The first F-35 Lightning II of the 33rd Fighter Wing arriving at Eglin AFB
Shield of Air Force Reserve Command
An E-3 Sentry of the United States Air Force
An Air Force RQ-4 strategic reconnaissance aircraft
An E-3 Sentry of the United States Air Force
An Air Force KC-46 Pegasus refuels a C-17A Globemaster III
The piston-engined EC-121 Warning Star, military version of the Lockheed Constellation, saw service in the mid-1950s.
An Air Force A-10 demonstrating close air support at Nellis AFB
Welcome ceremony for first E-3 aircraft at Tinker AFB in 1977
Test launch of a LGM-30 Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile from Vandenberg AFB
Close-up rotodome revolving at 6 revolutions per minute.
Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base
Air controllers aboard a US E-3 during Operation Provide Comfort
Roundels that have appeared on U.S. military aircraft
1.) 5/1917–2/1918
2.) 2/1918–8/1919
3.) 8/1919–5/1942
4.) 5/1942–6/1943
5.) 6/1943–9/1943
6.) 9/1943–1/1947
7.) 1/1947–
The command & comms consoles.
The SR-71 Blackbird was a Cold War reconnaissance plane.
RAF E-3D Sentry AEW1 accompanied by Panavia Tornado F3s at Kemble Air Day. RAF AEW1s have electronic support measures pods on the wingtips.
The F-117 Nighthawk was a stealth attack aircraft (retired from service in April 2008).
NATO E-3s possess LX tail registration, as they are registered in Luxembourg. The chin bulge houses a suite of electronic warfare support measures.
A row of Douglas C-54 Skymasters during the Berlin Airlift in 1949
Map of the world with E-3-operating states highlighted in blue
Various Air Force personnel pose during the Air Force's 74th birthday celebration at the Pentagon, September 17, 2021.
Boeing E-3F Sentry of the French Air and Space Force
Organization of the United States Air Force within the Department of Defense
Boeing E-3A Sentry of the NATO E-3A Component
Boeing E-3A Sentry of the Royal Saudi Air Force
Pararescuemen and a simulated "survivor" watch as an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter comes in for a landing
LX-N90457, after having overrun the runway at Prevesa AB on 14 July 1996
U.S. Air Force trainee demonstrating a butt stroke on a strike dummy as part of Basic Military Training.
antenna array in the National Electronics Museum
USAF Airmen training at Lackland AFB
A-10 Thunderbolt II ground-attack aircraft
B-2 Spirit stealth bomber
A C-17 Globemaster III, the USAF's newest and most versatile transport plane
E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control system
F-22 Raptor stealth air superiority fighter
KC-10 Extender tri-jet air-to-air tanker
An MC-12W Liberty at Beale AFB
MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle
Lockheed U-2 spy plane
RQ-170 Sentinel stealth unmanned aerial vehicle reconnaissance aircraft
VC-25A (Air Force One)
A WC-130J Hercules from the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
An unarmed Minuteman III ICBM shoots out of the silo during an operational test launch

The Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) is a major command (MAJCOM) of the United States Air Force, with its headquarters at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia.

- Air Force Reserve Command

Derived from the Boeing 707 airliner, it provides all-weather surveillance, command, control, and communications, and is used by the United States Air Force, NATO, French Air and Space Force, and Royal Saudi Air Force.

- Boeing E-3 Sentry

It has a $156.3 billion budget and is the second largest service branch, with 329,614 active duty airmen, 172,857 civilian personnel, 69,056 reserve airmen, and 107,414 Air National Guard airmen.

- United States Air Force

Air Force Reserve Command

- Boeing E-3 Sentry

Air Force Reserve F-16 Fighting Falcon fighters flew Combat air patrols (CAPs) protecting America's cities while AFRC KC-135 Stratotankers and E-3 Sentry AWACs aircraft supported with air refuelings and security.

- Air Force Reserve Command

E-3B, E-3C and E-3G Sentry

- United States Air Force
The first F-35 Lightning II of the 33rd Fighter Wing arriving at Eglin AFB

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