Imad-ul-Mulk, a persecutor of the Mughal imperial family, holds a banquet.
Lal Kunwar
Patthargarh fort (literally meaning: "stone stronghold") outside Najibabad, built by Najib ad-Dawlah in 1755, during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Alamgir II.
Mughal Army commander Abdus Samad Khan Bahadur being received by Jahandar Shah
Mughal artillerymen at Plassey during the Carnatic Wars.
Silver coin issued from Shahjahanabad, during the reign of Jahandar Shah.
Maratha Confederacy at its zenith in 1760, the Peshwa discussed abolishing the Mughal Empire and placing Vishwasrao on the imperial throne in Delhi.
Silver Rupee of Abu al-Fateh couplet, Khujista Bunyaad, AH1124 Ry.Ahd
the Mughal Ambassador
Silver Rupee of Sahab Qiran couplet, Itawa, AH1124 Ry.Ahd
A portrait of Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau.
Copper paisa of 20.21 grams from Surat mint
Silver rupee issued in the name of Alamgir II, date of AH 1172 (c. 1758).
Copper paisa of 13.85 grams from Surat mint
Ahmad Shah Durrani.
Timur Shah Durrani.

He was the son of Jahandar Shah.

- Alamgir II

He fathered three sons, including Aziz-ud-Din, who reigned as an emperor between 1754 and 1759.

- Jahandar Shah

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