Vue de Stockholm
Nils Henric Liljensparre
Coat of arms of the King

Events in the year 1821 in Norway.

- 1821 in Norway

24 August - Sofie Johannesdotter, serial killer (died 1876)

- 1839 in Sweden

15 November – Pehr Henrik Ling, pioneered the teaching of physical education (died 1839)

- 1776 in Sweden

- Pär Aron Borg, pioneer in the education for the blind and deaf (born 1776)

- 1839 in Sweden

22 February - Sofie Johannesdotter, serial killer (born 1839)

- 1876 in Norway

Eilev Jonsson Steintjønndalen, Hardanger fiddle maker (born 1821)

- 1876 in Norway

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1760 in Norway

Events in the year 1760 in Norway.

30 January – Jonas Rein, priest, poet and member of the Norwegian Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll (died 1821)

1862 in Sweden

Events from the year 1862 in Sweden

1 majparad 1862, litografi - Livrustkammaren - 61348
Arvid Lindman, 12th Prime Minister of Sweden.
Self-portrait, Sofia Adlersparre.

- Charlotta Arfwedson, politically active countess and artist (born 1776)

1701 in Sweden

Events from the year 1701 in Sweden

Charles XII is crossing the Düna, 1701

March - Niclas Sahlgren, merchant and philanthropist (died 1776)

1949 in Norway

Events in the year 1949 in Norway.

Hæge Follegg Pedersen
Sigrid Undset

13 July – Nils Tveit, politician (born 1876)

1804 in Norway

Events in the year 1804 in Norway.

Eskild Bruun
Jens Kaurin

9 September - Kristoffer Nilsen Svartbækken Grindalen, criminal, killer and thief (d. 1876).

1802 in Norway

Events in the year 1802 in Norway.

Niels Henrik Abel

10 November – Karelius August Arntzen, politician (d.1876)

1800 in Norway

Events in the year 1800 in Norway.

Komediehuset på Engen.
Halvor Olaus Christensen.

22 October – Christian Lassen, orientalist (died 1876).

1940 in Norway

Events in the year 1940 in Norway.

The April–June 1940 Norwegian Campaign.
Einar Økland
Helen Bøsterud
Halfdan Strøm
Johan Anker
British destroyers attacking a 10-strong German destroyer force during the Battle of Narvik
The German cruiser Blücher sinking in the Oslofjord on 9 April 1940.
A shot down Junkers Ju 52 transport aircraft at Dombås.
German infantry attacking through a burning Norwegian village, April 1940.
German troops in Oslo, May 1940. In the background is the Victoria Terrasse, which later became the headquarters of the Gestapo in Norway.
German Neubaufahrzeug tanks in Oslo.
German officers stand in front of the National Theater in Oslo, 1940.

12 August – Thorvald Astrup, architect (born 1876)

1795 in Norway

Events in the year 1795 in Norway.

Old Åsane Church

7 November - Hans Riddervold, bishop and politician (d.1876)

1761 in Norway

Events in the year 1761 in Norway.

Interior from Kongsberg Church, including the Gloger organ.

26 January - Jens Zetlitz, priest and poet (died 1821)