Engraving of Tait published 1879
Former workhouse in Nantwich, dating from 1780
Archbishop Tait by Henry Hering.
Archbishop Tait.
Illustration from Punch Magazine, showing Archbishop Tait, trying to control the "Ritualist black sheep" with his crook called the "Public Worship Regulation Bill"
Addington Palace traditional the home of the Archbishop of Canterbury
Archibald Campbell Tait's tomb in Canterbury Cathedral

She had opposed Archibald Campbell Tait when he applied to be the headmaster at Rugby School because of differences in their belief.

- Catharine Tait

Her experience was consulted when Louisa Twining formed the Workhouse Visiting Society with wider ambitions.

- Catharine Tait

One of the people she consulted was Catharine Tait who as the wife of the Dean of Carlisle had thrust herself into visiting her local workhouse.

- Workhouse Visiting Society

He had married Catharine Spooner at Rugby in 1843.

- Archibald Campbell Tait
Engraving of Tait published 1879

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