ATV World

ATV headquarters building on Broadcast Drive.

One of two free-to-air English language television channels in Hong Kong, the other being its arch-rival TVB Pearl.

- ATV World

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Asia Television

Digital media and broadcasting company in Hong Kong.

Former logo (2007-2016)
ATV News vehicle
Former ATV headquarters on Broadcast Drive (demolished)
Former ATV studio building in Ho Chung, Sai Kung District
ATV headquarters in Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po District

ATV operated two main over-the-air channels: the Cantonese-language ATV Home, and ATV World.

Tai Po Industrial Estate

Industrial estate on the reclamation in Tai Po Hoi, Tai Po District, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Tai Po Industrial Estate
Tai Po Industrial Estate

It is the home of many famous companies in Hong Kong such as South China Morning Post and the headquarters of Asia Television, whose ATV Enterprises Office at 25-37 Dai Shing Street formerly broadcast Cantonese-language TV channel ATV Home and the English-language ATV World before shuttering operations in 2016.

Educational Television (Hong Kong)

Series of educational television programmes jointly produced by Radio Television Hong Kong and the Education Bureau (formerly the Education and Manpower Bureau / Education Department) of Hong Kong.

Educational Television Centre, Kowloon Tong

During normal school terms, ETV programmes are broadcast from Monday to Friday (except some long school vacations like public holidays and weekend) on the free-to-air terrestrial television channels such: TVB Pearl and ATV World alternately so that one of the stations broadcasts ETV television programmes in the morning from 08:00 until 12:00 HKT on TVB Pearl and television programmes in the noon from 12:00 until 16:00 HKT on ATV World.

ATV News

The newsgathering arm of ATV in Hong Kong.

It provided news programmes to both its ATV Home and ATV World.

Little Robots

British stop-motion animated children's television series, produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Create TV & Film and broadcast on CBeebies .

A clay model of a chicken, designed to be used in a clay stop motion animation

The series has also aired in several other countries such as Australia (ABC, ABC Kids, ABC1 and ABC2), New Zealand (TV2), Ireland (RTÉ2, where it aired as part of its children's television strand The Den), The Bahamas (ZNS-TV), Hong Kong (ATV World), Poland (CBeebies), Greece (NERIT), Middle East and North Africa (Spacetoon and Basmah).

CBS Evening News

Flagship evening television news program of CBS News, the news division of the CBS television network in the United States.

Edwards on set of CBS Television News
Edwards on set in 1952
Edwards at home in 1955 with his three children: (from left) Lynn, Donna and Bobby
Cronkite interviews President John F. Kennedy to inaugurate the first half-hour nightly news broadcast in 1963
Cronkite reporting on location during the Vietnam War in 1968
Rather (right) with president Ronald Reagan in 1982
Rather during an interview with Extra at the 2002 Peabody Awards
Schieffer in April 2006
Couric in 2007
Couric with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in Mosul, Iraq, April 8, 2011
Pelley interviews President Barack Obama in the Diplomatic Receiving Room of the White House in 2011
Pelley at the 72nd Annual Peabody Awards in 2013
Pelley on set in 2014
Pelley interviews Secretary of State John Kerry in 2015
Glor in Singapore in 2018
O'Donnell in July 2019
O'Donnell speaks to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the US State Department in April 2021

The Evening News was broadcast live on ATV World in Hong Kong daily until January 1, 2009.

Santa Barbara (TV series)

American television soap opera that aired on NBC from July 30, 1984, to January 15, 1993.

The supercouple, Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker) and Cruz Castillo (A Martinez).
Cast on Christmas 1989
Cruz Castillo, Mack Blake, Eden Capwell, Julia Wainwright, Mason Capwell, Sasha Schmidt, Augusta Lockridge, C.C. Capwell, Kelly Capwell
The show's popularity in France spun off a storyline in which Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker), Cruz Castillo (A Martinez), Kelly Capwell (Carrington Garland) and Ric Castillo (Peter Love) went to Paris to search after Eden's and Cruz's child.

In Hong Kong, the show aired on ATV on its English network ATV World airing from 1989 to 1992.

The Odyssey (TV series)

Canadian-produced half-hour adventure-fantasy television series for children, originally broadcast from 1992 to 1994 on CBC Television.

Main Title Card

The series aired in Hong Kong on ATV World.

Tricky TV

British television show that aired on CITV from 2005 to 2010, presented by magician Stephen Mulhern.

Mulhern performing a magic trick to a child at Chessington World of Adventures during filming of the show.

Tricky TV was aired in Southeast Asia on Cartoon Network Asia, in Germany on Super RTL, in the Arab World on MBC 4, in Iceland on Stöð 2, in Norway on NRK Super, in Canada on VRAK.TV, in India on Nickelodeon, in Hong Kong on ATV World and in Japan on Disney XD.

Robin Hood (2006 TV series)

British television programme, produced by independent production company Tiger Aspect Productions for BBC One, with co-funding from the BBC America cable television channel in the United States.

Title sequence for series 2 and 3

In Hong Kong, the programme started on 6 June 2008 on ATV World on Monday 20:00 slot.