A map of Brahmanbaria District where the tornado occurred.
Isa Khan, leader of Bengal's 16th-century Baro-Bhuiyan rebel chieftains, had his capital situated in Sarail.
Toppled trees and electrical poles.
The Hatirpul, a medieval elephant pass built in Bariura.
Damage to homes.
The Arifil Mosque in Sarail.
Debris strewn across the ground.
Drone shot of Jamia Islamia Yunusia located in the neighbourhood of Paikpara in Brahmanbaria city.
Damage near two ponds.
The Gokarna Nawab Bari Complex, built by Nawab Sir Syed Shamsul Huda in Nasirnagar.
Port of Ashuganj on Meghna River, will be largest port by 2030.
Power plant
Tornado aftermath in Brahmanbaria, 2013.
Akhaura-the largest railway junction in Bangladesh.

A destructive F2 tornado touched down in Brahmanbaria District, Bangladesh at 16:50 local time.

- 2013 Brahmanbaria tornado

In March 2013, a deadly tornado killed at least 31 people in 25 villages and caused serious damage.

- Brahmanbaria District

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