Albert Butz

Swiss-born American inventor and businessman who founded the Butz Thermo-electric Regulator Company that, through a series of re-organizations, name changes, and mergers, became Honeywell, Incorporated.

- Albert Butz

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American publicly traded, multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A World War II-era Honeywell C-1 autopilot control panel
Honeywell thermostat
A 1990 Honeywell-Bull Entry Level Mainframe DPS 7 mainframe
Honeywell glass cockpit, sold under the brand BendixKing
Honeywell House (Innoteknia) in Kuopio Science Park in Kuopio, Finland
A Honeywell Wireless home alarm system control panel.
A Honeywell digital compass sensor mounted on a circuit board
Harvey Cox holding a Honeywell fragmentation bomb (1973)

The Butz Thermo-Electric Regulator Company was founded in 1885 when the Swiss-born Albert Butz invented the damper-flapper, a thermostat used to control coal furnaces, bringing automated heating system regulation into homes.

W. R. Sweatt

American industrialist.

In 1888, Albert Butz's attorneys renamed Butz Thermo-Electric Company to the Consolidated Temperature Controlling Company.

R. J. Mendenhall

American born businessman, very active in the Minnesota business world of the late 19th century.

Mendenhall met and provided encouragement to Albert Butz, a Swiss born American inventor and businessman whose early patents led him to found the company which became Honeywell.


Regulating device component which senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint.

PECO T8532 Thermostat with 365 Day Programmable Calendar
Honeywell's iconic "The Round" model T87 thermostat, one of which is in the Smithsonian.
Next Generation Lux Products TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat.
A Honeywell electronic thermostat in a retail store
Car engine thermostat
Bimetallic thermostat for buildings.
Millivolt thermostat mechanism
Residential digital thermostat
Lux Products' Model TX9000TS Touch Screen Thermostat.
Lux Products WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat shown with control door closed and open.

Albert Butz (1849–1905) invented the electric thermostat and patented it in 1886.