January 7: North American blizzard of 1996
March 4: Charles G. Dawes becomes the 30th U.S. Vice President
August 28: "I Have a Dream" (Martin Luther King Jr.)
April 3: Theodore Kaczynski arrested
Lee Van Cleef
November 22: President Kennedy assassinated
June 25: Khobar Towers Bombing
Edgar Ray Killen
Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson becomes the 36th U.S. President upon President John F. Kennedy's death
September 3: Operation Desert Strike
Paul Newman
November 24: President Kennedy lying in state at the Capitol rotunda
November 5: Bill Clinton re-elected president
Douglas Engelbart
December 6: General Motors EV1
Elaine Stritch
Jack Lemmon
George Kennedy
Robert Altman
Scott Carpenter
Yogi Berra
Malcolm X
Tony Curtis
Barbara Bush
Audie Murphy
June Lockhart
Virginia Patton
Cara Williams
Farley Granger
Merv Griffin
Bill Haley
Gloria DeHaven
Hank Thompson
B. B. King
Marty Robbins
Art Buchwald
Johnny Carson
Warren Christopher
Jonathan Winters
Rock Hudson
Kaye Ballard
Robert F. Kennedy
Julie Harris
Sammy Davis Jr.
Dick Van Dyke

Duane Hanson, American sculptor (d. 1996)

- 1925 in the United States

April 5 – Dawn Crosby, singer (d. 1996)

- 1963 in the United States

May 17 – Herb Henson, American country musician (d. 1963)

- 1925 in the United States

June 12 – Medgar Evers, field secretary for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, assassinated in Mississippi due to civil rights activity (b. 1925)

- 1963 in the United States

October 5 – Seymour Cray, computer scientist (b. 1925)

- 1996 in the United States

November 2 – Eva Cassidy, jazz/blues singer-guitarist (b. 1963)

- 1996 in the United States
January 7: North American blizzard of 1996

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January 11: Camp X-Ray (Guantanamo)

2002 in the United States

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Events from the year 2002 in the United States.

Events from the year 2002 in the United States.

January 11: Camp X-Ray (Guantanamo)
February 8 – February 24: The Winter Olympics are held in Salt Lake City
May 26: I-40 bridge disaster
November 25: The Department of Homeland Security is established
Cyrus Vance
Peggy Lee
Waylon Jennings
Chuck Jones
Milton Berle
Robert Urich
Rosemary Clooney
Lionel Hampton
Bob Hayes
Stephen E. Ambrose
James Coburn

January 13 – Ted Demme, film and television director and producer (b. 1963)

June 23 – Logan Tucker, murder victim (b. 1996)

July 9 – Rod Steiger, actor and husband of Claire Bloom (b. 1925)