Anganamón (cropped)
Mocha Island off the coast of Arauco Peninsula, Chile
Reconstruction of a dalca in the museum of Dalcahue. This king of boats were used by both Chonos and the Mapuche of Chiloé (Cunco, Huilliche, Veliche). More northern Mapuche used simpler watercraft called wampu.
Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala's picture of the confrontation between the Mapuche (left) and the Inca Empire (right)
Mapuche graveyard
The llolle pictured is a traditional Mapuche fish trap.
Toki Lautaro, an early Mapuche military leader. Painting by Pedro Subercaseaux.
Settlements of the Conquistadores before the Destruction of the Seven Cities
Mapuches during a malón raid
Cornelio Saavedra Rodríguez in meeting with the main lonkos of Araucania in 1869
Vintage engraving of Mapuche
Composite of Mapuche activists killed in confrontations with the Chilean police in the 2000s

Prominent war leader of the Mapuche during the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries and a Toqui from .

- Anganamón

Luis de Valdivia took away warlord Anganamón's wives as the Catholic church opposed polygamy.

- Mapuche history
Anganamón (cropped)

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