Hippocampus (brain)
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Kaori is Yūki's classmate who chooses to not make friends as she loses her memories concerning friends at the beginning of every week. She used to be popular in school, but was in a car accident that gave her a severe case of anterograde amnesia. She decides to keep a diary after Yūki suggests that she record her experiences. This helps her to become more and more familiar with Yūki, to the point of just barely remembering him. She is also able to remember thing linked to him with but where the memory have no reference to him in such as remembering making eggs for him but not the act of giving them. She had made a promise to meet up with her childhood friend, Hajime Kujō, but was unable to do so because of the accident. Her mother suggests that to an extent, she may be repressing her own memories. She is quite good in mathematics as compared to Yūki, and often helps him with his studies.

- One Week Friends

Notable examples include Lucy Whitmore in 50 First Dates, Jonathan Archer in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode "Twilight", Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Lookout, Kaori Fujimiya in One Week Friends, Chihiro Shindou in Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two, Christine Lucas in Before I Go to Sleep, Gus in Remember Sunday.

- Anterograde amnesia
Hippocampus (brain)

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