1944 Clay Cross by-election

19441944 by-electionby-electionClay CrossClay Cross by-election
The Clay Cross by-election of 1944 was held on 14 April 1944.wikipedia
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George Ridley (Labour politician)

George Ridley
The byelection was held due to the death of the incumbent Labour MP, George Ridley.

President of the Board of Trade

First Lord of TradeBoard of TradePresident
The President of the Board of Trade refused him permission for a leave of absence to fight a campaign.

William Douglas Home

William Douglas-HomeDouglas-Home, William
In April 1944, he came a poor third at the Clay Cross by-election, losing his deposit.

1942 Windsor by-election

1942 by-electionby-election in 1942in June 1942
Douglas-Home went on to contest the Clay Cross by-election in April 1944, where he came a poor third, and was later imprisoned for a year with hard labour after being court-martialled for refusing to fight in the attack on Le Havre after the allied forces had refused a German request to suspend hostilities to allow civilian evacuation.