Seaslug Mk. II missile
The last of 100 Gloster Meteor NF.14 night fighters built for the RAF at AWA's factories demonstrating at the 1954 Farnborough Air Show
Seaslug on display at Wickenby Aerodrome, Lincolnshire, UK
Test firing from the trials ship HMS Girdle Ness (A387), circa 1961.
The Seaslug launcher mounted on the quarterdeck of HMS Glamorgan, circa 1972
The firing of the first Seaslug test missile from HMS Girdle Ness (A387). This version is based on the RAE's early GPV, and retains the rear-mounted boosters before they moved forward on the "long round".
Map with Seaslug operators in blue

In 1949 this gave rise to the 'Project 502' group from industry, with Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft and Sperry in March and GEC in September.

- Seaslug (missile)

Seaslug (missile)

- Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft
Seaslug Mk. II missile

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Hawker Siddeley

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Group of British manufacturing companies engaged in aircraft production.

Group of British manufacturing companies engaged in aircraft production.

Royal Air Force Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1A, with its pilot. This aircraft, used for aerobatic displays, is in a special colour scheme.
Caboose built in the Hawker Siddeley plant of Thunder Bay, Ontario
A Hawker Siddeley Trident.

Hawker Siddeley Aircraft was formed in 1935 as a result of the purchase by Hawker Aircraft of the companies of J. D. Siddeley, the automotive and engine builder Armstrong Siddeley and the aircraft manufacturer Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft.

Sea Slug – Armstrong Whitworth surface-to-air missile.