Salazar in 1940
Official portrait, circa 1968
Salazar's birthplace in Santa Comba Dão.
Salazar (left) in 1925.
Salazar (center) and his first government, formed in 1932, at Belém Palace.
Flag of the National Union
A propaganda poster depicting Salazar as King Afonso I of Portugal. The motto says "Everything for the nation, nothing against the nation"
Royal Air Force Coastal Command in the Azores
Memorial commemorating Gibraltarian evacuees in Madeira
Commemorative plaque to Mr. Carlos Sampaio Garrido, Portugal ambassador and Mr. Teixeira Branquinho chargé d'affaires in mission to Budapest in 1944 who managed to rescue some thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust. (Budapest, District XIII, Újpesti Quay Nr 5)
Portuguese colonies in Africa during the Estado Novo (1933–1974): Angola and Mozambique were by far the largest territories
Portuguese soldiers on patrol in Angola
President Truman signing the North Atlantic Treaty with Portuguese Ambassador Teotónio Pereira standing behind
Required elements of primary schools during the Estado Novo: a crucifix and portraits of Salazar and Américo Tomás
Salazar, aged 50, in 1939
Salazar (third from the left) observing Edgar Cardoso's model of the new Santa Clara bridge in Coimbra.
Lateral view of Christ the King, Almada
The entrance profile of the Monument to the Discoveries in Lisbon, displaying the cross of Aviz as a stylised sword, symbolising the growth of the empire and faith
An aged Salazar and a group of academic students three months after being discharged from the hospital in 1969
Oliveira Salazar's tomb in Vimieiro
Azulejo with a quote from Salazar, in Esposende
Caricature depicting Salazar and Franco as the "old men of Iberia", the last two dictators of Western Europe.
View of the 25 de Abril Bridge, formerly Salazar Bridge, from Chapel of Santo Amaro, with Christ the King in the background

Santa Comba Dão is a city and a municipality in the Viseu District in Portugal.

- Santa Comba Dão

António de Oliveira Salazar, the leader of Portugal from 1932 to 1968 and founder of the Estado Novo, was born in Vimieiro, Santa Comba Dão on 28 April 1889 to a rural family of modest income.

- Santa Comba Dão

Santa Comba Dão

- Viseu District

Salazar was born in Vimieiro, near Santa Comba Dão (Viseu District), to a family of modest income on 28 April 1889.

- António de Oliveira Salazar

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