2015–16 Ukrainian First League

2015–16162015-16 Ukrainian First LeagueFirst League
The 2015–16 Ukrainian First League was the 25th since its establishment.wikipedia
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FC Hirnyk Kryvyi Rih

Hirnyk Kryvyi RihHirnik Kryvyi RihHirnyk
Unfortunately the club withdrew from the PFL at the end of the 2015–16 season.

Ukrainian First League

Persha LihaFirst League1L
The 2015–16 Ukrainian First League was the 25th since its establishment.

FC Avanhard Kramatorsk

Avanhard KramatorskAvanhardOrdzhonikidze Factory Kramatorsk
* Avanhard Kramatorsk – special case (returning after an absence of one season)

FC Desna Chernihiv

Desna ChernihivDesnaDesna Chernigov
*Due to reconstruction of their home ground Yuri Gagarin Stadium, Desna Chernihiv played their Round 12 home game in Bila Tserkva

FC Mariupol

Illichivets MariupolFC Illichivets MariupolIllichivets
* Illichivets Mariupol – 14th place (returning after an absence of seven seasons)

Vasyl Prodan

He became noticeable during the 2015-16 Ukrainian First League season when he scored 7 goals playing for Obolon-Brovar.

2014–15 Ukrainian Second League

2014–15Second League10
Two teams were promoted from the 2014–15 Ukrainian Second League.

2014–15 Ukrainian Premier League

2014–152014-152014–15 season
One team was promoted from the 2014–15 Ukrainian Premier League.