A report on Ambroise Thomas and Mary Garden

Thomas by Wilhelm Benque, c. 1895
Mary Garden
Thomas in 1834 by Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin
Mary Garden, 1908
Le caïd, 1849
Mary Garden as Mélisande in Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande
Jean-Baptiste Faure as Hamlet, painted by Manet
Mary Garden in the opera Thaïs
Thomas, about 1865
Mary Garden as Natoma
Statue of Thomas in Paris.
Mary Garden as Cleopatra from Massenet's Cléopâtre (1921)
(1887–1945) and Mary Garden in 1918
Mary Garden featured on an advertisement for the autopiano, 1910s
Mary Garden in 1954

Despite disparaging reviews of the libretto from English-speaking critics at the time and subsequently, the work has remained an occasional part of the operatic repertoire; later singers of Ophelia included Emma Calvé, Emma Albani, Nellie Melba and Mary Garden, and among the Hamlets have been Victor Maurel, Titta Ruffo, Mattia Battistini and more recently Sherrill Milnes, Thomas Allen and Thomas Hampson.

- Ambroise Thomas

She sang there for one season, notably portraying Ophelia in Ambroise Thomas's Hamlet (1908) and the title part in Henry Février's Monna Vanna (1909) among other roles.

- Mary Garden
Thomas by Wilhelm Benque, c. 1895

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