Location of the historic Inner City within Budapest
Állatkert station, the old and the new M1 route map
red: official Inner City neighbourhood (old town of Pest)
orange: broader colloquial definition of inner city (inside the Nagykörút)
yellow: even broader definition
Andrássy Avenue with the Millennium Underground (1896)
Completing the cut-and-cover construction
A train near the Hősök tere (before 1973)
Original rolling stock
Train-set at Vörösmarty square
Station entry at Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út
Preserved heritage rolling stock at the museum
Line under construction at Oktogon
Old and new route map of M1 in City Park

Állatkert was an above-ground station of the M1 line of the Budapest Metro.

- Állatkert metro station

Line 1 runs northeast from the city center on the Pest side under Andrássy út to the Városliget, or City Park.

- Metro Line M1 (Budapest Metro)

The major change to the line was the extension to Mexikói út, the closure of Állatkert and the conversion of Széchenyi fürdő to an underground station.

- Metro Line M1 (Budapest Metro)

The three Budapest Metro lines converge at Ferenc Deák Square where the Blue and Red lines meet the Millennium Underground Railway (yellow).

- Inner City (Budapest)

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