2001 Copa América

20012001 Copa AmericaCopa AméricaColombia 2001that year2001 tournament2–2CA01CA2001Copa America in 2001
The 2001 Copa América was held in Colombia, from 11 to 29 July.wikipedia
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Mexico national football team

MexicoMexico national teamSelección de fútbol de México
Originally, Mexico and CONCACAF Champions Canada were invited.
Although Mexico is under the jurisdiction of CONCACAF, the national team has been regularly invited to compete in the Copa América since 1993, finishing runner-up twice – in 1993 and 2001 – and obtaining the third-place medal on three occasions.

Honduras national football team

HondurasHonduras national teamHonduran national team
With the tournament starting the next day, Honduras (CONCACAF) were invited, arriving with barely enough players on 13 July in an airplane provided by the Colombian Air Force, after the tournament started and just a few hours before its first game.
Outside the FIFA World Cup tournament, Honduras has competed in several other international continental championships, like the CONCACAF Championship which they won in 1981, and the Copa América championship in which their best result was third place in 2001.

2001 Copa América squads

2001 Copa América squad2001 Copa America squad2001 Copa América
For a complete list of participating squads: 2001 Copa América squads
Below are the rosters of the teams that participated in the Copa América 2001.

Costa Rica national football team

Costa RicaCosta Rica national teamnational team
With only a few days notice, Costa Rica (CONCACAF) accepted an invite to take Canada's spot in the tournament.

Colombia national football team

ColombiaColombia national teamColombian national team
They were the champions of the 2001 Copa América, which they hosted and set a new Copa América record of conceding no goals and winning each match.

Estadio El Campín

El CampínNemesio CamachoEstadio Nemesio Camacho
It was used as the final venue for 2001 Copa América, where the Colombian team were crowned champions of the American continent defeating Mexico 1-0.

Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez

Estadio MetropolitanoMetropolitanoBarranquilla
Hosted the 2001 Copa América including the opening ceremony with a colourful parade and a show dance.

Canada men's national soccer team

CanadaCanadian national teamCanadian national soccer team
Originally, Mexico and CONCACAF Champions Canada were invited.
The Gold Cup victory also won them an invitation to compete in the Copa América 2001.

Amado Guevara

GuevaraAmado "Lobo" Guevara
Amado Guevara
He was selected as the Best Player of the 2001 Copa América, held in Colombia.

Víctor Aristizábal

* 🇨🇴 Víctor Aristizábal
Aristizábal finished as top scorer with six goals in the 2001 Copa América held in Colombia, as Los Cafeteros won the title for the first time.

Guilherme de Cássio Alves

GuilhermeGuilherme Alves
🇧🇷 Guilherme
Guilherme appeared with the Brazilian national team at the 2001 Copa América.


Cable Aéreo
Manizales has also been home to sporting events such as the Fourth National Games in 1936, South American Football U-20 in 1987, the Copa America 2001, the South American U-20 2005 and most importantly World Cup 2011 U-20.

Saúl Martínez

Saul Martínez
He has represented his country in 11 FIFA World Cup qualification matches and played at the 2007 and 2009 UNCAF Nations Cups His international breakthrough however came during the 2001 Copa América, when Honduras surprisingly ended third and Martínez scored both goals in the historic win over World Cup runners-up Brazil.


BogotaBacatáBogotá, Colombia
The main stadium in the city is The Campín Stadium (Estadio Nemesio Camacho El Campín) home of the local teams Santa Fe and Millonarios, In 2001 The Campín Stadium has been the place for the 2001 Copa América final between the Colombia national football and the Mexico national football, final score 1–0 in favor of the home team and finally getting their first continental cup.

Iván Córdoba

🇨🇴 Iván Córdoba
At international level, Córdoba played for the Colombia national team, and represented his nation at the 1998 FIFA World Cup, the 2003 FIFA Confederations Cup, and four editions of the Copa América, winning the tournament in 2001, where he scored the winning goal in the final.

Jared Borgetti

🇲🇽 Jared Borgetti
After the qualification campaign proved successful for Mexico, Borgetti became a regular starter within the squad and went on to score goals for his country at the 2001 Copa América, the 2002 World Cup, and the 2004 Copa América.

Cristián Montecinos

Cristian Montecinos
He was member of Chile’s 23-man squad at 2001 Copa América, whilst the team was coached by Nelson Acosta.


MedellinMedellin, ColombiaMedellín, Colombia
The sports complex has hosted several events, including the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup, the 2010 South American Games, and the 2001 Copa América.

Virgilio Ferreira

Virgilio Ferreira
*Copa América: 1993, 2001

Ángel Fernández

🇪🇨 Ángel Fernández
Fernández was a participant at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and played at the Copa América 1991, 1993, 1997, and 2001.