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Unlike voicemail, which can be a centralized or networked system that covers, and mostly extends, similar functions, an answering machine is set up in the user's premises alongside - or incorporated within- the user's land-line telephone.
The term is also used more broadly to denote any system of conveying a stored telecommunications voice messages, including using an answering machine.

Compact Cassette

cassetteCScassette tape
While early answering machines used magnetic tape technology, most modern equipment uses solid state memory storage; some devices use a combination of both, with a solid-state circuit for the outgoing message and a cassette for the incoming messages.
Cassettes remained popular for specific applications, such as car audio and telephone answering machines, well into the 1990s.


This holds especially for the TADs with digitally stored greeting messages or for earlier machines (before the rise of microcassettes) with a special endless loop tape, separate from a second cassette, dedicated to recording.
In particular, they are commonly used in dictation machines and answering machines.

Kazuo Hashimoto

Another commercially successful answering machine was the Ansafone created by inventor Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto, who was employed by a company called Phonetel.
Kazuo Hashimoto was a Japanese inventor who registered over 1,000 patents throughout the world, including patents for Caller-ID system and telephone answering machine.

Call screening

call screeningscreening callsscreened
This is useful if the owner is screening calls and does not wish to speak with all callers.

Ludwig Blattner

Ludwig Blattner promoted a telephone answering machine in 1929 based on his Blattnerphone magnetic recording technology.
In 1930 Blattner promoted a version of his Blattnerphone technology as one of the first telephone answering machines, and in 1931 Blatter promoted a version of the Blattnerphone as the Blattner Book Reader, an early Audiobook playback system for the blind.

Call-recording hardware

Consumer call-recording hardware was introduced in the 1970s, along with the first consumer-grade answering machines.

Voice modem command set

voice modem command set
Voice modems are used for telephony and answering machine applications.

ECI Partners

ECI VenturesECI
It organised its first management buyout for Ansafone in 1980 and was a founder member of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

Answering machine (disambiguation)

An answering machine is a device for automatically answering telephone calls and recording messages left by callers.

Hotline Miami

first game
Set in 1989 Miami, the game revolves primarily around an unnamed silent protagonist—dubbed "Jacket" by fans—who has been receiving messages on his answering machine instructing him to commit massacres against the local Russian Mafia.

If Madonna Calls

The track includes a snippet of American singer Madonna's voice recorded from Vasquez's answering machine.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Gremlins 2Gremlins 2 - The New BatchGremlins 2: The New Batch'' soundtrack
One gremlin turns into a female, while a third becomes pure electricity which he kills Dr. Catheter and is trapped in Clamp's answering machine by Billy.

Beautiful Stranger

After the two of them split up, Madonna penned a song called "Beautiful Stranger" inspired by him, which she left in Bird's answering machine.


Philips ElectronicsPhillipsPhilips
Later, the cassette was used in telephone answering machines, including a special form of cassette where the tape was wound on an endless loop.


They may be able to record spoken messages, send and receive text messages, take and display photographs or video, play music or games, surf the Internet, do road navigation or immerse the user in virtual reality.

Sega Genesis

Mega Drive/GenesisGenesisMega Drive
In order to increase sales, Sega released various peripherals and games, including an online banking system and answering machine called the Sega Mega Anser.

Getting Away with Murder (play)

Getting Away with MurderGetting Away with Murder'' (play)
Wanting to avoid bad publicity, "the patients conduct their own investigation amid power blackouts, sightings of phantom figures on the terrace outside, and enigmatic messages on the doctor's answering machine."


Jokes are recorded on an automatic answering machine.

Bracket (band)

Gregori stayed behind for another year but continued to exchange song ideas with Tinney through telephone answering machine messages.