A collapsed residential block in Wenchuan being bulldozed in the aftermath of the earthquake; exposed mountain faces can be seen in the background.
Xinhua headquarters office in Beijing
39.89876°N, 116.36523°W
The USGS provided a map of Asia in May 2008, which showed a total of 122 earthquakes occurring on the continent. The large red square near the center of the map depicts the 7.9 magnitude Chengdu quake in the Sichuan province.
Building of Red China News Agency in 1937
A USGS map shows that dozens of aftershocks occurred in a small region following the quake.
Xinhua News Agency's overseas flagship digital billboard was inaugurated on Times Square, at the heart of Manhattan, New York City in 2010.
Figure 1: Official fatality reports for the Wenchuan M8 earthquake as a function of time. Squares show fatalities, triangles show the sum of fatalities plus missing persons, which equaled the number of fatalities in the end. The diamond is the QLARM estimate 100 minutes after the earthquake, with the range of possible values given by the solid, vertical line through the diamond. The horizontal dash-dotted line indicates the average value of fatalities calculated by QLARM.
Bureau in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Figure 2: Map of settlements with the estimated mean damage due to the Wenchuan earthquake modeled as a line rupture extending as far as the aftershocks.
On the night of May 12, residents of Chengdu worried about potential aftershocks gathered in the street to avoid staying in buildings.
USGS shake map
The outside of a warehouse in disarray following the earthquake.
The Miaoziping Bridge of Dujiangyan –Wenchuan Expressway was damaged in the earthquake.
A bank building in Beichuan after the earthquake. A girl was found alive in the ruins 102 hours (4 days, 6 hours) after the earthquake.
A single door frame bearing a portrait of Mao Zedong remained standing in a pile of debris.
Rain was among the many problems affecting the area in the aftermath of the earthquake. Here, a group of onlookers examine a collapsed building in the rain.
Persistent rain, as well as rock slides and a layer of mud coating on the main roads, such as the one above, hindered rescue officials' efforts to enter the target region.
Falling debris, such as the object that landed on this vehicle, hindered rescue workers' progress as they attempted to cross the mountain.
This elderly woman was rescued and placed on a stretcher after being trapped for over 50 hours.
Senior Capt. Guan Youfei greeted the first of two U.S. aircrews delivering earthquake relief supplies
On May 19, 2008, people mourned for the earthquake victims at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, with the flag at half mast throughout the mourning period.
Donation box for Sichuan earthquake victims, A-Ma Temple, Macao, May 2008.
This kindergarten was among the many schools in the disaster region that suffered heavy structural damage.

However, its reporting in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake was seen as more transparent and credible as Xinhua journalists operated more freely.

- Xinhua News Agency

In Beichuan County, 80% of the buildings collapsed according to Xinhua News.

- 2008 Sichuan earthquake

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