The Siege of Vicksburg
Map of Meridian Battlefield study area by the American Battlefield Protection Program
XVI Corps badge
Brigadier General Grant and staff, Cairo, October 1861
Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of Union forces in the Meridian campaign
Battle of Fort Henry and the movements to Fort Donelson.
Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk, commander of Confederate forces during the Meridian campaign
Shiloh: Crucible of the Army of the Tennessee
General Henry Wager Halleck
Grant's Operations against Vicksburg
Grant discussing the terms of the capitulation of Vicksburg with defeated Confederate General Pemberton
Major General Sherman, second commander of the Army of the Tennessee
Major General McPherson, third commander of the Army of the Tennessee
Sherman's March to the Sea
Sherman's Carolinas Campaign
General Sherman at war's end with Generals Howard, Logan, Hazen, Davis, Slocum, and Mower; Howard and Logan were the last two commanders of the Army of the Tennessee
Sherman's Atlanta Campaign

The Meridian campaign or Meridian expedition took place from February 3 – March 6, 1864, from Vicksburg, Mississippi to Meridian, Mississippi, by the Union Army of the Tennessee, led by Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman.

- Meridian campaign

With the Army of the Tennessee besieging Vicksburg, Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant gathered reinforcements from the surrounding areas.

- XVI Corps (Union Army)

Under other generals, starting with William Tecumseh Sherman, the army marched and fought from the Chattanooga Campaign, through the Relief of Knoxville, the Meridian Campaign, the Atlanta Campaign, the March to the Sea, the Carolinas Campaign, and to the end of the war and disbandment.

- Army of the Tennessee

Maj. Gen. Hurlbut assumed direct command over these divisions known as the Right Wing and participated in the Meridian Expedition in February 1864.

- XVI Corps (Union Army)

The 16th Army Corps was under the command of Major General Stephen A. Hurlbut.

- Meridian campaign

By an order dated December 18, but not fully implemented until somewhat later, Grant's Army of the Tennessee was organized into four corps—the XIII under John McClernand, the XV under W.T. Sherman, the XVI under Stephen A. Hurlbut, and the XVII under Maj. Gen. James B. McPherson.

- Army of the Tennessee
The Siege of Vicksburg

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Stephen A. Hurlbut

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Attorney and politician, who commanded the U.S. Army of the Gulf in the American Civil War.

Attorney and politician, who commanded the U.S. Army of the Gulf in the American Civil War.

General Hurlbut

Hurlbut was present at the Battle of Shiloh and served under General Sherman during the Meridian Expedition.

He commanded the 4th Division, Army of the Tennessee at the Battle of Shiloh, and in the advance towards Corinth and the subsequent siege.

Hurlbut commanded XVI Corps from his headquarters at Memphis, Tennessee.