Khandoba temple
Long shot of Jejurigad's mandir on mountain
Stairs with arched entrance of the Jejuri Khandoba mandir
Sacred fire (Jyoti) in front of the Khandoba temple.
Deepstambha in front of the temple

Jejuri (poem) by Arun Kolatkar was based on this village and its deity.

- Jejuri

The poem sequence deals with a visit to Jejuri, a pilgrimage site for the local Maharashtrian deity Khandoba (a local deity, also an incarnation of Shiva).

- Arun Kolatkar

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Jejuri (poem)

Jejuri is a series of poems written by Indian poet Arun Kolatkar.

Consist of 31 poetic sequence, Jejuri depicts Kolatkar's visit to Jejuri, a city in Pune, which the poet visited in 1964.