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Blessed Adolph Kolping (8 December 1813 — 4 December 1865) was a German Roman Catholic priest and the founder of the Kolping Association.wikipedia
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BuirKerpen and LommersumSindorf
Adolph Kolping was born on 8 December 1813 in Kerpen as the fourth of five children to the poor shepherd Peter Kolping (d. 12 April 1845) and Anna Maria Zurheyden (d. 4 April 1833).
Kerpen has also become famous as being the hometown of the Catholic priest and social reformer Adolph Kolping and the Formula One racing drivers Michael Schumacher and his brother Ralf Schumacher as well as Wolfgang von Trips and reggae artist Patrice Bart-Williams.


Jesuit GymnasiumMarzellengymnasiumGymnasium Tricoronatum
In summer 1834 he attended the Three Kings School and afterwards in 1841 began his theological education in Munich (1841–42) at the college there as well as later in Bonn (1842–44) and Cologne (26 March 1844 – 1845).
Adolph Kolping (1813–1865), Catholic priest


In 1847 he became the second president of the Gesellenverein which gave its members both religious and social support.
They were originated by Adolph Kolping, surnamed the Journeymen's Father (Gesellenvater). They had for aims the religious, moral, and professional improvement of young workers.

Christian left

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This was particularly true among the Methodists and Anglo-Catholics in England, Father Adolph Kolping in Germany and Joseph Cardijn in Belgium.

Kolping Park and Chapel

In 1849, Adolph Kolping founded a Catholic journeymen's association, the forerunner of what today is known as the Kolping Society.

List of people beatified by Pope John Paul II

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* Adolf Kolping (1813–1865)


The Town of Nieheim
The Weberhaus Nieheim, the doctor, poet and politician Friedrich Wilhelm Weber's former abode, today houses a widely known Kolping diocesan training centre and a Heimvolkshochschule, which lends itself well to any form of training work and has at its disposal the best technical equipment.

Directory of International Associations of the Faithful

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International Kolping Society (IKS)


A large bonfire on Easter Sunday is another tradition in Balve, organized by the Kolpingsfamilie Balve.

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4 December: Saint Barbara, virgin and martyr or Blessed Adolph Kolping, priest – Optional Memorials


Schönburg (monumental zone) – originally an Imperial castle, in 1149 owned by Hermann von Stahleck, until 1166 by Magdeburg, Burggraf (“castle count”) and Vögte were the Imperial ministeriales of Schönburg, 1166 Imperial immediacy, 1216 to Magdeburg once again, by the 14th century at the latest a castle shared by more than one family, 1374 held as fief by Archbishop Kuno of Trier, 1531 in bad structural state, 1689 laid waste, beginning in 1885 partial reconstruction by T. J. Oakley Rhinelander (of, among other things, the lookout corner and the southern lodging), beginning in the 1950s built into a hotel (the area of the two southern keeps and of the southern lodging) and into the House of the Kolping Society (northern lodging and keep, gatetower); building beginning in the earlier half of the 12th century of the northern lodging now preserved as remnants; gatetower, marked 1141/1161; beginning in 1237 building of the southern half of the castle with the two round keeps, the southern lodging, the chapel and the moat; in the earlier half of the 14th century the Hoher Mantel (protective wall), northern keep and bailey; Haus Schönberg, timber-frame house, built in 1886 by Johann Kastor; gravesite of the family Osterroth; belonging with the castle: Schönburg estate upstream as well as the area of the “Elfenlay” between Schönburg and the town and the Church of Our Lady

Joseph Müller (priest)

Joseph Müller
He was devoted to spritiual guidance, especially of young workers according to the teachings of Adolph Kolping.

Zell (Mosel)

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Kolping Zell (Mosel)

Brakel, Germany

Adolph Kolping Berufsbildungswerk Brakel ("professional education works")

Richard Stumpf

After the unemployment due to the global economic crisis Stumpf finally found a job as a hostel warden of the "Mainzerhof" of the Kolping Society in Heiligenstadt in Thuringia (Germany).


Adolf Des Coudres
Adolph Kolping, German priest (1813–1865)

Alban Stolz

In 1851 he founded at Freiburg the Catholic Journeymen's Association after the model of Kolping's, and conducted it as director and later as diocesan president.

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Adolph Kolping