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La Cage aux folles (, English: "The Cage of Madwomen"; also released as Birds of a Feather) is a 1978 comedy film directed by Édouard Molinaro, based on Jean Poiret's 1973 play of the same name.

- La Cage aux Folles (film)

Rémi Laurent (12 October 1957, Suresnes – 14 November 1989, Paris) was a French actor, best known for playing the son Laurent in La Cage aux Folles.

- Rémi Laurent

It stars Ugo Tognazzi and Michel Serrault as a gay couple operating a drag nightclub in a French resort town, Rémi Laurent as the former's son, and Michel Galabru and Carmen Scarpitta as his new fiancée's ultra-conservative parents.

- La Cage aux Folles (film)

He is best known for his comedies with Louis de Funès (Oscar, Hibernatus), My Uncle Benjamin (with Jacques Brel and Claude Jade), Dracula and Son (with Christopher Lee), and the Academy Award-nominated La Cage aux Folles (with Michel Serrault and Ugo Tognazzi).

- Édouard Molinaro
French release poster

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