Small power plant of Licq-Athérey (Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France).
Workmen with one of the two Westinghouse alternators used in the original 1891 Ames Hydroelectric AC power installation
An 1895 hydroelectric plant near Telluride, Colorado.
Interior view, 1895 Ames powerhouse
Historic Ottenbach Small Hydro with original equipment of 1920 in Ottenbach, Switzerland, still running for guided visits
Overall view of Ames plant, early 20th century
Hongping Power station, in Hongping Town, Shennongjia, has a design typical for small hydro stations in the western part of China's Hubei Province. Water comes from the mountain behind the station, through the black pipe seen in the photo
2010 exterior view of Ames Power Station, built 1905.

One of the first commercial system to produce and transmit alternating current (AC) electricity for industrial use and one of the first AC hydro-electric plants ever constructed.

- Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant

Ames Hydroelectric Generating Plant, Colorado, United States. On the List of IEEE Milestones

- Small hydro

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