A report on Adamantios LemosLemos Theater and Chios

Topographic map of Chios and Psara islands, situated in the Aegean Sea in Greece.
Detailed map of Chios
Park at Chios (town)
View of the village of Mesta
View of Pyrgi village
Buildings in Pyrgi covered with sgraffito (local name:Xistà)
Mount Pelinaio
Rock of Saint Markella, patron saint of Chios.
16th-century detailed map of Chios by Piri Reis
ISLANDS off IONIA, Chios. Circa 380-350 BC. AR Tetradrachm (15.32 g, 11h)
Reproduction of Sphinx (emblem of Chios).
Nea Moni of Chios (11th century)
Byzantine Panagia Kokorovilia Church (13th century) in Kampos
Castle of Chios
Chios map by Benedetto Bordone, 1547
Building in Kampos
The Massacre of the Giustiniani at Chios by Francesco Solimena
The Massacre at Chios by Eugène Delacroix. This, and the works of Lord Byron, did much to draw the attention of mainland Europe to the catastrophe that had taken place in Chios (1824, oil on canvas, 419 x, Musée du Louvre, Paris).
"The blowing up of the Nasuh Ali Pasha's flagship by Konstantinos Kanaris", painted by Nikiphoros Lytras (143 ×. Averoff Gallery). Kanaris blew up the flagship as a revenge for the massacre.
Anavatos abandoned village
The port of Lagada
View of Oinousses
Traditional collecting of mastic (plant resin)
Bottles of Chios mastiha alcoholic beverages: Masticha Ouzo (left) and Masticha Liqueur (right).
Adamantios Korais public library of Chios town.
Rouketopolemos (Rocket war), Vrontados
Bupalus and Athenis, sons of Archermus
Leo Allatius
Ioannis Psycharis, major promoter of Demotic Greek
Andreas Syngros

It is named after the actor Adamantios Lemos.

- Lemos Theater

Lemos worked with several major theater companies, including Kotopouli Company and Katerina, before opening his namesake Lemos Theater in 1944.

- Adamantios Lemos

Adamantios Lemos (1916–2006), actor

- Chios

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