Architectural animation

Architectural animation is a short architectural movie created on a computer.wikipedia
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Architectural rendering

architectural visualizationrenderingArchitectural illustration
Unlike an architectural rendering, which is a single image from a single point of view, an architectural animation is generally a series of hundreds or even thousands of still images played simultaneously in order to produce a video.

Real-time computer graphics

real-timereal-time renderingreal time
There is numerous real-time rendering engines that differ from the traditional method of multiple stitched still images together.


Initially, Quantapoint focused on using 3D laser scanning to "digitize" buildings and create 2D drawings, 3D models and/or other animations or visualizations for renovations, additions or historic preservation.

Computer-generated imagery

CGIcomputer-generatedCGI animation
Architectural animation (which provides animated movies of buildings, rather than interactive images) can also be used to see the possible relationship a building will have in relation to the environment and its surrounding buildings.


VISSIMWiedemann model
The scope of application ranges from various issues of traffic engineering (transport engineering, transportation planning, signal timing), public transport, urban planning over fire protection (evacuation simulation) to 3d visualization (computer animation, architectural animation) for illustrative purpose and communication to the general public.

Architectural endoscopy

This is now done parallel with architectural animation 2D, 3D and VR simulation.

Architectural drawing

elevationarchitectural drawingsarchitectural
An architectural animation is a short film showing how a proposed building will look: the moving image makes three-dimensional forms much easier to understand.