Doctoral ceremony at Leiden University, Netherlands (7 July 1721).
Portrait by Henry William Pickersgill
Portrait of Bentham by the studio of Thomas Frye, 1760–1762
Elevation, section and plan of Bentham's panopticon prison, drawn by Willey Reveley in 1791.
Defence of Usury, 1788
Bentham's public dissection
Bentham's auto-icon in a new display case at University College London's Student Centre in 2020.
Bentham's auto-icon in 2003
Jeremy Bentham's severed head, on temporary display at UCL
Henry Tonks' imaginary scene of Bentham approving the building plans of London University
The back of No. 19, York Street (1848). In 1651 John Milton moved into a "pretty garden-house" in Petty France. He lived there until the Restoration. Later it became No. 19 York Street, belonged to Jeremy Bentham (who for a time lived next door), was occupied successively by James Mill and William Hazlitt, and finally demolished in 1877.
Jeremy Bentham House in Bethnal Green, East London; a modernist apartment block named after the philosopher

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When the essay was published in the Journal of Homosexuality in 1978, the abstract stated that Bentham's essay was the "first known argument for homosexual law reform in England."

- Jeremy Bentham
Doctoral ceremony at Leiden University, Netherlands (7 July 1721).

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