A report on Anna Moffo and A Girl Called Jules

Moffo in 1962
Film poster
Anna Moffo (right) with Janet Cox-Rearick Waldman (left) at a cafe in Rome in 1954, when both were Fulbright Fellows in Italy
Grave of Anna Moffo Sarnoff in Kensico Cemetery
Anna Moffo in 1962

Anna Moffo as Lia

- A Girl Called Jules

She appeared in film versions of La traviata (1967) and Lucia di Lammermoor (1971), both produced (with the Italian TV director Sandro Bolchi) and directed by her first husband Mario Lanfranchi, as well as non-operatic films, including Menage all'italiana (1965), the then controversial Una storia d'amore (1970), The Adventurers (1970), A Girl Called Jules (1970), and The Weekend Murders (1970).

- Anna Moffo
Moffo in 1962

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