Albus (disambiguation)
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Rosmarinus officinalisSalvia rosmarinusalecrime

Tundra wolf

Canis lupus albusC. l. albusC. lupus albus

Pied crow

Corvus albusAfrican pied crowPied

Honduran white bat

EctophyllaEctophylla alba
Its species name "alba" comes from Latin "albus" meaning "white."

Nepenthes alba

N. alba
The specific epithet alba is derived from the Latin word albus, meaning "white", and refers to the colour of the upper pitchers.

Allen's striped bat

Glauconycteris alboguttata
Its species name "alboguttata" is from Latin "albus" meaning "white" and "guttate" meaning "spotted," likely referring to its white patches of fur.