scoria
Fish petroglyph found near Ahu Tongariki
Polynesian dancing with feather costumes is on the tourist itinerary.
Hanga Roa town hall
Fishing boats
Front view of the Catholic Church, Hanga Roa
Catholic Church, Hanga Roa
Interior view of the Catholic Church in Hanga Roa

Maunga Puna Pau is a small crater or cinder cone and prehistoric quarry on the outskirts of Hanga Roa in the south west of Easter Island (a Chilean island in the Pacific Ocean).

- Puna Pau

Pukao are the hat-like structures or topknots formerly placed on top of some moai statues on Easter Island.

- Pukao

Lesser cones and other volcanic features include the crater Rano Raraku, the cinder cone Puna Pau and many volcanic caves including lava tubes.

- Easter Island
A red scoria pukao on the head of a moai at Ahu Tahai, made using rock from Puna Pau
Cover art from Dreams Interrupted, a compilation album covering the period 1978–1980
Cover of the band's second LP, with the iconic Glaxo Babies image

The label's second single, Europeans by Europeans, caught the attention of Iain McNay of Cherry Red and they signed a marketing agreement with Heartbeat.

- Heartbeat Productions

The band signed to local label Heartbeat Records (marketed by Cherry Red), with their first release being the This Is Your Life EP in February 1979.

- Glaxo Babies

It also marketed other smaller independent record labels, like Bristol's Heartbeat Records, which recorded the Glaxo Babies.

- Cherry Red Records
Sydney Parkinson - self-portrait
Sir Joseph Banks, as painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1773
Earl of Pembroke, later HMS Endeavour, leaving Whitby Harbour in 1768. By Thomas Luny, dated 1790.
Silky monkey, illustration in Thomas Pennant's 1771 book Synopsis of Quadrupeds based on a painting by Parkinson.
A 1757 portrait of Banks with a botanical illustration, unknown artist, but attributed to Lemuel Francis Abbott or Johann Zoffany
An 1893 chart showing Endeavour track
Portrait of Otegoowgoow, son of a chief of the Bay of Islands. He has a comb in his hair, an ornament of green stone in his ear, and another of a fish's tooth round his neck. Drawing by Parkinson 1769 above, 1773 engraving below.
Satire on Banks titled "The Botanic Macaroni", by Matthew Darly, 1772: A macaroni was a pejorative term used for a follower of exaggerated continental fashion in the 18th century.
Tile on street depicting HMS Endeavour. Cooktown. 2005
Banksia serrata
Banks as painted by Benjamin West in 1773
Endeavour beached at its namesake river, Endeavour River, for repairs after her grounding on the Great Barrier Reef in 1770. By Johann Fritzsch, published 1786.
Banksia integrifolia
Banks' house in Isleworth
Route of Endeavour from the Torres Strait to Java, August and September 1770
Banksia ericifolia
Sir Joseph Banks (center), together with Omai (left) and Daniel Solander, painted by William Parry, circa 1775–76
A recovered cannon from Endeavour on display at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England
Banksia dentata
In The great South Sea Caterpillar, transform'd into a Bath Butterfly (1795), James Gillray caricatured Banks's investiture with the Order of the Bath as a result of his expedition.
HM Bark Endeavour Replica. Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney
Portrait of Banks by Thomas Phillips (1810) National Portrait Gallery, London
This 1812 print depicts Banks as president of the Royal Society, wearing the insignia of the Order of the Bath.
Joseph Banks, detail of a painting by William Parry, 1775
Sir Joseph Banks by Anne Seymour Damer, British Library
Banks' house was used for the offices of the Zoological Society of London.

Lee introduced Parkinson to Joseph Banks in 1767.

- Sydney Parkinson

Banks was appointed to a joint Royal Navy/Royal Society scientific expedition to the South Pacific Ocean on HMS Endeavour, 1768–1771.

- Joseph Banks

The new cabins provided around 2 m2 of floorspace apiece being allocated to Cook and the Royal Society representatives: naturalist Joseph Banks, Banks' assistants Daniel Solander and Herman Spöring, astronomer Charles Green, and artists Sydney Parkinson and Alexander Buchan.

- HMS Endeavour
Sydney Parkinson - self-portrait
Inquiry into the principles of political oeconomy, 1767

Sir James Steuart, 3rd Baronet of Goodtrees and 7th Baronet of Coltness (21 October 1712 – 26 November 1780), also known as Sir James Steuart Denham and Sir James Denham Steuart, was a prominent Scottish Jacobite and author of "probably the first systematic treatise written in English about economics" and the first book in English with 'political economy' in the title.

- James Steuart (economist)

He was born James Steuart, the only son of Sir James Steuart, 2nd Baronet, of Coltness in Lanarkshire, by his wife Lady Frances, daughter of David Wemyss, 4th Earl of Wemyss.

- Sir James Steuart Denham, 8th Baronet

Sir James Steuart of Coltness and Westshield, 3rd Baronet of Goodtrees, and 7th of Coltness (1713–1780), the economist and Jacobite. He succeeded to the baronetcy of Coltness in 1773; he was bequeathed the Denham estates in 1776, and took the name of Sir James Steuart Denham.

- Steuart baronets
Hushovd at the 2011 Tour of California
Boasson Hagen at the 2015 Omloop Het Nieuwsblad
Hushovd (in yellow) at the 2011 Tour de France. Hushovd held the overall lead of the race from the second to the ninth stage of the race.
The Roman amphitheatre at the Puy du Fou theme park hosted the team presentation ceremony on 30 June.
Boasson Hagen during the prologue of the 2009 Eneco Tour, in the Norwegian National Time Trial Champion jersey
Hushovd at the 2006 Tour de France; his win in the prologue was one of two stage wins during the race.
Alberto Contador's now-disqualified Giro d'Italia victory made him the leading contender for the Tour's general classification.
Boasson Hagen at the 2011 Tour de France; he won two stages during the race.
The Col du Galibier in the Alps was climbed twice to celebrate the centenary of the introduction of the mountain range into the Tour.
Boasson Hagen at the 2012 Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec
's Thor Hushovd (pictured in stage eight) wore the race leader's yellow jersey after his team's win in stage two's team time trial until the end of stage eight.
Boasson Hagen after winning stage 3 of the 2013 Criterium du Dauphine
The renowned sprint train of the team setting up Mark Cavendish (green jersey) to take victory in stage 11's bunch sprint finish, the third of Cavendish's five stage wins
Boasson Hagen at the 2015 Tour de France.
A graph of the prominent riders and their position relative to the leader of the general classification up to the penultimate stage

In the following stage, 's victory in the team time trial put their rider Thor Hushovd into the overall lead.

- 2011 Tour de France

During the 2011 Tour de France Hushovd took the lead in the general classification and surprised many by keeping it through several hilly stages that were not expected to suit him and second placed Cadel Evans could not over turn the 1 second advantage that Hushovd held.

- Thor Hushovd

He won the Norwegian National Time Trial Championships for the fifth year running in June, but then contracted an illness that put his Tour de France in doubt.

- Edvald Boasson Hagen
Hushovd at the 2011 Tour of California

Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Chiang Dao, Phrao, Doi Saket, San Sai, Mae Rim, Samoeng of Chiang Mai Province and Pai of Mae Hong Son province.

- Mae Taeng district

Neighboring districts are (from the northeast clockwise) Fang, Chai Prakan, Phrao, and Mae Taeng of Chiang Mai Province; Pai of Mae Hong Son province; and Wiang Haeng of Chiang Mai.

- Chiang Dao district

Neighboring districts are (from the south clockwise) Doi Saket, Mae Taeng, Chiang Dao, Chai Prakan of Chiang Mai Province, Mae Suai, and Wiang Pa Pao of Chiang Rai province.

- Phrao district
Joy Nichols during the Tivoli revue of Follow the Girls, Sydney, May 1948

Peterson was married to the Australian performer Joy Nichols from 1949 until the mid-1970s, when they divorced.

- Wally Peterson

In 1949, Nichols married Wally Peterson, an American musical comedy performer who was then touring in the London production of Oklahoma!.

- Joy Nichols

May – Joy Nichols

- Redhead (musical)
Joy Nichols during the Tivoli revue of Follow the Girls, Sydney, May 1948
Bathing elephants in the river

The area of tambon Wiang was very far from Chiang Dao district center.

- Wiang Haeng district

It originates in the Daen Lao Range in Wiang Haeng District, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, very near to the border with Burma.

- Taeng River

Neighboring districts are (from the northeast clockwise) Fang, Chai Prakan, Phrao, and Mae Taeng of Chiang Mai Province; Pai of Mae Hong Son province; and Wiang Haeng of Chiang Mai.

- Chiang Dao district
Public key certificate of *.comifuro.net, issued by Let’s Encrypt
OPSEC warning military personnel not to use email accounts with weak security.
The roles of root certificate, intermediate certificate and end-entity certificate as in the chain of trust.
The procedure of obtaining a Public key certificate

In email encryption, code signing, and e-signature systems, a certificate's subject is typically a person or organization.

- Public key certificate

Email encryption can rely on public-key cryptography, in which users can each publish a public key that others can use to encrypt messages to them, while keeping secret a private key they can use to decrypt such messages or to digitally encrypt and sign messages they send.

- Email encryption

There are also specialist encrypted email services such as Protonmail or Mailfence.

- Email hacking
Public key certificate of *.comifuro.net, issued by Let’s Encrypt
Cover of Captain Britain trade paperback edition (2005).
Art by Alan Davis
Claremont in 2016
Nightcrawler Art by Travis Charest
Captain Britain #36 (1977).
Art by Pablo Marcos.
Chris Claremont at a comic convention in New York City around 1990
Nightcrawler on the cover of X-Men vol. 2 #80, drawn by Carlos Pacheco
Excalibur from left to right, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Widget, Captain Britain, Meggan, and Phoenix III.
Promotional art by Alan Davis.
Claremont being interviewed on breaking into the comics industry at the 2011 New York Comic Con
Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler in the film X2
Cover art for Captain Britain & The MI-13 #6.
Art by Bryan Hitch.
Claremont at the Comic New York symposium at Columbia University on March 24, 2012

Created in 1976 by writer Chris Claremont and artist Herb Trimpe, with later contributions from Alan Moore and Alan Davis, he first appeared in Captain Britain Weekly #1.

- Captain Britain

During his tenure at Marvel, Claremont co-created numerous X-Men characters, such as Rogue, Psylocke (Betsy Braddock), Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, Phoenix, The Brood, Lockheed, Shi'ar, Shi'ar Imperial Guard, Mystique, Destiny, Selene, Reverend William Stryker, Lady Mastermind, Emma Frost, Tessa, Siryn, Jubilee, Rachel Summers, Madelyne Pryor, Moira MacTaggert, Lilandra, Shadow King, Cannonball, Warpath, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Karma, Cypher, Sabretooth, Empath, Sebastian Shaw, Donald Pierce, Avalanche, Pyro, Legion, Nimrod, Gateway, Strong Guy, Proteus, Mister Sinister, Marauders, Purifiers, Captain Britain, Sunspot, Forge and Gambit.

- Chris Claremont

Not long after, Nightcrawler and teammates Shadowcat and Rachel Summers left to join Captain Britain in an adventure in the UK.

- Nightcrawler (character)
Cover of Captain Britain trade paperback edition (2005).
Art by Alan Davis