1976 Pacific hurricane season

19761976 seasonAnnetteBonnieDianaHurricane Annette (1976)Hurricane KathleenHurricane Madeline of 1976Tropical Storm GwenTropical Storm Joanna
The 1976 Pacific hurricane season was a very deadly and costly season.wikipedia
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Hurricane Liza

Liza1976's LizaHurricane Liza in 1976
Hurricane Liza was the deadliest storm of the season when it killed over 600 people in Mexico.
The seventeenth tropical cyclone, thirteenth named storm, and eighth hurricane of the 1976 Pacific hurricane season, Liza developed from an area of disturbed weather southwest of the Mexican coast on September 25. Slowly intensifying, the system attained tropical storm strength the following day.

Hurricane Kathleen (1976)

Hurricane KathleenKathleenTropical Storm Kathleen
Hurricane Kathleen caused death and destruction in California and Arizona due to flooding.

List of Pacific hurricanes

eastern Pacificfive most active Pacific hurricane seasonsList of costliest Pacific hurricanes
List of Pacific hurricanes

1976 Pacific typhoon season

19761976 seasonDidang
1976 Pacific typhoon season
Storms that form east of the date line and north of the equator are called hurricanes; see 1976 Pacific hurricane season.

1972 Pacific hurricane season

19721972 seasonCeleste
It is the same list used in the 1972 season.
No names were retired, so this list was used again in the 1976 season.

1976 Atlantic hurricane season

1976Subtropical Storm OneSubtropical Storm Three
1976 Atlantic hurricane season
1976 Pacific hurricane season

Pacific Ocean

PacificWestern PacificSouth Pacific
These dates conventionally delimit the period of each year when most tropical cyclones form in the northeastern Pacific Ocean.

Saffir–Simpson scale

major hurricaneCategory 5Category 1 hurricane
The season had an above-average number of major hurricanes, with five reaching Category 3 or higher on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

Bar (unit)

It intensified rapidly, reaching Category 4 strength three days later, and its pressure plunged to 925 millibars.

Salina Cruz

Salina Cruz, OaxacaSalina Cruz, MexicoSalina Cruz municipality
Having moved north for its short life, it made landfall near Salina Cruz on June 30 and dissipated shortly after that.

Central Pacific Hurricane Center

Central PacificCentral Pacific basinCentral Pacific Ocean
Diana dissipated on July 23 not long after entering the Central Pacific Hurricane Center's area of responsibility.

Hawaiian Islands

Sandwich IslandsHawaiiHawaiian
It was only a depression when it entered the CPHC's area of responsibility on July 30. The depression was tracked to a point south of the Hawaiian Islands, and finally dissipated on August 2.

Eastern Pacific Hurricane Center

Naval Fleet Warning CentralEastern Pacific Hurricane Center (EPHC)
The Eastern Pacific Hurricane Center downgraded Gwen to a depression, as it became nearly stationary on August 11.


Kauaʻiisland of KauaiKauai island
It was tracked to a point north of Kauai, where it dissipated as a tropical cyclone on August 17. The only effect Gwen had on any land was to disrupt the trade winds enough to cause rainfall on Kauai.

International Date Line

datelineinternational datelinedate line
The system recurved to the east of the International Dateline during that time frame.


westerlywesterly windsprevailing westerly winds
Gwen's remaining low level spin recurved into the Westerlies on August 20.

Socorro Island

SocorroIsla Socorroits home island
Except for Socorro Island, Iva never threatened land.


CAState of CaliforniaCalifornia, USA
On September 10 and September 11, it caused millions of dollars in damage and at least four deaths due to widespread flooding in California and Arizona.