Pierre Bovet (left) and Jean Piaget in front of the Rousseau Institute in Geneva, 1925
Preparation of books and parcels to be sent to prisoners during World War II as part of the IBE's SIAP project
Seventh International Conference on Public Education in 1938. The IBE organized the ICE from 1934-2008.
The IBE Library at the Palais Wilson in 1937

Among the positions he held were: 1904 General Secretary at the Second International Congress of Psychology; 1909 General Secretary at the Sixth International Congress of Psychology; 1912 founder of the Rousseau Institute; Founder and President (1920-1940) of the Association Internationale de Psychotechnique (now the International Association of Applied Psychology); co-founder of the International Bureau of Education (IBE) in 1925; 1915-1940 professor of psychology at the University of Geneva in succession to Flournoy; Permanent Secretary at the International Congress of Psychology; Life President of the Comité de l'Association Internationale des Conferences de Psychotechnique.

- Édouard Claparède

The IBE was a private organization created in 1925 by prominent psychologists and pedagogues in Geneva, including Edouard Claparède, Adolphe Ferrière and Pierre Bovet, the latter of whom served as the Director of the IBE from 1925-1929.

- International Bureau of Education

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